I Will Wait For You (But You Better Hurry 'Cause I Won't Wait Long)

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True Story!

Submitted: May 09, 2012

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Submitted: May 09, 2012



I was still a Junior the day I first saw him during the second week of school. He stood there, outside the door so timid, I guess. I had not seen a boy so gorgeous, other than Justin Bieber of course. I, on the other hand was a terrible mess; pimples on my brown face, teeth stained yellow, and even worse was my hair which resembled a soldier's.
As his dad conversed with Madam I couldn't help but look away every now and then from my friend to him. Then, he saw me. The sun gleamed into his eyes thus causing his eyes to be partly closed; I kind of felt embarrased.

Every time my friend talked about him, I refused to say that I admired him. Every time I wondered if he liked me too. Every time I hoped he'd be looking at me when I wasn't looking at him.

I was a fool. How could I have fallen for him like that?

He played around so much with so many girls, especially with the girl that told me she was my besty in school, and I actually believed her.

After our first school break, I never spoke to her again (well, I did on the first day). The main reason for this was because of her behavior towards me when I said something harmless to her about her body posture while she flirted with a boy in our class and she furiously insulted me. And yes, maybe because I was also a little jealous... but I'm not sure about that. I even refused to look her in the eye (well, at least I tried).

The next year was great. We (me and my classmates) would separate to take different classes. Unfortunately I joined my ex-friend and that boy I had a crush on. It was just all wrong. But luckily I would only be in the math and English and music and P.E classes with her. Unfortunately I took all my classes with him. 

Then, probably on the second week of school as I helped out my mom in the school canteen during the lunch break, I saw him for the first time (not the heart-breaker, a new boy). He was totally more gorgeuos. He asked for juice from my mom but she said that the only bottle she could fill the juice in was a filthy bottle (only on the outside), and he was like "Well, it is a bottle." and I was like "WOW." (in my mind). I had never seen him around before or even noticed him, EVER. After he left I got off the deep fridge and looked out the window to him. "GORGEOUS. "

I saw him around a few times each week in school, the other days he was absent. This boy I expressed a few things about; he had a great smile, and great sense of humor, and great vocals. He was perfect.

On the day when almost the whole school was going to take part in the athletic competitions, the school dorm burnt to the ground. It was a sorrowful event.
A while after, big donations started coming in and the borders had more than they had before the tragic incident, and big people who worked for the government also started coming in. The biggest person of them all (and I mean physically, and he was the biggest civil servant that managed our area) was the P.A; he was funny and attracting, and middle-aged (he was also perfect, JOKING..maybe), and the father of my crush (the new one). When I found out, I was like "Okay.", frankly, I think I was agitated. I had the right to be agitated because he was the biggest civil servant in town, and I heard he was really churchy (people who are churchy are often strict).

Just before the first school break began, my new crush went on holiday. 

One day, as I watched the local news he appeared on T.V; he had auditioned for the biggest vocal contest in my country, and according to my cousin he had gotten through. Since then I have never seen him, and since the beginning I have never said a single word to him, AT ALL. 
Btw/ it's only being a few weeks. XD.

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