Would you?

Shall we dance 
Until the night grows old? 
'Til the trees are donned with frost, 
And the sky is lined with gold? 

Shall we sing 
Until our voices die out? 
'Til the music we hear 
Is lost within the crowd? 

Shall we talk 
Until we run out of precious time? 
'Til the dawn has gone, 
And comes the stars that shine? 

Shall we laugh 
Until the joke is no longer as amusing? 
'Til life has itself sorted out, 
And is no longer as confusing? 

Shall we forgive 
Until nobody else does us wrong? 
'Til we have no more enemies 
To string us along? 

Shall we leave 
Until there is no where else to go? 
'Til our minds begin to wander, 
And beg for a sign to show? 

Shall we weep 
Until our tears run dry? 
'Til we plaster on another mask, 
And bring forth to us the lie? 

Shall we forget 
Until all is forgotten? 
'Til the past is long gone, 
And has ceased its haunting?

Submitted: December 23, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Rose Williams. All rights reserved.