The Writers Block of Beauty.

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This is a descriptive little thing about writers block meant to give you a new maybe more helpful view on it.

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



Writers block is a hard, thick, metal wall.  It continues on farther than you can see in either direction.  The sun of your past creations glints off it like a stabbing dagger, reminding you that beyond the wall is great potential, you just have to reach it.  You can't go over it and you can't go under it.  You can't go around it, so, you have to go through it.  You get your tools out and begin to hammer away at the smooth, shiny surface.  You put hours of wasted energy into banging at it without forming so much as a scratch.  You put all of your strength and effort into every swing, blind to the truth.  

You must be gentle, not rough, for there are important things under the tough surface.  There are dreams and hidden imagination.  Secrets just waiting to be discovered are waiting in frustration.

The only tool you have left to use is a chisel made of pure diamond.  The strongest and most beautiful mineral in the range of our understanding.  The sun shines on it sending rainbows of magic in every direction.  You gently place the chisel against the wall, irrationally fearing to scratch the beautiful thing.  It slides down the wall easily, giving you a peek as to what's inside of the wall.  There are many colors that haven't been formed into words yet, and you realize the secret.  

You cannot get rid of the wall.  It would be a waste of material, but you can show what it really is.  You can reveal what it's really made of and turn it into something even better.  You begin to chisel away and in the end you have a piece of work more beautiful than the Mona Lisa, and now you know.  Next time you reach another writer's block don't see it as a hazard; see it as a blessing.

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