In the light of cancer!

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Just a short one part story from the song by My chemical romance, hope you enjoy and rate high :)

Submitted: September 18, 2009

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Submitted: September 18, 2009



Staring at the floor, tears slowly falling down his face, we both could not believe what we’ve held. I’ve grabbed Jacob hand and held it tightly. Tears started too fall down my face, and I’ve could not stay in the same room, so I quickly jumped out of my sit and ran out the doctor office, I’ve did not wanted Jacob to see me crying. But it’s was too late, Jacob was just behind me, and he pulled me in a long and romantic hug saying softly “Shoo, please don’t cry babe. There might be a chance for the cancer to go” That never helped anything. I’ve just stayed in his arms, resting my eyes, just letting the tears fall till the doctor called us back to his office.

It’s been an moth already, after finding out Jacob, my true real, and only love had cancer. Jacob went back and fourth to the hospital, and we don’t get to spent enough time together anymore, since he’s always tired, and sometimes he can’t get out of bed, or even be sick sometime. Jacob now have too go in soon for his treatment, why it’s always had to be me? My father died from cancer, when I was hardly 5, and I’ve can just barley remember him.

Days dragged by, it’s turned to days, then to weeks, and then before I knew it, 3 month past, and Jacob started his treatment. All his beautiful golden hair fallen out, leaving him bald. I’ve tried not to cry again when I first saw him with his hair all gone, but it’s came flowing out. Jacob of course comfort me, and stayed by my side. I’ve should be the one comforting him, not the other way round.

Then the news came, the news I wish I’ve never hear “I am sorry, But you only have 8 month to live!” I remembered that very same word from Jacob doctor that day. I’ve knew my worst nightmare would return to me once again.

Saying my final goodbye to Jacob, was the 2nd hardest thing in my life too do. I’ve thought I’ll be with Jacob, rest of my life. But I was wrong. Slowly getting in my car, about to start my engine, and was about to drive home, but I could not go no where. So I’ve opened my handbag up, and putted my hand in it, pulling out a silver gun, and pointed it to my head saying to myself “I am sorry Jacob” then, BANG!

Here lies, Jacob Black, and Katie Jones, always will be loved and remembered. Meanwhile up in heaven, they both watching down on their friends and family, sad to leave them. But happy as well, since they’ll be together again, and forever!

(For the memory for the people’s who lost their life of cancer!) R.I.P

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