Vampire And Hunter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is my first short story; I spent around 3 weeks, with about 2 hours per day.

Basically, it’s about a vampire, who meets a vampire hunter, they become good friend’s due to the hunter becoming extremely hurt.

the vampire is unable to remember his past, and it catches up to him.

Read it, if say anymore it will spoil it.

Waking up to see a unfamiliar roof, a white roof, not a roof, a ceiling, what a weird ceiling, reminds me of a hospital. Maybe I was in hospital, I was very content to just lie here, in a daze, not really caring about anything, I’ve been laying in this same position for almost a day, about twelve hours, what seemed like a very slow enjoyable pleasant 12 hours, my body began to move again, starting with my fingers, cracking at movement, than my arms when the twelve hour mark hit, I was able to move, well what you count as move. I heaved my drained and young body up, with what must have been all the strength left.

A morgue, why was I in a morgue? The freezers around me, I was on the slab in the centre, it was cold in here and the fact that I had no clothes on made it colder so very cold. As my eye fully adjusted, everything seemed clearer, a glass door was the only entrance and on either side was also glass, which led into another room with a slab and freezers around it. But that one had a stair case, my heart was… wasn’t my heart racing… I’m almost certain in any situation like this is close not having a heart attack not only that, I couldn’t feel my heart beat.

As I looked around once more, A man, a young man was opening the door, I could almost feel his expression as he walked in to see me holding myself up on the slab, he must have been new here, he walked in here with a skivvy, a t-shirt and cargo pants, as he walked in, staring at me, he turned around only to pass out.

I hate to say it, but I stole his clothes, a jungle type camouflage skivvy, I liked that, a grey t-shirt, something like a fuzzy t-v but darker, dark grey cargo pants, like a business man, but casual.

As I made my way to the door to leave, a thought hit me, what was my name? I didn’t remember my name, it was blank, I thought of my name and nothing responded,  turned around to view my slab, beside it was a chart, something to say how  died and such.

Sebastian Moorefield, deceased.
Extreme trauma to the ribs.

That’s all I died from huh? Sebastian, it must have been my name, it didn’t have anything else, no address, no job, not even if I was student. Observing myself in the mirror I could see my hair was a startling white, my eyes where oddly coloured, a mixed between yellow and green, I was pale, each mark on my skin showing through clearly.

Walking into the door, literally into the door, I was still adjusting, walking back and picking up the I.D card, and finally unlocking the door, the stair case left up to a small office, it was night time, and the front door was locked, was it okay for a man to check up on dead people?

As I went to try and open the door with my right arm, I looked at my arm, and freaked out, my whole right arm was a dark blood red, a pattern surrounded it, symbols, between the joints of bones and wrist was s small gap, but even so, the metal itself was flexible. I needed to get out, I’ll look at it later.

I looked around, I needed something to cover it up and otherwise it would draw too much attention.

I looked around for a bit, and found some bandages in the first aid kit under the desk carefully wrapping my arm up, making sure no one was able to see.

Trying to open the door, it was locked, become frustrated I did a tough pull, ripping the door off of its hinges.

“Wh---where did that strength come from?” I muttered to myself, even without my memory, I’m sure a human was unable to do that, the street was straight one, not narrow, but two cars wouldn’t be able to comfortably be able to fit through.

























Act 2

Walking out on to the road, it had no street lights, but the area seemed to be urbanised, cars parked on each side of the street, as I looked to my right, a lone figure stood there, a hood covering the face, a slim body, a very feminine body, even without lights, I could pick out the sickly green coloured jacket and the dark brown cargo pants.

As she pointed a gun suddenly at me “Die you monstrous scum”  saying this almost with no sound, bullet’s flew past me, I swear time slowed down so much I watched the bullet past me as I moved a little to the right, it was as if time just slowed down, the feminine figure ran up firing as she went, me moving left and right, still watching the bullet fly past, when she was with melee range the figure brought out a sharpened knife, she slashed and the knife hit my bandaged arm, producing a spark.

“What the….” It was defiantly a female, I know a males voice, and that was defiantly female.

Continue to slash, I seemed to be moving faster than her.

“Can you… please… Stop... Trying to….. Cut… me?” talking and dodging, dodging was way too easy.

As she continued to slash, the knife hit me and cut deeply across my left arm. She laughed a little, stepping back reading for another attack.

“What are you doing? What have I done to you?” I was pleading now, she attacking me for no reason.

“Your kind has done plenty blood sucker” blood sucker? As she finished her sentence, she charged again, only to be stop by a large ice shard piercing her leg, quickly checking my arm, no blood, and barely a scratch, I watched the rest of the wound close up.

“Son of a---“as she fell to the ground dropping her knife.

Looking at knife, it was definitely some kind of combat knife, one made to be used against people, or animals.

After standing with a struggle, she scurried, limping into the ally way beside where this event had taken place, as she ran away, a single figure holding another ice shard walked up.

“You smell like the traitorous one, natural, artificial or traitor?” what? What is going on? He sounded so serious, like If I say the wrong thing I’m dead, if I said the wrong thing I would be dead.

“What is going on!?” the man lifting the shard to my throat, suddenly my right arm tensed more than what was natural. Power, I felt power in my arm.

“It seems like you were bitten and turned by the infected vampire, the chances….. You..” as his look became serious.

“traitor…” as he said this he lifted the sharp d as it shaped and turned into a blade, I reacted, fast, ducking, and using my bandaged tensed arm to try and damage his knee, I may have over done it, the punch delivered a bone cracking sound, and the knee cracked and absolutely shattered, the weird thing, it was nothing, I took no struggle, the arm that felt power, I simple swung and it directed itself. Almost like an unstoppable train.

With him on the floor howling in pain, I ran for the alleyway, unaware of the encounter I was walking into.

























Act 3

Running through the ally, it was completely blackened, yet I could see, almost clearly. Running faster than I think a human could, and even in this darkness seeing a trail of blood, I was running for about a minute, when I ran into that woman who tried to kill me stumbling very slowly, the ice shard still in her leg.

As I got closer, she swung around with that pistol shooting at me, my arm automatically came up, the bullet hit it, sparks flew, and the bullet was deflected, my arm must’ve have been bullet proof, I’m certain no other part of me could stand that, the red stuff around my arm was solid and hard, but it flexile, I could my hand normally and all.

“Well, that was my last bullet, you going to kill me now?” she said this with pain in her voice, the leg bleeding a lot, the blood… it looked so nice.

I almost couldn’t take my eyes off the blood, I felt hungry, so hungry, as I leaned closer I brought myself back.

“A blood sucker that won’t drink blood?” she was staring at me, I couldn’t see her face yet, that hood was in the way, as I stared at the leg, my felt my teeth grow, what the hell was happening…

“stay still, ill take the shard out” as I bent down, putting my bandaged arm on the shard, as my hand came into contact, she yelped with pain, a quick “sorry” followed.

“Why is a vampire such as you helping me? Usually you would tear us to shreds by now, not only that I have no way to defend myself…… you’re a hatchling aren’t you?” a vampire? Since when was I one of those, I don’t even remember…. Why can’t I remember, holding my hand, hoping something would come back.

“I’m not…. Maybe…. I don’t know” didn’t know, this person seems knowledgeable, even know she tried to kill me, there’s no way I could let her die in such a state.

Removing the shard wasn’t difficult, it was doing more damage in there than out, she yelped with a lot of pain, no doubt it would hurt, it was in the thigh, just missing the bone and it would take a long time to heal.

“Why the hell are you helping me?” she said this while backing tears, no doubt she hit her limit, there only so much pain one can handle.

“I can’t just leave you can I?” I caught a glimpse of her face, starting beauty, young, very young, what the hell is she doing here with a gun and knife?

The male with shards was walking now, I could see him, if he as a vampire, there’s no doubt he could see me, I ran, but I would be back.

As I ran around the corner, a small stair case led to the second story of the house where the girl was positioned against, if I could get to the top, I could maybe….

I starting climbing once I hit the stairs, reaching the top with ease, if I was a vampire, I guess I would be faster than normal, I wondered if those shard… I wonder if I could use them.

I raced towards the place where she was, I looked down to see the man standing over here, I heard there conversation clearly, considering I was 3 stories high.

“Hunting down more of us are you?” he was at least 30, a deep voice.

“Funny, one of your kind just helped me” as she finished her sentence, he brought a longer shard through her other thigh. Shit, I have to help. My arm started to tense, power, once again flowing through.

“Don’t put me in the same boat as that filth”

Standing up looking down, I jumped, praying to whatever god was there that I could survive this, as I fell down, I though of swinging my arm, now tensed, and the arm directed itself, pulling myself down faster, as I came into contact with the man skull, my hand went through his head, ripping the rest of his face with it, his brains, skull, being smashed by me, and this arm.

I kneeled where I landed, going over what just happened, I went through his head, straight through, I didn’t even feel any resistance, just like a train going through a paper wall.

I turned around the girl still laying there, the other shard was still there, standing tall but could I just leave her here? I could, but... I won’t.

Doing the same as I did before, I placed m hand around the shard, and pulled, with the shard being removed easily, and her once again yelping with pain. The amount of pain made her faint, everyone was fainting around here today weren’t they.

Deciding taking her was better than leaving her here.

As I lifted her up, she struggled a little, sub consciously I guess, I wonder if there was a hospital nearby, leaving the body of the male behind, I walked out of the ally onto the street, and just kept walking, I had no memory of this place, and I doubt I want any.











Act 4

“There’s my apartment in the main part of town, go there.” She said the so suddenly while I was walking, id dint even realise she was awake.

“Well, I would if knew where I was, and could I get a name, I did just save your life” I said this with sarcasm, but she seemed pretty serious.

“Elizabeth, you think you have saved me, you think” I do, and I will continue to believe so until otherwise.

Her leg was bleeding more, the blood... I just want to drink it… it was like it teasing me.

“Have you had any blood yet?” while walking, we were just outside the place she directed me too, it must have been extremely late, no cars or anyone else was around, the building was a office building where the office rooms where changed into one person bedrooms, hers was on top, thank god for elevators.

As I put her down on the elevator, surprising my arm did not get tired that entire walk, I would be exhausted by now. I still don’t think I could drink blood, it sounded stupid. But her blood did look nice, it as tempting.

“No, I haven’t” as we walked towards her room, opening the door to a bare room, a single person bed on the right corner, I placed her on it, and took the bandages off my arm, now wrapping her leg in them, after my previous ones were covered in brains, I wrap my arm again after we started walking.

“You’re going to have to, or you’ll start to die, and it’s not a fun way to die either” her leg quickly covered the bandages, but the bleeding was starting to cease, as I looked at my normal arm, covered in her blood, I could just almost drink it, lick it.

“I don’t think I could honestly, why did you try to kill me? I didn’t do anything to you” I walked over to the wall with a window, over looking the city, it wasn’t a big city, but it wasn’t small either.

“Well…. I’m a vampire hunter, taken from birth to hunt and kill you guys” as she said this, I just couldn’t believe it well actually, it was believable.

“So, you tried to kill me because of that?” if that’s what she did and she accepted help from me…

“Yes, thank you for helping me, really, No one…. No one has helped me before, but now that iv accepted help from you, ill properly have someone sent after me to kill me” as she said this, she got out a box under her bed, thought of it being a weapon hit me as she opened the lid, a needle and thread, was she going to stich herself up?

“Aw, thank you… have you had blood yet?” she kept asking, and I’ve been with her the entire time.

“No, I haven’t and I don’t think I could” blood was still leaking from her wound, it does look nice, I guess the pain in my mouth was the famous vampire fangs, she noticed me looking, ant her hand into a cup shape under her wound, filling her hand with blood, she honestly y couldn’t expect me to?

For the first time I noticed her hood had come off, she was European, blue eyes, such a stunning face, and long brunet hair, she had a scare that crossed her lip.

She held out her hand, “please, it’s the least I could do” I couldn’t resist and I lapped it up like a dog, almost biting through her hand.

But I regained control, and made sure I didn’t, she hand was smooth, as I could feel the blood work it was through my system, I guess the realisation of what I was hit me.

A vampire, who had to drink blood, be it man or animal.
























Act 5

As she finished her stitching she made me a proposition.

“I have no doubt in my head that they will come after not only me but also you, how about we stick together, we would have a better chance well I would, I would properly decrease your personal chance, but I know this city, and we could move to another city and than split?” she was trying to walk around saying this, she was in pain, it was easy to tell.

“Why do you trust me so much? I could just be waiting” she didn’t take notice.

“What do you say?” I didn’t have a choice, it seems like I had both sides after me too, plus her knowledge of the area could be useful.

“Fine… do you know who made me into this?” turning around to looks at her, Elizabeth the vampire hunter, and Sebastian the vampire, working together to survive. What a story.

“if you said that you were of the traitor clan, there’s only one who can turn you into a traitor, is someone who has only be called traitor, like traitor was his name” I suppose it was a nick name or something, no matter, evidently I would find him, ask him why, and then kill him.

It was decided that we had to reach the other side of town, being here would draw their attention, and the hospital was on the other side.

We made a decision to catch the train to the other side of town, across from her office complex was the train station.

I had to help her walk, she was unable to walk that distance, I’m surprized her small body was able to walk after taking two spears to the leg, her arm suspended across my shoulder, I held her arm and both started walking, well I walked Elizabeth held on and Once inside the train station.

“There following us, two men, suits” continue to buy our ticket and board our train.

“I know” they smelled differently. Like a rotten steak among perfect stakes. Several people where down here, the train we boarded would teak an hour to reach our destination.

I made sure to sit at the back of the coach and we all knew what was next.

I placed Elizabeth on the train, and sat next to her, near the front, she could barely move now. She had lost a lot of blood, but it stopped, and she was tired, she fell asleep next to me, I got up calmly, well aware of the two rifles being pointed me.

“You actually thought you would get away?” as I turned around, two bold men in suits pointed military rifles at me, high grade, new.

“No, I just somewhere I little private” I noticed everything started to slow down, as if my body was registering the fight about to happen.

I charged forward and they started to fire almost in unison, time slowed down, and the bullet were dodged, my arm tensed and when I was in range, I busted through, punching and ripping threw the stomach of the man on the right, he was down, dead if you will.

I almost felt my body disappear as I jumped to the left, like I left this world for a second and came back. As soon as I landed, almost as soon as I landed, I kneeled down, the train wasn’t that big, so one of my arms was resting on the seat as I coughed out black blood.

“He he, it seems like you haven’t feasted for a while, you can’t use the shadow step ability without blood” shadow step… I guess I did do something, still, I felt weaker, incredibly weak, blood… I needed it now, judging by the distance if I did jumped up, if I could send the rifle off, he would be defenceless, right, I went over it in my head, jump up, hit th4e rifle with my shoulder, send it off guard, and bite and… what do I do after that? Who knows, let take it as it goes.

I jumped up, hitting rifle with my shoulder sending it off but his hand came around and hit me in the stomach. This made me pause, allowing him to bring a knife and pierce my gut, one last hit, I brought my crimson arm straight through his elbow, snapping the bone, ripping the flesh. As soon as I regained control, I focused on the neck, brought my head down to his neck, bite, and felt the warmth of flow through.

While biting I heard the sound of a gun go off, I didn’t care, this feeling… this feeling of power returning to me, I loved it.

“Sebastian stop!” Elizabeth’s voice brought me back, back from that monstrous side, what was that? I didn’t care about anything, I only cared about…….

Oh god, what had I done, still holding the man I dropped his lifeless body to he ground, he was breathing, but it was coming to a hold.

“The left fang releases a toxin to send them to sleep, the right releases the virus that turns a human into a blood sucker” saying this I turned around, Elizabeth was pale, incredible pale, she need a doctor, a hospital, she needed blood.

As soon as I turned around, she fell asleep, she was weak and as son we arrived I had to take her to a hospital, this man on the other hand, I had to end it for him, he was a vampire hunter and becoming one would surely send him crazy, raising my arm, feeling the power surge through, tensing, I released and guided my hand through his skull. No doubt they turned off cameras so no one would know.

As I observed myself, bullet holes covered my chest, there was no blood, nothing, just holes, pulling the bullets out, my fingers came out bloody but it seems the blood doesn’t move, but provides substance.

After taking my bandages off, ripped and dirtied as they were, I walked over to the seat where Elizabeth was sleeping, and sat down, instantly her head shifted onto my shoulder, and she said, with a voice you wouldn’t be able hear if it weren’t for my ears.
“Thank you once again”


Act 6

With in ten minutes, and almost no thought, I had my first feast.

That fight took me ten minutes. The rest was time to relax, and go over the events that had happened.

I somehow became a vampire.

I only knew my name.

I have a vampire hunter helping me.

And I drank blood.

Dear god, what was happening? I didn’t even know where I came from, where did I come from? I guess I wouldn’t really be able to return, after all, wasn’t I declared deceased not that long ago?

After the bus ride, me and Elizabeth walked out, well I walked out she held on and attempted to walk, as we walked around, this was a richer district, wide streets and fancy cars, expansive clothe stores.

“Wh—where  are we going to go?” as we walked down he street, Elizabeth said in a sleepy voice.

“I’m taking you to a hospital, than I’m going to find clothes, than I will come back and wait for you” my clothes where torn and bloody, I did my best to wash them, a public sink isn’t the best place to wash clothes.

As we walked, a signed post said hospital, I started to follow it, leading me to what else? The hospital.

“You can think of a story can’t you?” I couldn’t go in, still covered blood, ungodly pale skin, yellow eyes.

“Y—yes” I walked her up to the door, and she walked in, limping an yelping in pain. She turned around for a second and walked back, through the glass doors falling on me as she did.

“t-take thii—s” as she handed me a phone, a cell phone, with no words she turned around and walked in, I would be back, I wonder if she knew that.

Looking over the phone, there was one contact, Liz, I’m guessing it was Elizabeth.

Clothes, what was I going to about clothes, I couldn’t buy any, I had no money, maybe if I stole some, I don’t really want to develop a habit of this, stealing peoples clothes. A house, I need a house, walking for what seemed like hours I came across something that looked like a apartment complex, maybe if i climb the balconies, there could be some sort of clothing.

On both sides of the complex was a 4 storied by 6 balconies, with a fence a few meters off, the bottom balcony was on the floor, starting off was easy.

The sun…

I wonder if what they said, about my kind going in the sun, would we burst into flames? I wonder, I didn’t want to risk testing it on my whole body yet. Looking up, climbing onto the first, lifting myself up, the third storey had what looked average clothes, not women’s, just average males.

No one was home, good, and they left the side door open, good, letting myself in, the place what you would expect, dirty bench tops, one table, a single chair, I guess this person lived alone, I guess I felt kinda bad for stealing there clothes, as I walked through the house, I noticed a picture on the table, observing it, a male, late twenties, a female, about 10. They looked happy.

As I walked into the lounge room, I swear there was a girl sitting on the couch, for some reason I lost interest and walked into the male’s room.

His room was messy also, going through the wooden draws, stained into a dark colour, it was a nice colour, I found clothes exactly like mine, different colours, a brown that matched the stained draws, a dark green over shirt, with a white under shirt. I wonder if Elizabeth…  Liz would need any clothes, I suppose she would.

Something appeared at the edge of my eye, a shadow, as I turned around it disappeared, I could feel something was here, defiantly something.

Next door to this apartment was a ladies one, it had clothes of a feminine nature on it, walking back out on to the balcony, with the sun out in full shine now, it was around 7 in the mourning now, I opened the door, the balcony above created a shelter, with only a little sun showing through, moving slowly I put my hand in the sunlight…….. nothing, it was a cold mourning, and the sun was extremely hot, but I didn’t burst into flames, I thought it would have been alright to climb next door, as I did, my body temperature rose dramatically, incredible quickly, yet I could stand in the sun still as long I wanted to, if I started to move, my body temperature rose incredible quickly.

Next door was defiantly not my comfort zone, as I walked inside the house it was pretty much the same, dirty bench tops, but this room had bras and other things hanging everywhere, I only need a shirt and some sort of lower wear, finding a overnight bag, one of those shoulder ones, a gym bag I guess, placing a random a assortment of clothes, t-shirts, a little more formal shirts, skirts, dresses, coast, one of each. Liz can choose.

“Why are you stealing peoples clothes” I turned around to the sleepy voice.

I caught eyes with the girl from the photo next door, young, about ten, black hair the covered her right eye with a flick, on me, she stood at about my waist hight, I guess she was  little shorter maybe. Something about her eyes.

“You shouldn’t steal things, papa said I could eat anyone who broke in…” what? Her eye… a vampire, with this realisation came a lunge from her, instantly my advanced reflexes kicked in, putting my crimson arm up, and her jaw locking around. I don’t know why, the look on her, tired, drained, this what Liz must have meant by when we don’t drink blood.

I had blood in my system, a lot, I fed just last night on a whole body of blood, I can spare some, she was biting on my arm, not being able to piece the skin of my blood red arm, but I still apparently had feeling there, I could feel her trying to draw blood. Using my other arm I placed under her and lift her up, and near my neck, immediately she went for my neck, she drew blood and began to drink.

She didn’t take much, such a small body wouldn’t need much, for about 2 minutes, she took as much as she needed, and afterwards she let herself down. She had a t-shirt that was too big for her, a jersey of some sort, whether she had pants I didn’t want to know.

“Go back to sleep” she seemed to be in some sort of a daze, like she was extremely tired, and she was slowly waking up.

“I do…. Okay” as she walked away, back through the door, I didn’t even hear her come in, she was so young, to become a monster,  wonder what her parents did, not only that, to meet a vampire in such a place, it certainly is a small word.

She left the door open, one thing I found weird, I didn’t go numb, I couldn’t get infected for obvious reasons, and not a single drop of blood was there, not even a stain mark, I wonder how long she was starving for, it must have been a day or two, and the way she just did what I said, it was weird.



















Act 7

Walking back in the heat wasn’t difficult, it seemed if I walked slowly, and took breaks in the shadows my body wouldn’t overheat, walking back, past a convenience store, I wounder if I could eat anymore, but I couldn’t be able to test the theory, on the fact that I have no money, checking my neck, the bite wound had healed now, surprising well, no scar or mark, like the flesh was new.

Half way there, going the same way I came, the cell phone rang, at least my memory about how answer them was there, it was a yellow one, a flip one, answering it, I was met with a very sedated Elizabeth.

“How close are you?” they had  to sedate her, maybe to repair muscle or something, I wasn’t gone that  long, a few hours, the fact that they may have had her under the knife and finished by than is impressive.

“About half way from walking back, are you able to walk yet?” I was trying to sound as positive as possible.

“Yes, a little, but ill properly be limping for a long time, a bone and some nerves were damaged, only time will tell” well, that’s something I didn’t want to hear, she may have tried to kill me, but I guess we’ve put that behind us, now, we are both just trying to survive.

“If you can walk to the front, ill help you from there? Iv also got clothes” I started walking again on the phone. Still carrying that bag of clothes.

“Ah, thank you, I won’t be walking for a while, they gave me a wheelchair, it may not exactly be convenient for our circumstances….” There was a pause, I now what she was thinking.

Interrupting her thinking process “So I’ll meet you out the front, ill be waiting for you” I wasn’t going to leave her, I needed her, she knew this city, and there’s no way I couldn’t live with myself if I just abandoned her. No, I wouldn’t.

“Oh—okay, I’ll see you than, I should be released soon, hopefully” they seem to want to release her quite quickly, odd, I had about a half an hour to go, hopefully I’d be there before she is released.

Taking it slowly, the walk took longer than expected, in this part of town there was a lot of people, the ones who were behind me kept looking at me, because I kept stepping out to stand in the shade.

“Are you alright?” one woman asked me, it took me a while to find shade and I panicked a bit, making me walk faster, which caused me to heat up.

Looking with a smile, “yes I’m fine, thank you for asking” she walked away looking back at me, I wonder if my yellow eyes were noticeable, it was a yellow mixed with some sort of darker yellow, like two colours, with both having colour shown through. At least someone was nice enough to ask.




Act 8

The hospital was a big building, and stood on its own separated from the surrounding office buildings, of course, the ambulance going in and out, but now it was 12, still about 8 more hours of sun light to go, oh what fun this day would be.

A seat in the shade was outside the doors, sitting there and making myself conformable I started to think.

Because of Elizabeth, even knowing I knew nothing about being a vampire, the instants almost come naturally, when to feed, or even how to feed, I wonder what I was like back before I was became a vampire, what was I like?

In this short time, I’d killed 2 humans, a vampire, and broken into houses, what the hell was happening to me, it felt like I was drifting away, changing.

Sitting there and looking up, I saw a familiar head walking down the street, from where I was sitting you could see the whole street, that child from the apartment, she was walking down the street, at she had pants on this time, as she walked down, she randomly crossed the street, jumping right in front of a car.

Instantly I stood up, using shadow step to dash forward, If I didn’t have the jump, I wouldn’t have made it, stepping in front of the car, a very nice blue one I might add, wrapping my left arm around her and using my right to absorb the hit from the car. In order to come into contact with the car, I had to slide onto my knees.

It didn’t hurt that much, after forcing my right arm out of the wreckage of the car, the girl was what might call “snuggled” in my arm and asleep, how could she sleep at a time like this? She was just…. Hiding, like she was trying to hide in my arm.

“Oh—“the driver, thank god there was hospital about 400 meters, where I ran from. Pushing myself up a little so I could see through the front window, only the engine part was smashed, looking through the window, it was a male, middle aged, there already paramedics running over.

Everyone started to surround me, shit, I could feel my body starting to heat up, the sprint over here and people surrounding me, every one of them questioning me.

Everyone was asking questions, I started to freak out, maybe a nature reaction, everyone was surrounding me and the girl who was still crawled up. I looked down to see her eyes, nothing but fear was in them, tears starting to swell  in her eyes, maybe the crowd bringing back memories.

Suddenly everyone stopped talking, and some turned white with horror, one male said “there was people there right?” what? Couldn’t they see us, looking back at the girl, she seemed to have calmed more now.

But the people around us, they lost interest and walked away, although nothing was ever here, nothing.

“I made the bad people go away” her voice was still sleepy, and she was looking down, standing up and let her stand on her own, she stood there and looked at me.

“You realise you could have been killed right?” she moved her head so she was looking at me, she was smiling now, I couldn’t help but smile myself. Standing up, no one paid attention to us.

“Why aren’t they looking at us?” given the circumstances, I thought we would be rushed with people.

“Because I made it so they wouldn’t” as she finished the sentence she took a hold my hand, she Reminded me a child whose lost her parents, wait, didn’t she have a parents?

“You better get home before your parents find out right?” looking at her, she said the next thing with almost no emotion.

“I haven’t seen papa in almost a year, so I don’t have to go home, and I don’t think he will be coming back” holding tighter on to my hands, her parents are dead or missing, she’s in the same boat as me.

Her feature must be to divert people’s attention away from her, as people get closer, they lose interest, till the point that she doesn’t exist don’t exist. It would explain why I thought I saw her in the house, she diverted my attention.

As we walked, she held onto my hand, Elizabeth was in her chair outside the hospital, it was good to see her face. I suppose the chair would become a normal thing to see of her now.

“I had nothing to do with that” I said as she looked past me at the car that was crushed.

“Uh huh, it seems we have a new friend?” turning her attention to the little girl by my side.
looking at me, with shyness, I got an idea “introduce yourself” moving my hand forward in a directional manner.

Also friend? I didn’t realise I was a friend… it felt good to have a friend.

“I-I’m Lyra… who are you? She said while hiding behind me like a little girl shyly hiding behind a parent.

“I’m Elizabeth, Sebastian’s partner” Lyra perked up as Elizabeth held out her hand, not only learning her name, but mine as well. And me learning Lyra’s name.

As we stood there talking, and me handing the clothe bag to Elizabeth to carry, we moved out of the way of a approaching ambulance, we hadn’t realised we were standing in the middle of the walk way.









Act 9

Lyra said we could live with her until Elizabeth could walk again, good, at least Elizabeth could rest instead of running for a while.

We started to walk towards Lyra’s house… or apartment, which we would stay until Elizabeth could walk proper, properly a while.

On the way, I told her of Lyra’s ability, the car incident, and how I met Lyra. A lot had happened in the hours she was in surgery.

As we made our way towards the apartment, with Lyra showing us the proper entrance, the complex actually looked quite modernised, a grey wall on each side with a creamy whitish middle, the entrance was on the right, and of course with no wheel chair lift.

Trying to bring Elizabeth and the chair up at the same time, she keep yelping in pain, I wonder if they had to stich up the leg or cut it open and then stich it.

Placing the chair at the bottom, lifting Elizabeth out of the chair.

“So, what happened? In hospital?” she tried to rearrange herself, it was a humiliating position, I suppose to her. Someone who has never had so much as a friend.

“just some disinfecting and stitching” she said.

When we reached the top, Lyra looked at me with a blank expression but couldn’t she have picked up the chair? Placing Elizabeth against the wall, I walked back down, the carpet was a green with a gold diamond pattern on it. The walls the average colour you would find in any apartment. A creamy type.

And once again walking up the stairs, picking up Elizabeth and placing her in the chair, and headed off again to the apartment.

The apartment had a little food, ill go out tonight and buy some from the convenience store I passed on the way here.

The rest of the day consisted pf Lyra telling us what to do to set up Elizabeth sleeping area, and what to do and what not, for a little girl, she demands a lot.

I had a shower for the first time in 2 days, and god knows how many when I was in the morgue, taking off my shirt in the mirror, I threw up at the sight, the tissue on my chest was horridly scared, like a battlefield, no a world war had taken placed, something must have happened.

My arm… the crimson arm… before it was on my elbow, now it had grown up to shoulder, and the edges looked like it borrowing into my skin, my whole entire right arm was not a pattern of lines, and a metallic blood red structure. Veins also circled the arm, making it look like it had life, just what the hell was it?





Act 10

At around 8, when the sun had set, it was decided that I should go and buy something, I had no idea I could eat, so I did that, taking about a hundred dollars to buy food, I didn’t know how long we would be there.

Walking to the convenience store, there seem to be a lot of people out, a lot more than usual, I saw a family with a kid, by the looks of it going to do shopping, I wonder why I hadn’t remembered by family, I wonder if I had one, somewhere out in this world.

“Doubt it, worlds trying to kill me” thinking out loudly in front of an old couple.

“Don’t think like that, think that the world is trying to help you” in what way old man? By filling me full of holes? By ripping me to shreds with ice?

The convince store is what you expect, isle’s and isles of things that may or may not be convenient. Bread, milk, butter, meat, and snacks. On the way back, seeing as how it was an hour walk back, I wanted to tried an apple or something, I bit into it, remembering the taste, almost immediately it came back up, nothing but the apple, I guess I cant eat things. I felt like crap afterwards, if it was possible.

As I looked up into the sky, dark clouds were forming where I was walking, great, not I have to walk home in the rain.









Act 11

For 4 days we acted like a family, we don’t know why, but we did, we just stayed home, talking about our life’s, not staying… hiding seemed more suitable, we just stayed in the apartment, unaware of the world outside, but Elizabeth ate so much, so I always had to go out and buy more, Lyra could handle small amounts of food, I could handle none.

As the 4 days went by, I grew closer to both of them, especially Elizabeth, we became great friends in the end, it was too bad my end as soon.

On the second day, I had to feed, or I would start to die. As i walked towards the door, I was prepared to go out and find someone, I had to, it was a game of survival.

As I made my way out, Elizabeth stepped in my way, her hunter way had still taken her and Elizabeth wasn’t going to move endless I forced her, with the injuries on her legs, I could tap her and she would fall.

“Take mine instead of someone else” as she said this, she took a knife from the table which was close to the door and made a small cut on her arm.

I didn’t react fast enough, and small amount of blood came out, I doubt 2 days was enough to replenish what she had lost, the instincts took over, and I almost bit her, I held back, and  held her hand higher so the blood would leak off.

Without making contact I had a quarter of what I need for 5 days.

“Don’t you ever do that!” I only did it because my instants had taken over, f they weren’t there than she would have done that for nothing.

I rushed out into her room, “W-wait!” she could tell I was mad, and she thought I had rushed out, ad wasn’t going to come back but I returned moments later with a bandage.

The sigh of relive from her “do not do that” I said while wrapping her arm up, such an idiot, she kept staring at me, she knew I could have easily knocked her over, yet she still stood in the way, yet she knew I wouldn’t.

I don’t know whether that smarts or just stupid.

That was the second night, the night that Lyra had also disappeared and somehow got her hands on blood.

The only other things that happened during those days was the over the course of the 4 days, m crimson arm had slowly grown over my arm, before it was up to my elbow but it was growing into my shoulder and it felt like it was growing into my head, my consciousness.

On the 4th night, I was asked to go shopping again, great, I don’t understand how they eat so much, really, it’s impossible how much they eat.

Walking to the shop, it was rather misty tonight, the mist came after I had begun to walk, it was a cold night, a perfect night. I wish it would have ended that way, my supply of blood I got from Elizabeth was running out.



Act 12

Walking back from the store, carrying 2 bags of food, I had only got 1 bag of things the two times before, maybe two will mean I get to stay home for longer.

I was just around the corner from where we were staying, and people ran around “Quick, call the fire station!” as I looked up I noticed a large plume of smoke overhead, come directly from the apartment block.

I dropped the bags and ran, thinking only of Lyra and Elizabeth, hoping they got out.

Arriving at the apartment, I ran for the stairs, the fire was right next to the apartment where we were staying.

As I rushed for the handle, the door next door burst open sending wooden shrapnel pieces everywhere, before I could react, a large shotgun, about 3 times the size of a normal one, shot me directly in the chest, catapulting me through the wall, and onto the car park below, where you would enter the apartment itself.

Slamming the ground, trying to stand up, I was shot, holes littered my body, my arms and legs. By now the crimson arm had grown over my shoulder, borrowing deeper, the arm was okay though.

As I pulled myself up, I heard a voice, “cut off the right arm, we need it” as the voice finished talking a bright light came slicing through my shoulder, slicing of my right arm, it must have been a heavy arm to hit the ground and made cracks appear.  Never thought that it would be heavy…

I placed my left hand over the area where my arm should have been, it was a clean cut, and I howled in pain, I looked up and saw two people, one carrying some type of large rifle, properly the one who cut my arm off, and a man in a suit, how comical.

“Sorry about this, nothing personal, the arm has grown to where we need it, and now we need it back, corporal, if you wouldn’t mind, take his other arm off” the corporal shot, slicing through my other arm, that arm flew off and hit the ground, I kneeled down in pain, I couldn’t take anymore, the roaring flames behind me, I guess it was my time.

I defining slam hit the ground, and turned around for a second, to see the thing that shot me, a giant suit of metal, walked by and stood beside the man in suit, it wasn’t bigger than a truck, but was holding a massive weapon.

Still standing, the man in the suit walked to me.
“I hate people who are taller than me” he raised a large pistol and shot my right knee, I fell down, no arms means I couldn’t hold it, I just rolled around howling in pain, when I stopped for a second, the man in the suit placed his foot on me, on my centre point of gravity so I couldn’t move.

I lowered my head, knowing I wasn’t going to get up, I looked to the left, Lyra was standing next to me, I guess using her ability to hide herself.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have enough to hide you, Elisabeth is okay, we got out” it was okay than, my death and them screwing around we me means they had more time.

She turned around an walked away, I saw Elizabeth’s head bob.

I turned around and looked at the man.

“Well? Take your goddam time” he was thrown off by my attitude, I guess he was expecting me to plead for my life and he pointed the gun to my face.

“You would have been a good solder, if you didn’t agree to die” what?

He fired, felt the bullet pierce my head, my head fell back and I laid there, feeling coldness come over me.

















Act 13

I was dying, well I was going to die, I knew that, my head was shifted, I felt that, and I opened my eyes somehow, I looked up to see Elizabeth’s face.

“You shouldn’t be here” I said looking at her, I couldn’t say anymore, i felt tired,  just wanted to sleep, I knew my next sleep would be my last, I was ready.

“Why is the only guy whose ever been nice to me has to die?!” she was angry, very angry, I felt her tears hit my face.

I could only ay there and look at her, I pulled  smile, but she continued to cry, I saw Lyra move over on the left side of me, placing her head on my stomach, maybe it was her way to cry, I could feel her face was teary, she was crying while her head was on my stomach.

Elizabeth did the same but she placed her face on my chest, I didn’t want to leave, but i didn’t have much choice, I’d hit my limit, no doubt the fire caused my body to overheat, I suppose I would die from the wounds, or my blood drying up.

“Maybe if gave you blood, you cou…”

“Don’t bother, it’ll be a waste, just let me go” I knew she couldn’t, it was only 7 days, but I wouldn’t have traded them for anything.

I met a woman who was everything I needed, a little girl who I would gladly call my sister.

Feeling each part me starting to disconnect,  I said one last thing.

“Thank you” I closed my eyes, and heard Elizabeth shed one more tear before the afterlife took me.

Submitted: April 09, 2012

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