A Mad River

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Charged with murder, River recalls her last episodic meltdown.

A Mad River

River turned into her apartment complex hardly keeping her hand on the steering wheel of the Nissan rogue she was driving.  Her eyes stayed closed longer than a blink. She knew she needed to sleep but instead she sipped on a star buck’s coffee she paid for with spare change from the car, even though she had cash in her purse and money on her ATM card. Her mind shifted from thought to thought. God’s savior’s are here. They have them. They are going to try to kill me. The war of the heavens is now. Revelations…. my God.  I am a part of this somehow. She made the left and drove behind the strip mall where she saw an unusual amount of people outside. That’s when fear struck her heart.

They are going to barricade these apartments. No one gets in no one goes out. Mumbling to herself so no one else could hear her even though no one else was around. “God.” All she kept saying, repeating the name over and over again. She passed over the speed bump slowly driving inside the Palms. Up for days with no sleep was getting to her. Her mood switched to edgy and she trembled inside. She tried to kick her drinking habit. She went two months without a drink and she was having withdrawals. She stayed up pacing the room until she got up enough courage to leave her apartment and now she is back just minutes later. She began to notice things that she normally would let go of as just normal everyday life but she paid attention to the signs. Every look, every gesture meant something.  

They never fixed that gate before.  She saw the maintenance men, mostly normal Mexican workers in uniform like any other day but today they were anxious. They carried wood planks at the entrance and stopped the gate from working. Everything she thought existed occurred but, how are they doing this? They could read her thoughts and she didn’t know how to stop it. There was no class for that, nothing was being taught on how to shield yourself from covert missions. That is not the kind of world we live in. We live for second chances for another day to make things right but the negative thoughts came back when she saw the sun begin to fade and red thunder clouds in the sky. “It’s happening enlightenment before the storm of life begins to rage.” I am enlightened somehow. I know everything, like a veil has been lifted from over my eyes.”  She knew that they were trapping her inside the gate so no one comes in or goes out. All God’s people were inside the gate they brought them in. They were just waiting on me to leave. “They caught him.”

River thought she was alone but when she looked in the mirror she saw a thick mist in her back seat. The mist turned into her Grandmother. “I believed in God too look what they did to me.” She has welts on her skin by her legs and arms. All the past memories of her grandmother taking her to church and praying to God flooded her mind. “No this can’t be happening. I believe in God nothing is going to change that.” Oh my God what do I do?” She started mumbling to herself again. “Who do they have? I have to find out.” She ransacked her mind for answers. She envisioned an angel for god walking this earth being able to change things right before our eyes. Things that man couldn’t dream of like color like height like race and like dialect. An angel with God’s blessing and his creation…… and they have him because of me.  He was trying to protect me and they know.  They know his weakness and they are attacking him through me. I only had a few pieces to the puzzle they had them all. All was coming to light in the darkness.

She didn’t want to be inside the gate but she couldn’t run from her faith her religion. She didn’t know whether to back up and cross over the gate again or drive forward so she was just stuck in one spot break lights beaming. The driver behind her in the Red Hyundai stopped patiently then decided to go around her. He looked into her car and her eyes were big and shallow. He turned left and she drove up to the stop sign and made a right. She over analyzed the fact that she made a right and he made a left turn. She turned into a space and backed out only to drive back up to the entrance to find the Mexican workers barricading the gate. She jumped out of the car and screamed. “What the hell are you doing?” They laughed and stayed busy working to seal the entrance. She sees someone at her door. One of the men in uniform turned to her and said, “I’m going to get you.” She backed up and then turned to run the other way to the direction of her car. The man jumped out of the driver’s seat and took off running. They have a bomb in my car. When the thought left her mind the car exploded. “You have no way in and no way out. You have to walk like Jesus did.” River heard the voices in her head speaking to her. She stopped and shook her head no. When she saw two ambulances one went in the direction of her home and the other went to the left. She couldn’t see them and she took off running. The drivers of the ambulances didn’t care about the speed bumps. The apartment complex normally had small lights outside the doors dimly lighting the area but they were all not working. Everything seemed black and everyone was inside their homes like it was curfew. She had no choice but to go to her apartment. She wanted to run to the back and see where the ambulance went but something was telling her to get inside.

She turned the knob slowly. She opened the door and he was lying there on the ground. “Come in we don’t have much time.”

His legs looked bruised but they were healing on their own. She kneeled down beside him. “I know that you love me but maybe you should stop so they can’t hurt you.”

“You are an angel too. You don’t have your memory but it’s coming back to you.”

“How did you get in here?”

“You know I can do things no one else can.”

She jumped back. “This is not real. Get out now.”

There was a knock on the door. Whoever was outside was twisting the knob. River looked out of the peep hole and saw no one. She moved from the door and heard the knocking again this time louder than before. She turned the latch and opened the door. She saw her husband standing there.
“What are you doing? I been outside knocking I left my key here I didn’t take it to work with me. Couldn’t find it this morning. “You look terrible you still haven’t been to sleep?”

“Where is he?”

Where is who? Who is he?

No no.. no this is not right.

Look I have had enough of this I’m calling the ambulance now.

“No, they are going to try to kill me in there. They want you to bring me there don’t you see everything is planned.

I’m calling the ambulance. 

No don’t do it. No one leaves no one gets out. Don’t you see what they are doing to us? They are trying to separate us.”

 “You are scaring me.”

How did you get in here? I saw them barricade that gate. You had to already be in here. What’s going on tell me now? River runs to the kitchen to grab a knife. She holds it in her hand jerking it back and forth. “I know you are lying to me.”

“Look calm down. You just need to go to sleep. You been up too long your mind is playing tricks on you.”


River stands inside the hospital room speaking to Ray Campbell her attorney. “Did you put the knife down?”

“No” River said.

“What did you do next?” Mr. Campbell put his hand to his chin wanting to get all the details of that night. 

Submitted: September 02, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Roro Scott. All rights reserved.

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