Midnight Pack

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Rhoda's midnight walk takes an interesting and unexpected turn....

Submitted: June 24, 2008

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Submitted: June 24, 2008



The snapping of a twig to her left brought her back to the present. She turned, searching the shadows to no avail. More twigs snapped, this time to her right. A cool wind blew through the trees, rustling their leaves, and sending a chill down her spine. She sat still, listening for any other noises. The night fell silent again until a mournful howl broke the silence, sending another set of shivers crawling up her spine. The howl didn’t sound right. Wolves had been extinct in this area for years, but that howl hadn’t come from a coyote.

Another howl followed, this one deeper than the first and closer to where she sat. She jumped up and started down the trail toward the road at a fast walk. Another gust of freezing wind screamed up the path. It chilled her to the bone and she rubbed her arms, wishing she had grabbed a jacket. She increased her pace, starting to jog. She could hear footfalls behind her and began to sprinting. Whatever was behind her also picked up its pace. The path became darker as the trees thickened, blocking out the moonlight and stars. Another howl rang in her ears, this one coming from her left. She tripped on a root, falling, and landed sprawled out on the ground. A loud snarl sounded behind her and she dragged herself back on to her feet using a small maple tree for support. She started running again and broke through the trees into a clearing. The sight before her made her stop, dead in her tracks.

Three wolves stood in a half circle, blocking the path. They were enormous, more than two times bigger than any natural wolf she had seen. Their teeth gleamed in the moonlight, as they snapped their jaws together, growling at her. She turned slightly, facing the trail she had just run down and saw another wolf emerge from the trail behind her. He was even bigger than the other three, almost a head taller than they were. He was pitch black with eyes a silvery blue color.

He stood calmly, watching her every movement. She held her breath as the wolves behind her growled low in their throats and snapped at each other. Her feet were rooted to the ground and her eyes widened as the snarls became louder. Two of the wolves took off into the wood snapping at each other. The other followed them into the woods, and made a noise that sounded almost like laughing. She looked back over at the black wolf and he seemed to be smiling.

As she watched him, his form started to shimmer around the edges, fading in and out of sight. He seemed to be expanding and his form grew taller and thinner, stretching into a humanoid shape. Next thing she knew, a boy was standing in front of her. He was about six foot two and shared the black hair and silvery eyes of his wolf form. He wore only a pair of tattered jeans. Her mouth dropped open and she stared in complete confusion at him

“You know it isn’t polite to stare.” His voice was low and warm, a spark of amusement flashed in his eyes. He took a step closer, smiling. For each step he took toward her, she took a step back, still absolutely terrified. “Whhhat are you?” she stammered. Her back hit the trunk of the tree and he stood in front of her. He was so close she could feel heat radiating off his body.

He looked down at her, still amused. “Why, I’m a werewolf,” he almost whispered. His gaze held hers, watching her face for a reaction. At first she looked confused and then looked up at the sky. “But the moon isn’t full.” He started to laugh. “The moon doesn’t have to be full, we can change whenever we want.” He leaned toward her and sniffed her hair. Her back stiffened and she tried to back away but there wasn’t anywhere to go.

“Don’t worry, I won’t eat you.” He backed up and she stepped away from the tree, not wanting to be in a place where he could corner her again. She scanned the area for an escape when three other people emerged from the woods. They were the three other wolves from earlier. The two of the guys were bickering while the other watched, clearly trying not to laugh. Her heartbeat sped up a little. She had a hope of escaping when it was one on one but the chance disappeared when the other three joined them.

One of the guys who had just came out of the wood looked at her and smirked. He then turned his attention to the werewolf next to her. “Nice job Dante, I know you’re scary but I didn’t think you were that bad. I can smell fear rolling off of her.” He laughed and Dante glared at him. “Shove it Chase, if I remember correctly Laela screamed when she first saw you. Then when you attempted to walked up to her she roundhouse kicked you in the stomach.” Chase glared at him and mumbled something under his breath before turning to look at her again.

“What are you looking at?” He didn’t ask the question, he growled it. She shook her head and looked away, staring at the trees that lined the trail. “Chase it’s a wonder you have a mate. You manage to scare almost every girl you meet. Then again, Laela isn’t exactly normal either.” The voice was unfamiliar and must have belonged to one of the other guys. Chase growled and she hears a rip and then another growl. When she looks back at them Chase and the other guy had changed and were fighting. The fighting just started to get bad when one ran into the trees with the other snapping at his heels. The night drifted back into silence as they disappeared.

She turned toward Dante and found him watching her. “I need to leave now, my parents are probably wondering where I am.” It was the only excuse she could come up with. No one would be looking for her. Her parents had died five years ago and her foster parents weren’t very observant. She could disappear and it would probably take them a couple months to notice she was gone.

“You shouldn’t lie, you aren’t very good at it.” He voice was low and a dangerous air surrounded him. The look in his eyes reminded her of a predator, but then again it fit. She heard footsteps and looked over just in time to see the other wolf run quietly into the woods. She felt his eyes on her again and turned to look at him, meeting his gaze. “I can take you away from all this. Away from the lies and pain of your world. Ours is different, you''ll fit in with us.” His voice was much softer this time, caring. He took a step toward her and held out his hand. “Come with me?” She looked at his hand and then back at his face. What did she have to lose? Foster parents who didn’t care and a “family” where she had never fit in. A shy smile spread across her face as she took his hand.

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