Light to dark

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This novel is about a male character called Galak Darkmoon. It is set in the old republic (star wars) where Galak lives on the planet Ilum, a peaceful planet known by few people, it is where jedi can go to quest for lightsaber crystals.
Small settlements of jedi live on Ilum, most are old Jedi Masters who have homed on Ilum to meditate, due to its strong connection with the force.
As Galak grows up he is taught in the ways of the jedi, the empire find out about the planet and , the jedi assume that because of its crystals, they invade Ilum. But why would the empire send so many sith to one planet uness they knew that something of much greater power is on Ilum?
Galak is taken to the sith academy on Korriban where he is trained as a sith by Lord Revan, what is instore for the young jedi/sith? What is this great power on Ilum?
Read, The Darkness Within, to find out.
Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: June 23, 2011

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Submitted: June 23, 2011



Galak Darkmoon

A boys choice (hopefuly book 1 of 3)

Brief information of Ilum

Ilum was a peaceful planet, until the empire arrived.

Only a few Jedi Masters knew of its exsistance and the precious crystals that could be found deep within the caves, north of the ancient ruins. These crystals made it popular among hopeful padawans, searching for a crystal for their lightsaber. The harsh snow conditions made Ilum a potentially dangerous place to live although some saw it more as a challenge than danger.

The jedi archives have little information about Ilum, due to them only discovering the planet around 100 years ago, all that is known is that there are caves with crystals and the likelyness that a snow storm could come out of nowhere at anytime. Although the republic had once sent a team of archioligists inside the ancient ruins to see who or what had been on the planet before them and if they were still around. The team had brought back little information apart from intreging markings on the walls of a sealed room, which the republic chose to ignore.

And now we move on to the story of Galak Darkmoon and his life story.

Chapter 1

Galak Darkmoon was on his way back from the jedi academy, it wasnt far from his home but still he had to walk past the caves. He could see the latest lot of jedi padawans going into the nearest cave to him. He had often seen them returning to the camp without a crystal, just proving that it wasnt easy and took time. He was determined that when he was old enough h would find one on the first trip.

He carryed on walking past the caves and continued on his way home, where his father was waiting for him. His dad was a jedi knight who had been seriously injured in the madalorian wars, and so took rest on Ilum, helping to train younglings at the academy. Galaks mother had passed away 2 years ago when he was 16, he'd never been the same since that day, the fear of losing his mother had fueled his anger and hate. Jedi Master Tunda, the elder of the academy and the village, had sensed this inside him and warned him that giving into his fear, and emotions would take him towards the dark side of the force. At the time Galak had dismissed his trainers warning but later came to realise that the dark side would only lead to suffering.

He arrived home to find his father was speaking with Master Tunda.

"Ah Galak, good to see you, i was just speaking with your father about you going to the caves to find your own lightsaber crystal," informed Master Tunda.

"Are you serious master?! thankyou, i believe i am ready for the trial,"

"Then it is settled, you shall be at the academy early tomorrow morning and i shall asign you your trial, i shall see you then" as he said this Tunda got out of his seat and headed for the door, and with that went back to the academy.

"Well done my son! congratulations, i hope your trial goes well," exclaimed his father, "right its getting late and you best head off to bed, big day tomorrow,"

"yeah, i suppose your right, night dad"

As he lay there that night, so many things were going through Galaks' mind, such things as; what colour crystal will i get? Will there be any creatures in the cave i am given? and possibly most importantly, will i survive?

After much tossing and turning in bed he finally got to sleep. A common experience for force weilders was to have visions instead of dreams, and the one that was currently seaming through Galaks' mind was one, although he was unaware, was one about his future. And the things he saw that night were to be scarred in his mind for his life. There was pain, fear, anger and suffering. Images of his mothers death, his emotions stronger than ever. Whispering voices telling him dark secrets andthe power that could be hi sif he only accepted who he really was!

He woke with a start and remembered that this was the day he got his crystal, the day his training would be complete.

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