Gods and Demons vs Hunters - Book 1: Discovery

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Young and affriad Chloe Smith soon finds out she's not like anyother teen her age...

Submitted: April 26, 2013

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Submitted: April 26, 2013




Book 1: Discovery

By: Roselyn Sue Tyree



Chloe Smith (daughter of Mark and Sherry Smith, sister of Cody Smith) – 16 years old, been raped by her father since she was 8 years old.

Mark Smith (father of Chloe and Cody Smith, husband to Sherry Smith) – 45 years old, drunk and drug addict

Sherry Smith (mother of Chloe and Cody Smith, wife to Mark Smith) – 44 years old, raped and drugged by her husband since they’ve been married.

Seth Strange (boyfriend of Chloe Smith, son of Mary and Sam Strange, brother of Rikki Strange) – 17 years old, lives in the middle of the woods with his parents and sister.

Rikki Strange (single, daughter of Mary and Sam Strange, sister of Seth Strange) – 15 years old, hides in the woods so people won’t judge hear.

Sam Strange (father of Seth and Rikki Strange, husband of Mary Strange) – 35 years old, doctor, mother and father died in a horrible 10 car pile-up on high way 82.

Mary Strange (mother of Seth and Rikki Strange, wife of Sam Strange) – 33 years old, mother killed when Mary was 8 years old and her mother walked in on a robbery, father still alive and living in Indiana.

Ryan Days (No History) 35 years old, tall, dark, mysterious & creepy, doesn’t talk about his family at all.

Zach Coal (really bad family history) 21 years old, medium built, touchy, and always wants a lot of sex.

Chase Hill (Son of Sherry and Mark Smith) – 18 years old, AKA Cody Smith, had to go into hiding to keep his dad from killing him.



[Woods, Chloe & Mark]

Chloe: Help, help, somebody help me!

(Chloe runs through the woods as her angered father chases after her.)

Mark: Chloe, get your ass back here this instant!

(Chloe continues to run.)

Chloe: No!  I’m never coming home with you! I’ll never go anywhere with you again I hate you!

(Mark catches up with Chloe and clamps his hands onto her fore arms.)

Chloe: Let go of me, Help, somebody please help!

Mark: Shut up Chloe, no body’s going to hear you! We’re in the middle of the woods!

Chloe: I don’t care, let me go!

(Chloe yanks her arm free and begins to run again.)

Mark: Chloe, stop you don’t know where you’re going!

[Woods, Chloe]

(Chloe doesn’t listen and keeps running until her father’s voice fades away.)

Chloe: I think I’m far enough away; (panting) maybe I should try to set up some type of camp.

(Chloe goes to work on trying to build her a camp. After trying to make a fire for over an hour she finally gets one started.)

Chloe: Finally!

[Woods, Chloe & Seth]

Seth: Chloe, is that you?

(Seth emerges from the shadows.)

Chloe: Oh my god, Seth!

(Chloe burst into tears. Seth runs to her and wraps his arms around her.)

Chloe: (Sobbing) Seth, it happened again…

Seth: Just don’t think about it. I’m here now and there’s nothing to worry about.

Chloe: How far did I run?

Seth: My house is on the other side of this thick it.

Chloe: Wow, I really wasn’t paying much attention to how far I had ran.

Seth: Here come with me, we don’t’ have to stay here, we can walk back to the house.

Chloe: Okay…

(Seth helped Chloe up and they began to walk toward Seth’s house.)

[Mary’s House Front Yard, Chloe, Seth, & Mary]

(When they arrived they were met by Mary.)

Mary: Seth, Chloe, is everything okay?

Seth: It happened again mom. Chloe ran almost the whole way here.

(Chloe falls to the ground and in blurry vision and blurry hearing she hears…)

Seth: Chloe, Chloe, are you okay? What happened?

Mary: Seth get her into the house we can’t leave her here… We’ll have to wait for your father to get home before we can tell what’s wrong…

(Chloe’s eye’s drop heavily shut and Seth carries her inside and lays her on the couch.)

Seth: Mom, what are we going to do? This has happened to her before; we can’t let it happen again…

(In a low scratchy voice Chloe says…)

Chloe: Seth… Seth… what… happened???

Seth: Chloe, you need your rest we’ll take care of you, don’t worry. I’ll stay here right by your side!


[Mary’s House Front Door, Mark]

Mark: Seth, I know you have my daughter! Give her to me and no harm will come to your family!

[Mary’s House Living Room, Chloe, Seth, & Mary]

(Mary stands up…)

Mary: Seth, take Chloe to the safe house. She’ll be safe there; her father won’t be able to find her there.

Seth: Okay, (turning to Chloe) Chloe can you walk?

Chloe: I don’t think so… I can’t feel my legs…

Seth: Okay, then I’ll have to carry you.

Chloe: Wait… where are we going…

Seth: We’re going to go to the safe house. You’ll be safe there.

Chloe: Okay…

(Seth picks Chloe up and runs out the back door)

[Mary’s House Front Door, Mark]

(Mark kicks in the front door.)

[Mary’s House Living Room, Mary]

Mary: (Scream)

[Mary’s House Front Door, Mark]

Mark: Where is she? Where is my daughter?

[Mary’s House Hallway Between Front Door And Living Room, Mary]

Mary: She’s not here.

[Mary’s House Hallway Between Front Door And Living Room, Mark & Mary]

(Mark grabs Mary’s throat.)

Mark: (through gritted teeth) where is my daughter?!?!

Mary: She’s gone… you’ll never… find her…

Mark: (slams Mary into the wall) tell me where she is!

Mary: Go to hell!

Mark: Well then…

(Mark slams Mary against the wall and rips her shirt off…)

Mary: (scream)

[Woods, Seth & Chloe]

(Seth stops and turns around.)

Chloe: What is it Seth?

Seth: Nothing we need to keep going before IT happens…

Chloe: Before what happens?

(Seth doesn’t answer.)

[Mary’s House Hallway Between Front Door and Living Room, Mary & Mark]

(Mary’s blood pressure raises as rips Mary’s pants off.)

Mary: (through gritted teeth) you better stop before it happens…

Mark: Before what happens?!?!

(Mary’s eyes turn bright red and slams Mark against the wall.)

Mary: (through gritted teeth) I told you to stop. Now leave that girl alone or I’ll rip you throat out.

Mark: Get off me women!

(Mary throws Mark to the floor.)

Mary: Now get out of my house before I change my mind!

(Mark scrambles out the front door. When Mark is outside Mary dials her phone.)

[Woods, Chloe & Seth]

(Seth’s phone rings.)

Seth: Hello? Mom, are you alright, what happened?

[Mary’s Living Room, Mary]

Mary: It doesn’t matter. Just get Chloe to safety. I think I scared her dad but he’ll be back. I can just feel it. No matter what don’t leave Chloe’s side.

[Woods, Chloe & Seth]

Seth: Okay mom, I love you and be careful.

(Seth clicks off his phone and shoves it back in his pocket.)

Chloe: Is everything okay?

Seth: Yeah, mom scared your dad, but she thinks he’ll be back. We got to get to the safe house before night fall.

Chloe: What will happen if we don’t get there before night fall?

Seth: Things… Things I can’t explain right now… I’ll explain everything when we get to the safe house…

(Chloe didn’t answer him, she just flopped in Seth’s arms like a little rag doll.)

[Outside Safe House, Chloe & Seth]

Chloe: Wow!

Seth: What?!?!

Chloe: I never thought it would look like this….

Seth: Look like what?!?!

Chloe: Glass, there’s so much glass!

Seth: It’s a safe house not a jail…

Chloe: Wow, I just figured it was going to be made out of steal or something that could be broke easily.

Seth: Yeah, well no one knows about this place but me, my mom, and now you. Anytime we feel in danger or a threat we come back here.

Chloe: So, is this were you disappeared to last year?

Seth: Yeah, we had too… I wanted to tell you, but my mom wouldn’t let me… It killed me every day, not to see you.

Chloe: I thought you were dead last year. Just ask my parents, every time the phone rang I would jump up and run to get and every time it wasn’t you…

Seth: I wanted to… Every time my mom left to go get food supplies or something I’d grab the phone but then I would put the phone back down and set and stare at it.

Chloe: I waited for someone to tell me you were gone forever but it never came. When you called me back in July, I was so happy to hear your voice.

Seth: Well there is something I’m leaving out…

Chloe: …

Seth: Chloe, I don’t know how to tell you this…

Chloe: You can tell me anything Seth…

Seth: Chloe, I… I… I had…

Chloe: Seth, what is it, you have what?

Seth: Had leukemia…

Chloe: What?

Seth: About the first week I was here last you I became weaker and weaker so the point I had to have a machine breathe for me. We moved out here so I could get away from everyone and try to heal…

Chloe: (tears slowly stream down her face.)

Seth: I wanted to tell you but I was afraid you would think differently about me…

Chloe: Seth, I would never judge you… I love you… (Throw’s arms around Seth) Well get through this together. I’m never going to leave your side.

Seth: (Wraps arms around Chloe’s waist, whispers in Chloe’s ear.) I love you Chloe, forever and always…

(Chloe begins to cry more.)

Seth: Why are you crying?

Chloe: (Leans back and looks into Seth’s eyes) I love you so much, and I don’t want to lose you…

Seth: You’re never going to lose me. I’ll hang on until you take your very last breath.

(Chloe begins bawling)

Seth: Please, stop crying baby. You’re not going to lose me I promise.

Chloe: Forever and ever

Seth: Forever and ever

Chloe: Could we go in? I really want to see the inside…

Seth: Yeah, sure.

(Seth and Chloe begin to walk inside.)

[Safe House Porch, Chloe & Seth]

Seth: (turns around and faces the opposite way of the door.) Did you hear that?

Chloe: (turns to face Seth) hear what, I didn’t hear anything…

Seth: (leaves crunch) that…

Chloe: Yeah, I heard it that time… What is it, who is it?

Seth: I don’t know… If it’s a treat you won’t like the other side of me…

Chloe: What other side?

Seth: (through gritted teeth) Oh… No… It’s happening…

Chloe: (shocked) what’s happening Seth? I’m scar…

(Seth burst into flames and Chloe screams.)

Seth: Loud deep voice.

[Safe House Front Porch, Chloe, Safe House Front Lawn, Seth, Edge Of Woods, Rikki]

Rikki: Cool it Seth. It’s just me…

(Rikki emerges from the shadows. Seth deflames.)

Seth: Don’t do that to me!

Rikki: I got to sometimes… It’s funny to see you burst into flames…

Chloe: Seth, who is she?

Seth: Oh… Chloe, this is my sister Rikki…

Chloe: Why haven’t you ever told me about her?

Seth: Cause she's different… I’m different… my mom’s different…

Chloe: (turns to Rikki) Rikki, why do you have to stay out here, (turns to Seth) and Seth, how can you catch on fire?

Seth: Well… our mother is a fire demand meaning if she doesn’t control her anger she’ll catch on fire, like she almost did with your father.

Rikki: Our father is a light god meaning he can control light and produce it.

Seth: Our mother can control fire and produce it to but it’s a struggle for her.

Rikki: Our father has had his powers since he was a little boy, but our mother just developed her powers a year or two ago.

Seth: Rikki and I have had our powers since we were little.

Chloe: So… what’s your power Rikki?

Rikki: Well, as you know Seth got the same power as our mother, so I got the power of light.

Chloe: Do you mind to show me?

Rikki: Yeah sure.

(Rikki holds her hands out in front of her and closes her eyes. In a sudden burst there in front of her is a floating beam of light.)

Chloe: Wow, how’d you find out you had powers?

Seth: Well, one day I got really mad at Rikki and I started yelling and then all of a sudden I burst into flames.

Rikki: And when I was about 8 years old I was having the best day ever and when I walked into my room I burst into light.

Chloe: Wow if I ever burst into light or flames I would be so scared.

Rikki/Seth: I was!

Seth: Whenever the flames went out I began to cry and ran to our mom…

Rikki: I was scared too… Whenever my light went out I was too scared to tell anyone… It took weeks before I was brave enough to tell anyone.

Chloe: Does anyone know about your powers other than your mom?

Seth: I don’t think so…

Chloe: So how far does your history go back?

Rikki: We don’t know… Once one of us dies our records are destroyed…

Chloe: But why?

Seth: Everyone’s afraid that it could be traced to our powers.

Chloe: Do you guys have internet here?

Seth: Yeah, why?

Chloe: I want to research something…

Seth: Okay, I’ll show you where our computer room is…

(Seth walks in the front door followed by Chloe and Rikki. Seth leads Chloe upstairs while Rikki went to the kitchen to get something to eat. Seth and Chloe rounded a few more corners and finally got to the computer room.)

[Computer Room, Chloe & Seth]

Seth: Here we are… Feel free to come in here anytime… My house is your house…

(Chloe runs up to Seth and kiss him.)

Chloe: Thank you

Seth: No need to thank me… I’ll leave you to browse the internet… I’ll be just down the hall if you need me…

(Seth leaves and Chloe walks over to the computer and sets down. Chloe googles – Strange family tree…)

No data

Chloe: Seth was right, there’s nothing on the Strange family… Hmmm…

(Google – Smith family tree)

No data

Chloe: What? That’s strange… Why isn’t there any history on my family? Hey Seth, will you come here please?

Seth: Yeah, what is it?

Chloe: Look at this… there’s no data on my family. I googled you family first and it did the same thing.

Seth: That’s odd… why isn’t there any history on your family… Wait, you can’t be… what’s your mom’s name?

Chloe: Sherry Smith, why?

Seth: Oh my god, I can’t believe I’ve never thought about it before…

(Seth runs to the book case and yanks out a book and opens it.)

Seth: Here it is, Aphrodite. Also known as Sherry goddess of well everything…

Chloe: Wait, what? My mother is goddess of everything?

Seth: Yes, but the thing is where are your powers and why haven’t they come in yet?

Chloe: Maybe I didn’t inherit them…

Seth: But Chloe, if one of your parents is a goddess or a demand you get their powers.

Chloe: So, I have powers and I don’t know it?

Seth: Yes, and we need to figure out how you use them…

Chloe: How are we going to figure out how it works?

Seth: Well, we need to start training…

Chloe: Training?

Seth: Yeah, we train out here all the time. Rikki and I built it ourselves and we’ve gotten really good by using it.

Chloe: So, where is it?

Seth: Follow me…

(Chloe gets up and follows Seth out of the computer room. Seth leads Chloe back down the stairs.)

[Back Yard Outside, Chloe & Seth]

Chloe: Wow, I didn’t realize it was right out the back door.

Seth: Yep, it’s safer closer to the house…Would you like to see my special place here?

Chloe: Sure…

(Seth walks through the middle of the training area and right into the wood.

[Woods, Chloe & Seth]

(After about ten minutes Seth stops and turns around.)

Seth: You got to promise me that you’ll never tell anyone about this place no one knows about it except for me…

Chloe: I promise Seth… I will keep any secret for you…

(Seth puts back the vines in between two trees and unveiled a secret entrance. Seth goes in first followed by Chloe.)

[Seth’s Secret Hide Out, Chloe & Seth]

Chloe: Wow! Seth, how long have you had this?

(As Chloe looks around she notices pictures of her and Seth together, a bed, and a lantern.)

Seth: Well, I’ve had it since I could walk. I stumbled across it when I was walking through the woods one day. It’s my safe place and now it’s ours. If you ever feel unsafe at the house come here. Here’s a cell phone. If I’m never with and you feel unsafe, and you come here call me! If you feel the least unsafe call me.

(Chloe throws her arms around him.)

Chloe: I love you Seth. You’re my savior.

(Seth hugs her more.)

Seth: I love you too. Promise me you’ll always be mine.

Chloe: I promise, no matter what we’ll always be together.

(Seth knocks Chloe onto the bed and begins to make out with her.)


Chloe: (Whisper) what was that?

Seth: (Whisper) Nothing…


(Seth leans back. Seth craws to the lantern and turns it off and then to the edge of the vines. Right outside the vines is Mark Smith. Seth slowly creeps backward to Chloe.)

Seth: (Very low whisper) we have to be really quit you dad is right outside. Let me see your phone…

(Chloe hands Seth her cell phone and Seth dialed 9.)

Chloe: (Very low whisper) what’d you do?

Seth: (Very low whisper) whenever there’s trouble near the safe house, if you press 9 and hold it down, it will auto mackle hide the house. Now, shhh…

(Seth sets by Chloe holding her and trying to be quit.)

Mark: Chloe, where are you?!?! I’m not leaving until I find you…

Seth: (Very low whisper) Here, lets lay down. It’s going to be a long night.

(Seth and Chloe lie down and fall asleep. When Chloe woke up Seth was gone.)

[Seth’s Secret Hide Out, Chloe]

Chloe: Seth, Seth, where are you?

(No answer. Chloe walks over to the vines and peers out, nothing. Chloe pulls away the vines and stepped out. She was stretching whenever she’s grabbed from behind.)

[Outside Seth’s Secret Hide Out, Chloe & Seth]

Chloe: (Scream)

(Chloe punches the person who grabbed her and spun around)

Seth: Ouch.

Chloe: Oh my god. I’m sorry Seth I thought you were someone else.

Seth: I guess I deserve that for sneaking up on you.

Chloe: Why’d you go?

Seth: I had to check on my sister and I can’t find her.

Chloe: When was the last time you saw her?

Seth: Last night when you met her and she went to the kitchen.

Chloe: Well let’s go, I’ll help you find her.

Seth: Okay…

(Chloe and Seth run toward the safe house.)

[Safe House, Chloe & Seth]

(Ten minutes later they arrive at the safe house.)

Chloe: Seth, this isn’t the safe house, it’s just a really thick part of the woods.

Seth: That’s what you think. Can I see your phone?

(Chloe hands Seth her phone and he dials star than pond and the thick it begins to descend.)

Chloe: Oh wow, so this is how the house hides its self?

Seth: Yep.

Chloe: Let’s find your sister.

Seth: Let’s split up, we’ll find her faster that way.

Chloe: Okay, I’ll go this way.

(Chloe and Seth split up to find Rikki.)

[Safe House Front Yard, Chloe & Rikki]

Chloe: Rikki, Rikki, where are you?

[Safe House Back Yard, Seth]

Seth: Rikki, are you here?

[Safe House Front Yard, Chloe & Rikki]

Rikki: Chloe, is that you?

(Rikki floats down from the treetops on a light platform.)

Chloe: Oh my god. Rikki, are you okay?

Rikki: Yeah, just a little shaken up. I was out in the woods when the house went into lock down. I wasn’t sure what happened so I went to the treetops.

[Safe House Front Yard, Chloe, Rikki, & Seth]

(Seth comes out from the back yard.)

Seth: Rikki, is that you?

Rikki: Yeah, I’m fine, what happened?

Seth: Mark was near the safe house. I had to put it into lock down so he wouldn’t find it.

Rikki: Chloe, this is all you fault, if you weren’t here we wouldn’t be having this trouble.

Seth: Rikki, chill!

Chloe: No Seth, she’s right. If I wasn’t here you wouldn’t have to deal with this.

(Chloe turns invisible and disappears.)

Seth: Chloe, Chloe, please come back. Rikki didn’t mean it. Rikki, why’d you have to do that?

Rikki: She doesn’t belong with you.

Seth: Rikki, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

[Woods, Seth]

(Seth runs through the woods looking for Chloe.)

Seth: Chloe, Chloe, where are? Baby, please come out.

Chloe: (Just voice) Why, I shouldn’t be with you.

Seth: Chloe, please show yourself. You should be with me, I love you.

[Woods, Chloe & Seth]

(Chloe appears.)

Chloe: You really do?

Seth: I really do.

(Seth walks to Chloe and wraps his arms tightly around her.)

Chloe: Never let me go, please.

(Chloe looks up at him and he leans down and kisses her.)

Seth: By the way, how’d you disappear?

Chloe: I’m not sure, I wished that I would just disappear and run away.

Seth: So, you did inherit your mother’s powers.

Chloe: I guess I did…

Seth: Why don’t you try to turn invisible again?

Chloe: Okay, I’ll try but I don’t promise anything…

Chloe: (Closes eye’s and thinks hard) I want to disappear … I want to disappear…

Seth: Chloe, whatever you did worked!!!

Chloe: (Opens eye’s) Holy crap it worked. All I did was think about disappearing and I did.

Seth: Well can you come back please? (lol)

Chloe: (Closes eye’s again) reappear.

Chloe: Holy crap, I’m back. (lol)

Seth: I wonder what else you can do.

Chloe: I don’t know, but can we get something to eat? I’m really hungry…

Seth: Yeah sure, let’s go in, we all need to get something to eat…

[Safe House Kitchen, Chloe, Rikki, & Seth]

(Chloe and Seth head back to the house and meet Rikki in the kitchen.)

Rikki: Mom just called…

Seth: What’d she want?

Rikki: Just to check on us…

Seth: What’d you tell her?

Rikki: That we were all fine and getting along great…

Seth: Oh…

Chloe: Why didn’t you tell her about my dad?

Rikki: If she knew she would just flip out and move us again…

Chloe: What do you mean again?

Rikki: Seth didn’t tell you? The only reason we moved here is to hide from the slayers…

Chloe: Seth, who are the slayers?

Seth: The Slayers are like hunters but they only hunt our kind…

Chloe: Why didn’t you tell me earlier?

Seth: It never crossed my mind okay…

Chloe: (Stops and turns to the back door) Do you guys feel that?

Rikki/Seth: Feel what?

Chloe: You don’t since that?

Rikki: No, what is it Chloe?

(Suddenly an arrow is shot throw the back door and straight into Chloe’s right arm and she falls to the ground.)

Chloe: (Screams)

Seth: Rikki put the full house into steal lock down, now!

Rikki: Already on it!

(Seth runs to where Chloe is on the ground losing blood fast.)

Seth: Chloe, everything’s going to be alright. They can’t get through the steal, I promise.

Chloe: (Crying) my arm hurts…

(Seth looks at the arrow in Chloe’s arm.)

Seth: Baby, this is going to hurt, just hang on…

(Seth snaps the end of the arrow and he yanks it out.)

Chloe: (Screams) Babe, it burn, my arm feels like it’s on fire!

Seth: Rikki, get the disinfectant, hurry!

(Rikki runs to the other room and then back with the disinfectant.)

Seth: This is going to sting.

(Seth spray s the disinfectant on Chloe’s arm.)

Chloe: OOOUCH!

(Seth wraps a dish clothe around Chloe’s arm and helps her up.)

Seth: Let’s find the first aid kit so I can wrap your arm.

Chloe: Okay let’s split up.

(Chloe and Seth search for the first aid kit.)

[Safe House Bathroom, Seth]

Seth: Found it! Chloe where are you?

Chloe: SETH, HELP!

Seth: Chloe, where are you?!?!

Rikki: Seth, living room!

[Safe House Living Room, Chloe, Rikki, & Seth]

(Seth stops in the living room as he looks Mark dead in the eye. Chloe squirms in his arms.)

Mark: So, you thought you could lock down the whole house before I got in. (lol) you were wrong.

Seth: Let her go!

Mark: You think you can tell me what to do. Yeah right!

(Chloe thinks about her arms heating up.)

Mark: Ouch! What the fuck Chloe?

(Chloe runs to Seth’s side.)

Seth: Nice one.

Mark: Oh, so you want to fight is it? Bring it on!

Seth: Rikki, light! Chloe, freeze!

Chloe: But I don’t know how to freeze yet!

Seth: You have to try!

(Chloe thinks about freezing and ice shoots from her palms.)

Seth: Now keep doing that.

Rikki: Seth, I can’t hold up much longer!

Seth: Just try, we’re almost there!

(Rikki falls to the ground.)

Rikki: I’m too weak Seth; you guys are going to have to do it.

(Chloe feels the power building in her.)

Chloe: Seth, get Rikki out of here, I can do this!

Seth: But Chloe…

Chloe: Get her out of here!

(Seth brings his stream of flames down and drags Rikki out of the room. The power builds more in Chloe. With full force she shoves it out. With a big burst both Chloe and Mark get slung backwards. Chloe slams into the mantle and Mark gets thrown through the wall and onto the front lawn. Seth runs in from the other room.)

Seth: Chloe, are you okay?

Chloe: I think so, but my leg hurts…

(Chloe and Seth look’s down at her leg and there’s a bunch of rubble laying on her leg.)

Seth: We have to get all of the off before we can tell what’s wrong.

Chloe: Okay…

(Chloe and Seth begin to remove rubble when Seth realizes that Chloe’s leg is broke.)

Seth: Chloe, you need to go to the hospital…

Chloe: What for?

(Chloe looks at her leg closer.)

Chloe: Oh… Is it broke?

Seth: Looks like it…

(Seth lefts Chloe up off the ground…)

Chloe: What happened to my dad?

Seth: He ran off after the big blast… Do you think you can walk?

(Chloe try’s to walk…)

Chloe: Ouch! I don’t think so. It hurt really bad…

Seth: Okay, then I’ll carry you back to mom and we can drive to the hospital.

Chloe: Are you sure I’m not too heavy?

Seth: You’re the perfect weight baby.

(Seth leans down and kisses Chloe, then picks her up and head to Seth’s mom’s house. When they get there Seth goes in the back door.)

[Mary’s Living Room, Chloe, Seth, & Mary]

Seth: Mom, mom, are you home?

Mary: Seth, is that you?

Seth: Yeah, where are you?

Mary: In the closet. Mark locked me in here!

(Seth unblocks the closet and lets Mary out. Mary hugs Seth.)

Mary: Is everyone alright?

Seth: Rikki’s fine, but Chloe needs to go hospital…

Mary: What happened?

Seth: Well, first she got hit by an arrow right before we locked the house down, and then we think she broke her whole leg.

Mary: How’d that happen?

Chloe: Whenever I shot at my dad, the blast was so powerful that it blow me into the mantle and him out the steal wall.

Mary: Wow, you must have some really powerful powers!

Chloe: Yep.

Mary: Okay, we need to get you to the hospital, Seth can you take her to the car.

Seth: Yes.

Mary: Be careful not to bump her leg.

Seth: I will mom, don’t worry.

(Seth carries Chloe out to the car and sets her in the back seat.)

Chloe: I love you.

(Chloe pulls Seth down so she can kiss him.)

Seth: I love you too.

(Mary comes out and Seth closes the back door and climbs in the front seat.)

[Mary’s Car, Chloe, Seth, & Mary]

Seth: (Whispers) Mom, her powers are beyond powerful.

Mary: (Whispers) who is her mother?

Seth: (Whispers) Aphrodite goddess of everything…

(Chloe looks at Mary and Seth and strains to hear what they’re saying.)

Mary: (Whispers) do any of the hunters know about Chloe being Aphrodite’s daughter?

Seth: (Whispers) I think Chloe and her mom are the only ones who know. I’m pretty sure Mark only thinks Sherry is some type of goddess, but that’s it.

[Hospital, Chloe, Seth, Mary, & Nurse 1]

(They arrive at the hospital and Seth carries Chloe into the hospital. Mary goes to a nurse while Seth sets Chloe in a chair.)

Mary: My son’s girlfriend needs some help we think she may of broke her leg.

Nurse 1: We can take her back now. (Nurse turns to Seth) Do you mind putting her in this wheel chair please?

Seth: No problem…

(Seth picks Chloe up and places her in the wheel chair.)

Nurse: Please follow me…

(Seth wheels Chloe through one door and then through another, then down a long hallway until they get an examine room.)

[Hospital Examine Room, Chloe, Seth, Mary, Nurse 1, & Sam]

Nurse: I’ll go tell the doctor you’re here.

(The nurse leave and the doctor comes in and Seth is surprised to see who it is.)

Seth: Dad?

Sam: Seth, Mary, what are you guys doing here?

Seth: Chloe got hurt and we had to bring her here…

Sam: What happened that made her have to come here?

Seth: There was a little fight between her and Mark…

Sam: What kind of fight?

Seth: Power vs Hunter…

Sam: Oh, (Sam turns to Chloe) I almost forgot you’re Aphrodite’s daughter…

Chloe: How’d you know that?

Sam: Chloe, I’m the one who delivered you and your mother asked me to keep an eye on you if there was any trouble…

Chloe: Why wasn’t I ever told this?

Sam: It was for your own protection.

Chloe: What do you mean, for my own protection?

Sam: If your father knew you had powers over everything when you were little he would of taken you and we would of lost you.

Chloe: (Turns to Seth) Did you know about this?

Seth: No…

Sam: (Cuts Seth off) Nobody knew except for me, your mom and Mary.

Chloe: So why didn’t anyone tell me?

Sam: We were afraid that your father might find out.

Chloe: But how?

Sam: We’ll talk about it more at home. We need to get your leg x-rayed for now.

Chloe: Okay, but I want to know everything.

Sam: That’s fine, I will tell you everything.

(Sam wheels Chloe out of the room and down the hall to the x-ray room.)

[Hospital X-Ray Room, Chloe, Seth, Sam, & Mary]

Sam: Can you stand here while I x-ray your leg.

Chloe: Yeah, sure.

(Sam, Mary, and Seth go to the x-ray control room and begin to x-ray Chloe’s leg.)

Sam: The x-ray confirms that your leg is broke. We’ll have to set it and put it in a cast.

Chloe: What do you mean set it?

(Sam shows Chloe the x-ray.)

Sam: We have to put your bone back into place because if we don’t your leg won’t heal right.

Chloe: Will it hurt?

Sam: Sadly it will.

Seth: I’ll be right here holding your hand the whole time.

(Chloe begins to tear up. Sam wheels Chloe back to the examine room.)

[Hospital Examine Room, Chloe, Seth, & Mary]

Sam: I’ll be right back; I need to get a nurse to help me set your leg.

(Sam leaves and Chloe looks up at Seth.)

Chloe: Thank you…

Seth: For what?

Chloe: Everything, I couldn’t of done all this by myself.

Seth: It’s my job as your boyfriend to look after you.

(Seth binds down and kisses Chloe lightly on the lips. Sam comes back in the room with nurse 2.)

[Hospital Examine Room, Chloe, Seth, Mary, Sam, & Nurse 2]

Sam: We’re going to have to get you up on the table.

Chloe: Okay…

(Chloe stands on one leg while Seth and Sam help her onto the table.)

Sam: Can you lie back please?

(Chloe lies back slowly and rest her head on the pillow behind her. Seth grabs Chloe’s hand.)

Sam: Are you ready?

(Chloe nods. The nurse holds Chloe’s leg while Sam adjusts the bone back into place.)

Chloe: OUCH!

(Chloe squeezes Seth’s hand really hard.)

Seth: Ouch… Chloe… Can you loosen you grip a little?

Chloe: Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.

Seth: It’s okay it just caught me off guard at how strong you are.

Sam: It looks like it’s back in place, all we have to do is put the cast on. Any colors you want it to be?

Chloe: Do you have neon green and black?

Sam: We sure do…

Chloe: Than I want my cast those two colors.

(Sam puts a cast on Chloe’s leg.)

Sam: There, you’re all finished.

Chloe: Thanks so much!

Seth: Thanks dad for taking care of my girl.

(Chloe looks at Seth and smiles.)

Sam: You’re welcome! Let me go get some crutches for you and you can leave.

(Sam leaves to get crutches.)

[Hospital Examine Room, Chloe, Seth, & Mary]

Chloe: So are you guys taking me back to my house after we leave here?

Seth: No way are we taking you back to that man. Who knows what Mark would do to you while you’re in your cast.

Mary: It’s fine with me to stay with us.

Chloe: Are you guys sure?

Mary: Yeah, we have plenty of room. You can take the guest-room, its right by Seth’s room just in case you need him.

Chloe: Thank you guys so much, but what about clothes? I’ve been in the same thing for three days.

Mary: We’ll go shopping, plus you probably don’t want to go back to that house.

(Sam comes back in with a pair of brand new shiny crutches.)

[Hospital Examine Room, Chloe, Seth, Mary, & Sam]

Sam: Here you are, they’re really easy to adjust if you need to.

Chloe: Thank you so much Sam.

Mary: Sam, she’s going to be staying with us for now…

Sam: That’s great, it’s better to keep an eye on that leg.

(Mary kisses Sam on the cheek.)

Mary: I’ll see you at home.

(Seth helps Chloe up onto her crutches and they leave the examine room and head for the car. When they get outside the hospital Seth stops Chloe.)

[Outside Hospital, Chloe, Seth, & Mary]

Seth: Hey mom, we’ll meet you at the car.

Mary: Okay, don’t be too long.

(Mary turns and walks toward the car.)

[Outside Hospital, Chloe & Seth]

Chloe: Seth, is everything okay?

Seth: Yeah, I know this is probably the wrong place to do this but I can’t wait any longer.

(Seth pulls out a small diamond ring and gets down on one knee.)

Seth: Chloe Smith, will you marry me?

(Chloe begins to cry.)

Chloe: Oh my god Seth, yes I will!

(Seth stands up puts the ring on Chloe’s finger and wraps his arms around her.)

Seth: I love you Chloe!

Chloe: I love you too!

(Seth and Chloe head for the car and got in.)


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