wandering grey soul

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i wrote this when i was lonely and hurt. its kind of weird and childish in a way but it still means something to me.

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



Wondering endless fields of gray

Where the dull earth stretched far and wide

Where the grass had no purpose

Where the trees had no air

Dreams where all that kept her going

The lonely gray soul was full of emptiness

There was nothing but hope

There was nothing but gray

Life had no meaning

But to wander and dream

In a world where dreams had once always came true

In a world that no longer pulsed with life

She wandered on

Her greatest dream was to swim

To be in the lovely cool water

To float and swim and love and smile and swim some more

She searched many waters

But non filled or pleased her

She wandered on

Always empty

Empty until she found her watery soul mate

On a lonely night

As she wandered on

She stumbled upon an ocean

It was small and rough

It was grey as the young soul

Grey as the world

It pulsed with heart ache

It turned with loneliness

Many lovers had tried to swim this ocean before

But non had ever reached its core

Non had ever loved

Only swam and moved along

Or swam and drowned

You could almost see that grey oceans tears

He ached for a swimmer

His currents rushed and smashed in pain

He lured many in

But his waters were always too rough

He exclaimed that they were not in his control

That fate condemned him to drown

He was forever alone

The lonely gray soul looked upon this ocean

At first it didn't seem so pleasing

It was a crude ugly ocean

But it called to her

His loneliness screamed out to her

Mesmerizing her

And as she gently touched its waters

The soul grew heavy with love

This was her ocean

This is where she would swim

This is what she had been endlessly wandering for

The winds grew restless

The sand gripped at her bare feet

The trees roared in protest

Every force screamed for her to turn and find another

She was so small

She was so weak

She would surely drown

But she dove in

The currents hit her

The waves rushed around her

But the water was cool

The waters wrapped around her

The push

The pull

The sound

The roar in her ears

It was all perfect

This was her ocean

This was where she would swim

This is what she had been endlessly wandering for

The currents pushed and pulled

She tried to reach the surface

To take a breath of life giving air

But the currents were too rough

The waters were too grey

She was drowning

But she carried on

She was determined to reach its core

Where the oceans heart and soul lies

She swam on

The oceans tears fell upon her skin

Non had ever loved that ocean the way this soul had

It wanted more than anything

For this beautiful grey soul to reach his heart

But she was so small

She was so weak

She would surely drown

So the ocean pushed her away

Sent her tumbling back to shore

It pounded at her heart

Tore open her chest

And she was left alone

Alone and broken

Her tears were heavy

Her tears were red

Her blood soaked the ground

Blood pulsed from her wounds

Blood pulsed from her pain

She sat on the shore

She would never leave

For her heart forever belonged to the water

So she sat there

Her feet always touching the gentle shore waters

She saw many more jump into those waters

The ocean never pushed them away

It had only ever tossed aside the soul

The soul was alone again

A shadow walked upon the rocks

Her hair was long

It burned red

Red with fire

Red with passion

She jumped into the waters

For her dream was to float

Like the soul

The shadow fell in love with the ocean

But again the waters were so rough

She began to grow tired

But the ocean knew she was strong

She was stronger than the soul

His waves were not so heavy

His waters were persuaded to grow calmer

He believed in her

He wanted her to reach his core

She tried

She got so close

She could almost brush her fingers on his heart

The waters then crashed upon her

They pulled her down

They tried to drown her

The ocean begged her to try again

But her dream was to float

Not to swim

She couldn't swim any longer

But she kept trying

For she was strong

For she loved that ocean

The soul had watched

Alone and broken

Her heart torn at the sight

Of her lovely ocean dancing with another

A fire burned within the soul

A desire

A dream

She never gave up on her dreams

For with out those dreams

There was nothing

She fought the pleading forces once again

She took every thing

Every part of her being

And gave it all to that dam ocean

She jumped right back in

And swam again

The currents were strong

But she was stronger

She would make it to that core

She would touch that heart

If it was the last thing she did

She would die for this ocean

She would die for this love

The ocean was shocked at her bravery

It was touched by her strength

Tthe shadow was leaving him

She had grown tired of the rough waters

Tired of its games

So she swam back to shore

And moved along

She was strong

She whispered to the ocean

As she turned her back to its horizon

I loved you

And walked away

The ocean watched

Until her fire hair disappeared into the trees

His broken heart clung to the soul

For she never gave up

She loved the ocean

She truly believed she would reach its heart

It stroked its water upon her skin

It touched her like nothing had touched her before

She let it touch her heart

She gave it all her trust

She gave it all it asked for

But...the ocean had no faith

It pushed her back again

It pushed her away

It touched other lovers

It danced with other souls

It made others drown

She didn't see its games at first

But now her eyes began to open

The hole in this oceans core was too big

Its heart had grown cold

The waves had grown too deadly

She screamed for it to let her in

She cried for it to love her like she loved him

Its words said his love was true

But its waves pushed her away

Its waves pushed her down

The ocean didn't want her to drown

It didn't want her to go away

But she wasn't enough

The hole was too big

It didn't see

That she had enough love to fill any emptiness

All she needed was another's love

To fill her own aching emptiness

But the ocean refused

It pushed her away

But never let her go

She finally tried to escape

But the ocean wouldn't let her go

It pushed her down and under

Away but still in its watery clutches

She tumbled and turned

Her body jerked from side to side

It wanted to touch her smooth innocent skin

It wanted to feel her heart

It wanted to keep her love

The girl grew so weak

She tried to swim but the waters were just so rough

She cried out

Her blood red tears filled the currents

Her heart was being beaten to a pulp

Her emptiness grew raw around the edges

She took a breath

But water filled her lungs

Pain crushed her chest

Anguish filled her soul

Anger burned in her core

She was tired

She was weak

She screamed at the ocean

She screamed at it

For hurting her so dam much

She screamed at it

For drowning so many others

She screamed at it

For touching her so greedily

Her heart burned

Her lungs collapsed

Her chest ached

Her limbs grew limp

The currents screamed back

The ocean didn't realize she was dieing

Its anger blinded him

The ocean just kept pounding her

Beating at her already dead heart

Torturing her already dead soul

Her eyes fluttered shut

Her blood poured so heavy

It stained the ocean red

She hoped

She dreamed

But they were meaningless now

She loved

But it was churning with hate

The world went grayer

Then red

The black

... And she finally drowned

The ocean killed the soul

Its waters were stained with her innocent blood

The soul that cared so greatly for that ocean

That gave him everything

That risked everything

That fought every force

Everything was for him

And he pushed her under

And pushed her away

Now shes dead

Now the ocean is alone

The strong one had been the shadow

The shadow with firery hair

With firery passion

For having the strength to turn away

And carry on

Now the world would go on as it was

Grey and lonely

Lonely and meaningless

Love was gone

And the soul was dead

© Copyright 2018 Rosalove . All rights reserved.

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