Meet Me By The Cherry Tree - Character Profiles and Settings

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Some information about my characters and settings in Meet Me By The Cherry Tree.

Submitted: May 16, 2012

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Submitted: May 16, 2012



Meet Me By The Cherry Tree – Character Profiles.

I thought it would be a good idea to give some background info of my characters, to give you lovely readers an image of what my characters are like. I personally love imagining what my characters are like and what they do, it makes my story writing more fun! I've also including some info about some of the places featured in the novel. Please feel free to comment if you wish. Thank-you for reading and enjoy! :) ~Rose Deller.

Ellen Atkins

The way which I imagine Ellen is someone who is girly, bubbly and loyal to her friends. But at the same time she’s still cool and relaxed and she loves life.

I imagine her with peachy pale skin and almond brown hair which is quite long (not as long as the waist but it reaches past her shoulders)

When she isn’t in her Cherrington Academy uniform, she’ll wear a lot of pastel coloured clothes such as white, lilac, light blue, yellow, orange, light green etc. Maybe the occasional grey and brown, but she’ll mostly wear light and lively colours to suit her personality and skin tone.

Her parents are quite wealthy and so they live in a large private house in a private T signed cul-de-sac. Since Cherrington Academy is a private school, and it is quite smart and posh, I think that this relates to Ellen and her family, so why don’t I make Ellen live on Cherrington Road? Then Cherrington Academy can be on Cherrington Lane or something like that.

Ellen’s parents aren’t main characters in my story, but I suppose I should give some background info to their successful, wealthy lives…

Robert Atkins – He is successful as a Barrister. I imagine him being quite materialistic. Due to his career, I imagine him to care more about money than he does his wife, he can get quite grumpy. He’s quite old, so late forties/early fifties and he has silvery grey-ish hair. I imagine him being the sort who would sit on the sofa in a velvet green dressing-gown with the newspaper and a coffee. He obviously loves his daughter, but he often shouts at her as though he is a Barrister in his own home, so he can be quite strict with her.

Loretta Atkins – She is successful in the film business as a news presenter. I imagine her wearing a lot of grey business suits and thin high-heels. She’s the sort that can never leave the house without her black leather handbag containing her phone, make-up, diary and car keys. I imagine her being younger than her husband, so late thirties/early forties. She has sandy blonde hair which is quite short and it wisps out. 

She too loves her daughter, but she kind of worries that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and lots of her friends’ daughters do, so she won’t stop in trying to hook Ellen up with a boy. This obviously annoys Mr Robert Atkins.

Sasha Soretti

(Note: made-up Italian surname.)

I got my inspiration of Sasha from ‘Ally’ in ‘Life With Boys’ a programme on a TV channel called Nickelodeon. Like I mentioned at the beginning of chapter 1, I get my inspiration from anything.

Sasha is girly, like Ellen, but she’s more of a glamorous and sophisticated girly. So she’ll contrast what Ellen wears; Sasha will wear darker colours such as ruby red, purple, silver, black etc. She loves her leopard print jacket. She can never leave the house without her bag.

She has olive skin and dark, long curly hair.

She is fun, excitable and flirty. She loves her friends and family and she loves to go shopping. She does read fashion magazines, but isn’t the sort who HAS to keep up with fashion; she knows what she likes and she knows how to wear it.

Her parents own an Italian restaurant in the Winrose Springs Plaza (shopping centre for the Winrose Springs residents, where my characters live. Note: made-up place. Everything is fictional in my stories.) So they are both popular chefs and they love experimenting with food and they have a passion for cooking.

Sasha lives in one of the smaller houses in the Cherrington Road cul-de-sac, so she meets up with Ellen every day and they walk to school together.

Luke Matthews

The new guy of Cherrington Academy.

Ellen’s love interest.

He has dark curly hair (not as curly as Sasha’s) He has tan skin and is known as Green Jacket because he is often seen wearing his green jacket.

He and his dad have recently moved to Winrose Springs and they are renting a two-bedroom flat in a building by the Plaza, so they live close to shops and fairly close to his new school.

He was troublesome at his old school; he loved the adrenaline of getting into trouble and going out after curfew and playing about with his friends on bikes. His idea of life was to have fun, but that changed when his mum died of cancer and his dad was struggling for work. He felt like everything needed to slow down, so his dad decided that they should move.

They are only renting their flat in Winrose Springs, until their dad gets a better job and they used some of his grandparents’ money to pay for the school term. In order for the two to pay the rent, his dad made some connections with a friend (who happens to be Sasha’s uncle) so that Luke could get a good paying job. It was a rather generous offer and Luke likes the feel of The Beverage Lounge.

Rueben Jent

Ellen’s mum wants her to date him because his family is wealthy, like hers.

I imagine Rueben as very slimy, boastful and full of himself, but at the same time quite charming. 

He has auburn hair which has to be styled by his private barber. (Sigh)

He gets everything he wants and enjoys flaunting it. His idea of life is that everyone is invited to his party and he is the host.

He treats girls like they are trophies and he has full respect for Robert Atkins and Ellen’s family.

Rueben’s mum and Ellen’s mum have been friends for ages and they secretly think that the two would make a good couple, except Ellen hates him.

He doesn’t go to Cherrington Academy because he doesn’t live in Winrose Springs, he lives an hour away in a high-class town called Jewel Marine, a beach based town with designer shops, ‘perfect’ schools and people with lots of money.

Natasha Jent

Rueben's younger sister, she is a year older than Ellen, but a year younger than Rueben.

She's quite snobby and selfish and only thinks about herself or her wealthy friends.

Always wears designer clothes and is disgusted by people who are lower-class than her because she's been brought up in an envrionment of wealthy people so she can't understand how it is possible that people are less-privilaged than her.

Idolises her older brother.

Meet Me By The Cherry Tree – Settings/Places.

Winrose Springs

Large town with a great big park, lots of school, a swimming pool, a popular shopping centre containing a variety of shops and supermarkets. Home to my characters in Meet Me By The Cherry Tree.

Cherrington Academy

Private school for pupils aged 5-11 in the lower school and 11-16 in the upper school. It is known for its history of having the largest cherry tree which blossoms every spring. That wasn’t the only reason as to how it got its name. Cherrington Academy used to be home to the Cherrington family, a large family of fourteen in the seventeenth century. The school has a large sports field and the school itself is quite large. It is an old school, but it has a safe, warm and charismatic feel to it. The Great Hall, where all the assemblies are held, has great acoustics and so they hold lots of concerts and talent shows there.

The Beverage Lounge

Popular smoothie bar owned by Sasha’s uncle. It has a modern design, white walls, stylish counters and great seating. It has a pool table, darts board and TV. There’s the swimming pool around the corner, so The Beverage Lounge is massively popular in the summer.

Sasha works there on Fridays and Saturdays and Luke works there weekdays and Saturdays.

Cherrington Road

The private cul-de-sac where Sasha and Ellen lives.

The Plaza House

The flat building where Luke and his dad lives, near the Winrose Springs Plaza. (Shopping centre.)

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