Driftling Along 2 - A Shoobish Adventure

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Driftling story chapter 2 :) The Shoobiest Shoob that ever did Shoob

Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018



The day began with a note.

Hiro didn't actually hear the knocking on the door, but he did feel the vibrations through the water as his conciousness resurfaced from the nights sleep. 

Slowly he unfurled his body from the tightly curled ball he usually slept in and stretched out, floating up to the surface to join the buoy which maintained his oxygen levels throughout the night. The cool morning air prickled against his bare skin as it dried, droplets of water trickled down the outside of his glass ears, two pointy triangular containers poking up from the top of his head.

Crossing the moss coloured carpet, Hiro opened the small golden chest by the window and pulled out and pulled out a white shirt and a pair of slim blue jogging trousers.

Buttoning his shirt concealed the patch of unbreakable glass that made up the top of his chest, protecting the fragile heart floating inside the tinted water, and he pulled on a soft grey sweater as he strode over to the door, ducking to avoid the gnarled tree root hanging low from the compacted earth ceiling.

The door was tall and perfectly round, and it opened by twisting around into the side of the rock wall, like a circular patio door. Warm morning sunlight and the sound of birds chirping poured over Hiro as he stepped outside.

“Hello?” He looked around, his eyes adjusting to the light as he took another step out onto the grass-

and stepped on something the entirely wrong texture for grass...

Hiro picked up the awkwardly folded slip of paper and unscrewed it carefully to keep it from ripping. It was slightly sticky on the back, must have fallen off his door when he opened it.


~ Dear Loser

Some rep from the Happy World brach offices is putting on a fireworks show tonight at 7pm!



Aella alert! Wear something ugly

what you're wearing now should be fine ~



Hiro scowled. Re-crushing the note into a ball, he hurled it into the nearby patch of bushes.


A flash of blue pink caught his eye, and a pair of frosty blue eyes peeked through a gap in the leaves parted by small pale hands. “That was uncalled for, frog face!”

“Morning, Junni!” Hiro grinned back as the female Driftling leapt up out of the bushes, hissing in a way that he thought was supposed to sound threatening, but that just sounded cute. “Lookin good today! Got a date with Vitus?”

“S-shut up!” She blushed, turning on her heel, “whatever! Tonight? You comin or what?”

“I'll be there and you know it!” Hiro called after as she stalked away, her soft scarlet hair flouncing out around her shoulders.


"I'll see you there then!"

"Lookin forward to it!"

Hiro grinned to himself as she stalked out of sight, then turned back inside and rolled the front door closed. He still had plenty of time to go fishing before he had to get ready for the party. 




Shoob was the most well liked Driftling on the Shimmering Isles.

His popularity wasn't the result of any such trivial matters as good looks, intelligence, wealth or apptitude; rather, it was because of his innate personality and his way of being incomparably...shoobish.

Shoob was found alone on the beaches of Shimmerstone cove as a child, and was taken in by a family with a Driftling son about his age.

His indescribably floofish, snoodable and otherwise softness lacking in words to describe it lead the Driftlings of Ongarii village to invent a word suitable to express his foofatude. Thus he was named Shoob Shorestone.



A head of mussy purplish grey hair peeked up out of the first floor shack window. The triangular glass ears that framed his face in a perpetual droop caught the early evening sun, glinting off of the swirling black liquid inside them as he leaned out just in time to catch the top of an ash blonde head and orange ears jimmying open the front door.

The sound of giddy footsteps grew louder and more frantic as the assended the stairs and down the hallway towards the bedroom, and Kalona burst in through the door all before Shoob had even sat up fully on the bed.

Still in bed, huh? Well I kinda figured that would be the case when I didn't see you at the decorating committee meeting ((a group of Driftling residents who take it upon themselves to decorate the village for upcoming events)), you're so hopeless, lil brother, its already evening so I had to come get you cos the show's about to start, so get a move on!”

Hnnngyaaa......Noisy...Kalo-Nii...Up...” Pushing back the sheets the 'engulphed in obscenely baggy sweatshirt' Shoob stretched his arms up over his head and blinked his startlingly swirled violet eyes.

Kalona's buoy, a simple sphere of sweet carrot juice, swished excitably in the air behind him as he hurried Shoob along through the processes of getting up and into the shower, then raced downstairs to throw some store bought waffles in the toaster.

Ten minutes later the first distant pop of fireworks was heard as Kalona ushered the younger Drift out of the door, Shoob's sticky hand clutched tightly in his.

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