Craze me Deeper

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This was just meant to be a poem about what was on my heart at that moment but I didn't want it to be something obvious. I wanted it to be as complex as my feelings. Not sure how easily it can be deciphered but I guess posting it here is my way of testing that.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



she was an ugly pretty how

whos craze was beauty deeper

heart a universe

hate a puddle and her own

shallow waters were a demon

and mind blind pushed to roam


she roamed to a He

he whos universe strech like her own

he who was he and never she

but loved his she like she dreamed be

no demons or dead deep

unending the smiles, heart lips beat


he, though, as sleepy eyes grow wide

was never a was or an is or a will

every true he loved her like roses love bees

dead was the deep

and mind blind pushed to demons

heart a universe disapeared

roamed dream he never to be


sit on her sky

dreams just cant ever die

art was her heart

grey magic was her hand

she listened and prayed her heart away

for a day that smiles broke her blind

forever and always


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