Who Is Weak?

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You were torn and went to another, one needier than I ..

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012






You, my beloved - dearest soul ever to touch a foot 




 on this hallowed earth upon which now I kneel -


It's but the memory of you, that fading recollection of 

 glorious moments past that join my aching heart to a


Wasted soul in an elusive hope that somehow, some

 way, I might find relief from a descent into madness. 


The parting of our ways was enjoined upon me by a

 sickness that struck at a weakness we neither of us 


Knew did lurk; and lurk and menace it did until in full

 and robust form it burst forth fully conceived from an


Unsuspecting heart: your once pure and noble heart 

 fastened itself onto another, a soul whose neediness


Supplanted my own needs: those once attended to by

 you; and so you drifted to him whose heart was, by


Urgent necessity, in peril lest you, the healer of those

 forlorn, should fail to succor the weaker of us two.

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