Into the Light of Love: Yin

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The first half and perspective of my poem, "Into the Light of Love." In the same way that Yin is the female part of the Yin-Yang and balance, this part is from a female's perspective.

Submitted: June 03, 2017

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Submitted: June 03, 2017



I watched you all these years, 

I admired you so much, 

And I internally explode

At the warmth of your touch. 

And though you never saw me, 

Though you pursued another, 

I never gave up on you -

I could truly love no other. 


I watched you through all of

Your struggles and pain, 

And as you were cast out

Again and again. 

The one you loved

Did not share your affection, 

In water, you saw 

A lonely reflection. 


But even through that, 

You remained strong

And refused to stop singing

Your joyful, true song. 

I thought you'd never

Even notice me, 

But then you came and sought me out

Beneath a shaded tree. 


It touched me to know 

You felt safe around me

And you could pour out 

Your feelings so free. 

You told me you only

Tried to be strong, 

And inside you deeply

Hurt all along. 


Just when I thought

My heart would burst, 

You gave me the love

I had known to thirst. 

That love came with your simple words: 

You are the only one to hear

My feelings and my every fear. 

I love you and I hold you dear -


Then, you held my hand. 

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