A Mother'sDaypoem

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You want to thank your mom for everything she doesfor you, you never want to see her cry it makes you cry.

Submitted: March 28, 2010

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Submitted: March 28, 2010



A mother
So kind and so sweet
Never worrying
Never crying
Always happy to see me every day
Telling me how much she loves me
And gives me an upside down frown.

A mother
So kind and happy
But full of pain and worry
You hear her crying in a room
Slowly breaking your heart
You hate seeing her like that
When you see her cover it with a smile
It makes me want to cry too…
And tell you why:
You see her struggle
Day after day
One thing after the next
Piling up on her shoulders
With worry and fear in her eyes.
And yet, she still continues to smile.

No one helps her
She fights alone….
But through all that
She still comes out smiling
When she’s near you.
Through all the hardships and tears
You wonder
Is she in pain, or not
You ask her one day.
Then, you see a soft smile form
Across her lips before she walks up to you
And hugs you, saying……
“I’m happy.”
You ask why and her reply is….
“Because I know everything will get better.”

A mother.
Who tells you everything
Will be alright through the hardest times
And wants to break down
She does all she can for me who say she is.
But feels like she isn’t and wants to cry
But doesn’t.
I know she’s doing the best
And I’m happy for that.
But then you hear her begin to break down.
You quietly see her face
covered in tears
Feeling her pain.
It breaks my own heart to see her like that
You never want to see your mother in pain
You wish you could do something…
But you can’t

All you can do is hear her sobs
Wile you begin to cry along with her,
Placing a hand over your heart.
She tells you not to worry
but you do.
You want to do something for her
To make the pain go away for her
But all you can do is cry like a baby
Until one day you walk up to her…
And give her a hug.
Tears of happiness run down my face
she asks why you’re crying
But all you do is hug her and say…
“For everything; everything you’ve done for me to make me happy.”
On mother’s day you want to give her something
that she wants but you don’t have enough money.
You find enough to go and get her a card that reads…
a strong and independent woman
Who loves you for how you are.

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