I Love You (The End 3)

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Carly likes Ben as more than a friend but he can't tell. Will they end up togethor?

Hi, I’m Ben. I’ve been dead for nearly a month now.

Well, my body’s dead – my spirit is still alive and I hope it’ll stay that way.

My best friend, Carly is also a ghost. She’s a beautiful girl with dark hair and green eyes. She winds me up sometimes but she’s still a great friend.

It was horrible when she got mad at me for the first time – I didn’t even know why she was mad! This is what happened...

One dark and misty night, (I know that sounds cheesy but it was) Carly and I were hanging out on the busy streets of London. We were playing our special game that consisted of attempting to scare anyone who happened to walk by.

It was on that particular night that she turned around and asked me,

“You know when you were human? Did you ever have a girlfriend?”

I blushed – well, if ghosts can blush. I just felt my semi-visible face heat up a little bit.

I looked at the floor and shook my head.

“What about now? If another ghost liked you?”

I shrugged.

“Are you really not bothered at all?”

I shook my head again. Well, I didn’t think I was.

“Idiot...” She muttered before she turned around and started to move away.

I was shocked – she had never said anything so mean to me! Well, not seriously anyway. Why was she asking though?

And then it hit me.

Could it be she was interested in me? Surely not! An angel like her could never-

But then the memories began filling my mind of times when she had acted strangely when I had mentioned other girls.

Like the time I had commented positively on a human girl’s appearance or the time when I had told her about a girl I had a crush on when I was alive.

Maybe she did like me...

But what I needed to figure out was if I liked her.

I had always seen her as a friend, nothing more but she was beautiful and sometimes, when she smiled, I would get butterflies in my non-existent stomach.

She teased me a lot but I could never get mad at her – she would always apologize with meaning when she realized she had gone too far.

I smiled to myself, remembering when we had first met in the hospital ward. I had made up my mind.

“Carly,” I called after her. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Submitted: May 19, 2010

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I really think you should continue this series!

Sat, July 24th, 2010 7:56pm


Haha, glad you like it, I will try to come up with something

Fri, July 30th, 2010 6:10am

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