This Devil

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
An erotic indulgence into falling in love with a stone hearted man.

Submitted: May 18, 2014

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Submitted: May 18, 2014



I remember the shrill wintriness of his touch.  How his skin would solidify my blood and chill my bones, yet my heart would be alight with a fire so potent and zealous. A single kiss from his blushed blue lips would linger upon my begging complexion for an eternity.  Raven tresses fell across my shoulder and danced upon my neck as his nose would nuzzle into the crease of my nape, the obsidian threads felt like hot steel and his breath was Satan’s whisper.  Despite the anxiety that clenched my heart I yearned for his disturbed soul to propose into mine, for I was devoted to a demon.

My searching gaze was pregnant with desire as I melted into his cerulean pools of desolation. The pores within my skin were gaping with fear and my intelligence was screaming a losing battle inside my head; drowning within my sinful retreats.  His ashen claws tiptoed across my midriff and a tantalizing curve cracked his diluted lips.  My body was pulsing as the ravenous beast within became impatient.  I closed my eyes and rolled my head slightly back as his pearls nibbled across the delicate skin of my collar bone, his cold hands imprinting upon my mountainous breasts and his diaphanous body threaded between my throbbing thighs.  A breath of sensuality escaped through my thirsty throat and a low growl from deep within his stomach performed a duet. I wrapped my shuddering limbs around his torso and pulled his surging existence into my aching and carnivorous sweetness. As our bodies intertwined and became whole my hips rolled against his straddle, my essence was soaked with fulfillment and delight.  His tongue probed and seduced my rouged rose buds and his fingers worshiped my golden mane as he pulled my skull towards the fires of hell.  His thickness filled and excited my dewy vessel and I dug my nails into the roundness of his buttocks, pulling him into my engulfed climax, screams of pleasure enveloping the room and my body was laden with silver droplets of desire. He bit hard into my neck as he erupted like a volcano filled with ivory lava; thrusting deep into the undiscovered cavities of my being, the adrenaline electrocuted me.

He fell back and a long pant of satisfaction wafted from his throat, his eyelids covered his azure delights and I turned my head and held my gaze upon this devil whom I loved and yearned for so fiercely.  His heart was nothing but a thudding glacier that the fires within my soul would fail to soften…

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