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idc about freaking grammar im in a hurry srry

Submitted: June 02, 2009

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Submitted: June 02, 2009



Im sitting in my room 'jace' by my side when i zone out i have a terible daydreami feel aweful pain he says my name repeatedly as he wraps his arms aroound me when i come back to reality i dont remember anything of the invisionment "what was that' 'jace' asks but as i start to respond everything comes rushing back to me i cring away from his loving touch remembering his fingers wraped tightly around my neck i stand up and run out the door as he tries to pull me back into a tight embrace  i walk out into the woods and climb a tree i wrap my arms tightly around my knees holding them there when i see 'jace' walking through the forest i sigh lightly thinking that he wont hear but he looks up his eyes are red i screamas he climbs the tree and wraps his hands around my throat draging me down and laying me on the ground slowly chokeing me when we hear a gasp from across the clearing i see 'jace?' the real 'jace' withhis big blue eyes he throws himself into the imposter and they fight until one of them goes flying away thrown and dead a not in my stomache tells me that its the real 'jace' the man comes back this time holding a butcher knife in one hand and a pistol in the other he points the pistol at me and pulls me up by my hair i scream again as he ties me to a tree and then takes the knife making repeated small insisions all over my body ripping right through my clothing at last when hes tortured me to the brink of death he grabs the pistol and sends to shots into jaces dead body "no leave him alone" i scream and he turns to me releasing all but one bullett from the clip into the dead center of my chest and the last thing i hear befor i wake up is another gun shot as the man falls dead beside me


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