Arik and Yekaterina: Worlds Collide

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Long ago, the worlds of the Norse and Greek gods and goddesses collided. This is due to the tragic story of two love birds, one Greek and one Norse, forbidden to see each other. Their parents hated each, but they were in love.

Submitted: March 28, 2011

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Submitted: March 28, 2011



Long ago, the worlds of the Norse and Greek gods and goddesses collided. This is due to the tragic story of two love birds, one Greek and one Norse, forbidden to see each other. Their parents hated each, but they were in love.

 Zeus and Mnemosyne were the parents of the nine muses; Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polyhymnia, Urania, and Calliope. It is it said, though, there was a tenth muse. She was the Greek muse of voice and one of the most beautiful muses of all. Her beauty was as great as Aphrodite and it was obvious that she was one of Zeus’ daughters. This muse’s name was Yekaterina.

Their worlds collided when Yekaterina met the Norse god, Arik. He was a son of Odin and Frigga. He had a strong-built body structure and was a young handsome lad. Arik was the god of warriors. His curiosity of the outside world brought them together. Arik followed the most beautiful voice he ever heard. He wanted to know where this voice was coming from. The voice belonged to Yekaterina. When Arik saw Yekaterina singing, he was immediately attracted to her. Likewise, Yekaterina was attracted to him. They met each other far from both of their homelands in a grove of willow trees. That place soon began to be their meeting place. They called it Wilhalla. Arik and Yekaterina would talk day and night at Wilhalla. They began to fall deeply in love.

 One of Arik’s close friends, Loki, liked mischief. In fact, he was the god responsible for all fraud and mischief. He wondered where Arik was always going because he would be gone for hours and days without telling anyone.  One afternoon when Arik sneaked out, Loki followed him. Arik took the same route he took from the beginning to get to Wilhalla. Loki stayed close behind, but far enough for Arik not to see him.

Once at Wilhala, Arik stood there for awhile.  Suddenly, Yekaterina came out from behind the willow tree. She jumped on Arik’s back wrapping her arms around his neck. Arik was a little surprised by Yekaterina. He swung her around in a circle a couple of times. Yekaterina’s long hair flowed in the air as they twirled. Arik stopped and turned her around to face him. He slowly kissed her.

Loki hid behind a different willow tree. He could not see the girl’s face at first, but when they stopped twirling he saw it. He did not know or recognize Yekaterina, but he saw the resemblance that she had with Zeus. He was shocked because Odin, Arik’s father, and Zeus, Yekaterina’s father, hated each other. Once he saw them kissing, he turned around and hurried back to Odin.

Loki returned to Asgard quickly. He went to Odin and said to him, “Odin, I have horrible news to tell you about your son, Arik, and where he has been going for the past couple of weeks.”

Odin replied back, a little frightened, “What is it, Loki? What has Arik been doing?”

“He has been going to this place he calls Wilhalla.”

Odin interrupted Loki and said, “And what is so bad about that, Loki? He is just having some adventures while his is still a young lad.”

“But that is not the only thing. You see, the thing is, he is meeting a girl there.”

“Ahh, young love. So, who is this mystery girl, we speak of?”

“Uhmm. I would sit down for this one.” Odin sat down and then Loki continued talking, “The girl is Yekaterina. She is one of the daughters of Zeus.”

Red with anger, Odin replied to Loki’s remark, “How dare he betray us like this? I demand him to come home right now! I forbid him from ever going back to Wilhalla! He shall never see her again! I bet Zeus sent her to seduce him! Loki, go get him now! I am going to have a little chat with my dear old friend, Zeus!”

“Okay. I will go get him,” Loki said running out.

Odin went up to Mount Olympus, where Zeus and the other Greek gods and goddesses live. He demanded to talk to Zeus in person. After a couple of minutes, Zeus walked out into the room where Odin was standing. They kept their distance from each other. Odin began to speak, “I got news that your daughter, Yekaterina, was with my son, Arik. How dare you send her to seduce my son?”

“I have never heard of this affair! Something has to be done!” Zeus replied back.

Odin said while walking out, “You can bet on that for sure. You better keep your daughter away from my son! Or she will go to Hell!”

Zeus was furious with what he had heard. He demanded that Hermes, the messenger of the gods, go get Yekaterina and bring her back home. While Hermes was looking for her, Zeus was making plans for Yekaterina because she shamed her family’s name and betrayed them. She was going to go to the underworld, Hades, where Zeus’ brother lived. Hades always wanted a daughter.  Zeus decided it would be a win-win situation. Yekaterina would never see Arik again and Hades would have a daughter. As soon as she returned home, she was sent to the underworld.

Odin returned back to Asgard at the same time Loki returned with Arik. Odin sent Arik to his room. He locked the doors and placed two guards inside the room and two on the outside. Odin wanted to make sure Arik would not leave to go see Yekaterina.

Yekaterina was stuck in Hades. She prayed to Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams. She asked him to send Arik a dream about where she was and how to get there. He did as was requested because he loved their young love which was something he always wished for.

That night, Arik had a dream. Yekaterina stood there and said, “My father found out about you being the son of Odin. It is forbidden for any Greek person to be with a Norse person. But I could not stay away from you. I love you now and forever, but I cannot be with you, for my father sent me away. He sent me to deep depths of the underworld of Hades. I am stuck here forever, pretending to be Hades and Persephone’s daughter. I have shamed and betrayed my family. I want to be with you. There is a way you can save me. It is a long, adventurous journey but I know you can make it. You can free me, Arik. You will find a map of Hades the underworld under your pillow when you wake up. I just wanted to tell you where I was and say I love you.” Then Yekaterina disappeared.

Arik immediately woke up. He felt around under his pillows. There was indeed something under his pillow, which was the map of Hades, the underworld. Arik did not take it because he didn’t want the guards to see it and take it away. Arik just left it there. His first task was to get past the four guards. Arik got up from his bed and proceeded to his desk. There was still some food from the night before. He took the leftover bread and a potion bottle in his desk drawer. The guards looked away for a second. Arik poured the potion over the bread. He took the bread and asked the two guards inside his room, “You two must be hungry. You have been here for a long time. Why don’t you eat some bread?”

One of guards replied back, “Thank you. I am hungry.” 

“I would love a piece, too. Thank you, Arik,” the second guard said. They both took a piece of the bread and ate it. Suddenly, they turned into rats. Arik took both of them by the tail and threw them out the window. He knocked on the door the same way as the guards. It was the code to open the door. It worked as expected. The two guards on the outside opened the door. Arik punched the first one’s face. He fell down like a rock. The other one threw a left hook punch to Arik. Arik ducked and kicked him right in the shin. The guard was screaming in pain. Arik punched him in the jaw to make him stop. He fell down to the ground too. Arik went back into his room to get the map and his sword. He ran out of the house. Arik followed the path on the map to Hades.

Arik entered Hades, the underworld, through a portal located near Wilhalla. The first thing he saw was the River of Oaths. He walked through the deep river. The water was all the way up to his chin. Arik made his way through the water slowly. He started going through it fast, but soon began to slow down. Every step, he thought of Yekaterina. He pushed himself to keep on going just to see her face once more. More than half way through, a man appeared next to Arik standing in a boat holding a paddle. He said to Arik, “You know I could have taken you across this river in my boat. You did not need to go in the river to get across. All you had to do was ring the bell.”

Arik replied back, “Now, you tell me, sir.”

“I can give you a ride the rest of the way, but it will cost you some obolus,” the man replied back.

“What is an obolus? How many of these do want?”

“They are coins. Since you are a little more the half way across the river, I will charge you half price. The total would be three obolus.”

“Okay. Can you help me in?” He helped Arik get in because he didn’t want the boat to flip.

“What is your name young lad? Why are you down here?” asked the man, trying to make conversation.

Arik said, “I am Arik. I am here to rescue my one true love Yekaterina. Who are you?”

“I am Charon. I row back and forth bringing people to Hades, the underworld,” the man relied to Arik. Upon arriving at the shore, “I wish you luck on your journey to rescue Yekaterina. You will need it.”

“Thank you, Charon,” Arik said as he paid him. Arik got off the boat and took out his map. Next, he must go to the huge cave entrance. Arik walked towards it and looked inside. He saw nothing because it was pitch black. He slowly walked inside and stayed close to the wall. Soon torches lit with fire hung on the walls of the cave. Arik took one off its hanger and he continued to walk. In the distance, he could see Cerberus, the three headed dog. All three heads of Cerberus were sleeping. Arik blew out the torch, but in doing so, the map caught on fire. Arik threw it on the ground and began to stomp and blow on it. He tried to put the fire out before it burned up. Luckily, Arik was able to save it. Only some edges of the map got burned up. It was still legible to read. Arik continued towards Cerberus. He stayed along the wall farthest from Cerberus. His hands felt the wall and then suddenly he touched something cold as ice. It was the nose of one of the Cerberus’ heads. The head sneezed as Arik touched the nose. He was drenched. The sneeze woke up the other two heads of Cerberus. They became enraged. White drooling foam dripped from the mouths of Cerberus. Arik could barely see where he was going, but he ran as fast as a tiger to get out of the room. Cerberus’ mouths opened and snap closed trying to get Arik every time. Arik escaped through a hole in the cave. Cerberus tried to follow but failed. He was too big to fit through it. Arik barely escaped the wrath of Cerberus. 

Once again, Arik pulled out his map. He looked at it and whispered to himself, “Okay. I need to turn right once I hit the river, Acheron, and follow that to the three judges. Somehow, I must get past them.” Arik followed the river all the way. There sat three judges of Hades: Minos, Rhadamanthys and Aeacus. He could not see a way to get through without being seen. Arik decided to walk normally past them and hoped they would not say or ask him anything. He began walking in a large semi-circle.

One of the judges saw him and said, “Hey you, why are you here?”

“I am here on a mission to save my true love,” Arik replied to the judge.

“Well, you cannot pass here without answering a riddle,” a different judge said.

Arik replied back, “What is the riddle?”

“The riddle is ‘This person came from above.

We cannot fall in love.

If we do, we will go in a daze.

For she is the one we praise.’

Who is this person we speak of?” The last judge to speak asked.

“I am not from Hades but my answer is the queen of the underworld. I say only because you serve her. Also, you cannot fall in love with her because you will suffer the punishment of Hades. This queen you speak of is Persephone,” Arik said confidently.

“I must say, you know a lot for being a stranger of this place. You have answered the riddle correctly. You have proven your knowledge. You are free to continue. We wish you luck on your mission to find your love. I hope it is not Persephone because Hades will punish you,” the judge in the middle said, chuckling a bit.

Arik replied, “Thank you, judges.” He continued to run forward. Arik came to another river, called Cocytus. This river was not that deep and wide, so, he swam across it easily.

The three fates lay ahead. Lachesis was spinning the thread. Clotho measured the thread and Atropes cut the thread of life. Arik entered the room of the Fates. Lachesis crackled, “Who goes there?”

“I am Arik, the god of warriors. I traveled long and far to rescue my true love.”

“That is a very touching story,” said Clotho, “but you cannot pass this place with picking a thread to cut. The thing is, one of them is yours and the other is someone else’s thread of life.” She placed the two different threads in front of him. “Be careful. If you choose wrongly, you will die.” That line repeated over and over again in Arik’s head. Arik squinted his eyes in fear as he pointed to the thread on the right. Atropes, the cutter, took the thread. Arik heard a loud snap from the scissors. He opened his eyes and felt around his body. He was still alive.

Arik curiously asked, “Who’s the thread you cut belong to?”

Atropes replied back, “It was of Yekaterina.”

Arik let out a huge scream, “No!” His heart felt like it was being ripped out slowly and painfully. “Bring her back to life. Take me instead. Take me!” Arik begged, “I love her. She is my true love. Bring her back! Now, I tell you! Bring her back!” Arik fell down and started to cry into his hands.

Clotho said to Arik, “I am so sorry, but I cannot fix it. What is done is done. It can’t be changed.”

Arik got up and started to walk. His eyes were filled with tears. He could barely see anything and walked straight into Phlegethon River. Phlegethon River is also known as the River of Fire. Arik was burning up from the flames of the river. Since Arik was an immortal god, he could heal himself. The flames burned him then he would heal. That process was repeated again and again. Arik screamed from the pain of the burns and cry in hope Yekaterina would come back and save him. The cries and screams of Arik caused earth quakes all over the world. Only a few heard of this myth, but every time an earth quake happens, they think of Arik’s love for Yekaterina.

© Copyright 2020 RoseBlack. All rights reserved.

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