someone special

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someone special
love is unconditional,it is unpredictable,it just happens,people fall for it accidently or intentionally. we all are free to love,to share our strength or weakness with somone special. love is not easy go and easy come. falling in love will give the experience of best feeling ever or the worst mistake. if you want to feel the best,then wait have patience and make some efforts in life. or feel the worst by making a wrong decision at wrong time. at some point of life each of us feel alone. life goes on exactly the way we want,but then something hit in mind. working all these years,earning money,life is totally balanced. now earning that money for what? keeping them, in the bank ? earning means making a living,which includes enjoyment. a large digit of money in the bank doesn’t have a value until it brings smile in someone face. is that someone face is ‘someone special’ ? or just an ordinary person? life gives us experience and through experience we meet different faces,which gives an image of them when we try recognize them. are those faces goes to ordinary people?or someone special is there on those many faces. we fall for that special someone in the beginning when we first met them. its just feelings which takes time to explore to the world or to that someone special. special word shows whats the difference between those other faces and the special one. there is something different with that one special person. is it love? why we thing about that special one? why that person image circles in our mind all the time? are we falling for them day by day? why so much of thinking? why so much of excitement ? why all these questions? do we have the answer to these questions? what i think,its love,a place where we give more importance to the person(someone special) then ourselves

Submitted: May 13, 2016

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