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Just a poem bout when a guy cheats on a girl...

Submitted: March 20, 2008

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Submitted: March 20, 2008



As i close my eyes and take in a breath-in and out- the sounds from my radio are completely drown out by the noises from my rapid heart  beat-thump thump-...

Smiling and laughing cover the frowning and crying...

The sink is leaking from when I washed away the tears-drip drip-. The pain i have will always be here, my door creaks- screech screech- as you slip away into the hall.

Now its finally over, the relationship we had. Turns out you didn't exactly love me, I cant say I feel the same.

But now you want here. She is beautiful and smart. Just your type. Does she know that you gave me your heart and i gave you mine? Or does she think im just some friend?

Please help me understand this...why did you tease me,why did you betray our trust and feelings for each other?

All those nights after you left me on my porch, still tasting your kiss on my glistening lips, you went to her adn said "I love you".

You have finally left my room now and all i hear is the sound from your car starting. I know where you're going and someday she will want to know where you've been. And when you leave her room the last time, Im confident she will know what she took from me tonight.

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