The Mouse and the Fox

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We are working on fables in class, and I figured I could just post this.

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Submitted: January 17, 2019

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Submitted: January 17, 2019



Once upon a time there lived a small mouse. Each day he was warned to stay close, to keep quiet, and to stay within his known boundaries, but the mouse was curious of the world around him.  He believed that he was destined to travel and learn, not to be subjected to the mundane life that his family forced upon him. And so, one night, when everybody in their small home was asleep, he pulled out a bag of his belongings and left.

 The night was dark, and roots spread over the ground, but he was not afraid, as he had never learned to be.. After a short time in which the mouse walked through a thick forest, the mouse came across a large hole that looked perfect for a place to rest. As the mouse had never been outside his own home, he did not recognise the hole to be the house of a fox.

 In his tired and hungry state, the mouse slowly went down into the hole and did not think twice about curling in a tight ball and falling asleep.

 In the distance, a fox was walking back to his home, after a long day of tricking the other animals and hunting, to arrive and find a mouse, the perfect snack before going to bed, but the fox thought of a much better idea and smiled a wicked and cruel smile.

 When the mouse awoke, he was met with a long and big snout and huge, cunning eyes. "Don't be afraid," The fox said, hiding his teeth as he smiled "I mean you no harm."

 The mouse who had never learned of lying, relaxed and replied to the fox "Thank goodness, I thought that you could have been a fox or another hunter that my family told me about." The fox laughed, and the two began a conversation. The mouse, so believing and easily tricked talked without filter and fear, after all, this kind stranger had allowed him to stay in his burrow.

 When the fox asked about where this little mouse was from, he had no hesitation as he told the fox where he lived. The fox smiled to himself and told the poor mouse that he must miss his family so. The mouse thought long and hard, and decided that in fact he did miss his family, and decided that he would go back home.

The next morning when the mouse woke up, he noticed the fox was missing , but thought nothing of it. He dusted himself off and headed back to his home. When he got there though, he saw a horrible sight. His home had been destroyed and his family, clearly, had not survived. In the corner of his vision, he saw the fox, and ran towards him crying "Help me! Somebody hurt my family!" in a frantic state.

 The fox simply looked up at the small, helpless mouse, and smiled a wicked, cruel, smile, full of teeth and malice.


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