Dark Tales

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Gothic Romance. Fiction. Gothic verion of Rapunzel. I wrote this myself. Lauren Kate's Fallen series was my inspiration. I give credit to Lauen Kate for all Fallen references. I give credit to Fernanda Brussi for the photo but the editing (mask bokeh and text) are my doing. One out of the 10 stories in my soon-to-be book "Dark Tales", a collection of gothic fairy tales i've written myself. Enjoy

Submitted: November 02, 2013

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Submitted: November 02, 2013




“Evening Light”

There once was a poor, homeless couple awaiting a little baby girl. The mother was seven months pregnant so far and she worried constantly about how to support their baby once she is born. This poor couple hated being in the lower class. They believed they deserved all the riches in the world for all of the hardships they had had to endure by God’s hand. They would give up anything to have their biggest dream come true and become rich.

As fate had it, Lucifer came upon them one dark night. He saw the couple from afar and decided to see how he could ruin this couple’s life that night. As he drew near the couple, he could see all their desires in their hearts and he could see their weaknesses as well. He saw their greatest desire and he knew what would be their greatest loss. So he thought to himself, “Wouldn’t it be fun to play around with this couple and see how far their greediness and selfishness will take them and their daughter?”

He then came up with the brilliant plan to give the couple riches in exchange for their awaited daughter. Lucifer came up with this plan in a matter of seconds and soon took action. Once he was in speaking distance of the couple he struck up a conversation with them, posing as a fatherless millionaire and offered them riches in exchange for their daughter.

“Hmm, I don’t know mister. That’s a lot to ask for riches. We might have to think this over a bit” the father said.

“Alright but hurry and make up your minds. I do not have any more time to waste, my good man”, Lucifer replied.

“Okay, okay sir. We’ve made up our mind. We’ll give you our daughter in exchange for most of your riches. But only on one condition. We want to name her ourselves. It’s the least we can do since we’re giving her away anyways. So might as well”, the mother suggested.

Lucifer did not really like the condition. If he agreed he would be showing kindness and going against his true nature. If he didn’t agree he would miss out on a great opportunity to tempt people into evil doings. After some critical thinking, however, Lucifer attentively agreed and then left the couple, already regretting what he had done.

Two months later, on the night of the baby girl’s birth, Lucifer came to the hospital where the couple was residing at. He walked into the room they were in and witnessed as the couple named their daughter Rapunzel, after the mother’s favorite flower, and marveled at how beautiful she was. The couple saw a lot of promise in their little girl but they wanted their riches more than anything in the world, even her, so they readily gave her away to Lucifer.

Lucifer granted the couple their instant wealth and took Rapunzel as his own. He brought her to the countryside. He had already made all the needed provisions a month earlier. Once they reached the countryside, he took the little girl to a lonesome tower and found a middle-aged nanny on the way there. The tower was well furnished and had everything needed to support three people for over many, many years without having to re-stock their supplies over and over again.

As the years went by, Rapunzel slowly grew up into a beautiful girl. She thought of Lucifer as her father and her nanny, Rose as her mother, even if they weren’t her real parents. They had revealed to her that they were not her biological parents when she was only ten years of age. Even so, she always wondered why Lucifer and Rose never just tied the knot so they could all be a real and happy family. Rose died of old age when Rapunzel was only fifth teen. After the funeral, Rapunzel asked her father why he had never thought to marry Rose while she was still alive. He simply replied with, “It was not Rose that I had loved. You should never marry somebody you do not love honey.”

After that peculiar conversation, Rapunzel spent a great deal of her time trying to figure out who her father was really in love with. But she could never think of anybody, since she did not know anybody to suggest in the first place. The one that Lucifer really loved was Rapunzel. Even though it went against all that he stood for, he could not contain himself. As she was slowly maturing into a young woman he fell in love with her. He loved her long thick, black hair that fell to her waist. He loved her gorgeous sea-green eyes. He loved how gothic her tastes were in music and in clothing. He loved the way she played the piano and sang songs just for him and only him. He also loved the way she could draw anything and make it so life-like. But what Lucifer loved the most about her was how Rapunzel had no sense of religion, even with Rose being a Catholic and trying to teach her about God and all things holy.

Even though he did not plan it, Rapunzel soon became the object of his affection. And though he loved her, Lucifer had to test Rapunzel. Nobody got special treatment from him and he was not going to start giving it out now. He simply could not just love her in secret any longer either. “She must know how I really feel about her and I must know what her true feelings for me really are as well”, he thought to himself.

Rapunzel was forever grateful to him and Rose for taking care of and raising her all these years. However, she did not know that Lucifer was no ordinary mortal. She did not know that he was the devil himself. Rapunzel only thought of him as her father who never really seemed to care what she did as long as she never left the tower. And she never did, in respect to her father’s wishes because she owed everything to him.

As grateful as she was, Rapunzel immensely wanted to see the outside world. She was only a teenager really. She was only seventeen to be exact. She had no friends and connection to the outside world. Since Rose had departed from this world, Rapunzel grew more lonesome and longed for human company greatly.

Lucifer could see that Rapunzel wanted to leave but he would not let her. He would not let the world corrupt her with all of its goodness and light. “No”, he thought to himself, “I must keep her in the dark forever. But I am curious to know what she would do if the chance ever arose.”

Then the greatest idea came to him.

“What if I disguised myself as a charming, young man and took her away to her home town? I wonder what she would do…” Lucifer thought.

He put his brilliant plan into action the very next day. He left the tower with the excuse of stocking up again for the years to come. He walked into the forest, where he was out of sight from the tower, and changed into a young, college student. He gave himself blonde-brown hair, sky-blue eyes, a chiseled face and high arched eyebrows. He walked back to the tower disguised as this man. Lucifer called up to Rapunzel in the tower and asked to see the woman locked up in the tower.

Walking out onto the high balcony, Rapunzel called down to the stranger, “What is your name, if I may ask, sir?”

“They call me Brent, miss. I have heard tales from the nearby village of a beautiful girl locked up in this tower here and I came to see if the stories were in fact true. I now see that they are and I would gladly like to come up and meet you, if I may”, he replied.

After some few seconds of thinking, Rapunzel threw a sturdy, thorn covered vine and Brent climbed up. As soon as he was on the balcony, Brent soon started speaking rapidly of taking leave of the place with Rapunzel by her side. As much as she knew how much she would be hurting her father, she readily agreed to leave with Brent, even if she was betraying her father’s wishes, and they soon set out on a series of adventures together.

Throughout their adventures, Rapunzel slowly began to fall in love with Lucifer’s disguise. She accepted the darkness that Lucifer barely hid and contained in him. She loved how handsome and strong he was. She felt completely safe with him by her side. He radiated confidence and she had always admired that in a person. He made her laugh whenever she starting doubted herself. During their journey, Brent continued to give her reasons to love him more and prove himself worthy of her love.

What Rapunzel loved the most about Brent was the way he looked at her, eyes full of adoration. In his mind, however, Lucifer was seething in rage of her betrayal. He took her as far as her hometown, as he had promised.

Once they had arrived, he couldn’t contain his rage any more. He finally revealed himself in his true form and began explaining his plan to her in tears. “I disguised myself as a handsome, young guy to test your loyalty to me. You failed Rapunzel, just as your parents before you. They are dead by the way. They exchanged you in for wealth, for money, of all the stupid things in the world. How foolish you humans are. If you were as old I am you puny humans would understand that material objects are of no use to you at all, they merely take away from the short time you have in this life. Your parents realized this, but too late though. They committed suicide when they realized they had the lost the biggest treasure of all: you. I approve of their suicide because they were foolish to give their only daughter away. But that’s straying away from my point.”

With his rant almost at an end, Lucifer exclaims, “I love you Rapunzel and you betrayed me! I, the devil himself, have been betrayed. How damn ironic. All I ever did was take care of you and love you all these years and you have the goddamn nerve to betray me? Even if this was all a test, even if this was all fake, you still hurt me to my core. You hurt my heart and my soul Rapunzel. This is why I am the way I am, because of horrible people like you. And even though you betrayed me, I still love you, as worthless as you are and all.”

Without waiting for a reply from the weeping seventeen year old girl, he turned his back on her for a few moments. Rapunzel took this as a great time for a escape and ran into the woods. She comes to a stand-still in a meadow, deep in the forest because she is out of breath from all her running. Lucifer follows her slowly, knowing he could catch up to her whenever he wanted to.

He finds her in the meadow, sobbing into her hands. For a second, it seems as if she is wearing a beautiful, black ball gown. But then he blinks and the image is gone, she is only in her usual t-shirt and jeans outfit again.

By this point the feelings inside of Rapunzel are running amuck. She feels shocked, hurt, betrayed, and despaired all at the same time. She comes to the realization that if she does not gain Lucifer’s love back, she will have lost everything because even though she thought of him as her father all these years, he is not biologically and she still loves him dearly.

Knowing full well that Lucifer is there, Rapunzel turns and runs straight into Lucifer’s arms pleading with him to take her back home to their tower. They make their way back and climb to the top balcony to enter inside. Once inside, Lucifer goes to light a fire to bring warmth to the cold, drafty room. When he finally turns around to face her, Rapunzel has a sad look in the eyes of her tear-drenched face.

“You are mistaken Lucifer,” she cries, “I do have feelings for you but I hid them. I hid them because I was afraid. I was afraid that you would leave me. I may have fallen in love with your disguise that you named Brent, but he is a part of you, whether you like it or not. I will spend the rest of eternity searching for him in you, my dear. I’ll give up anything to be with you. I will even give up my mortal body so we can truly be together forever since my human limitations make this a borderline relationship that will possibly end up badly if we keep up this pretense. My love has grown stronger for you now that I know that you feel the same way for me as I do for you. I will spend the rest of the time we have together to search for the good in the bad. You are a perfect example of it anyways. Together we’ll make God regret casting you out of His kingdom and pushing you into the Underworld. Now let us commence and start a new era of prosperity my love, our own prosperity. We will prove everyone wrong and have them bow down before you and not Him.”

She then embraced him and Lucifer kissed her tenderly. When their lips met, it felt like a bomb going off between them. They were both overcome with so much passion, that they felt there had never been anything greater than their lips on each other and the feel of each other in their arms. There was too much passion for her, so Rapunzel soon broke off the kiss and sent Lucifer out of the tower promising to see him again very soon. Once Lucifer was a good ways away from the tower, she burned it down along with her mortal body in it.

Once Lucifer knew that her mortal body had perished, he gently collected her soul among the ashes of the tower and granted it immortality saying, “Now we have the rest of eternity to spend with each other. Your new name will be Lucinda and you will be reborn as whatever form your soul selects. It does not matter to me what form you take for I will always love you. I will cherish every moment I have with you, my love. I will provide you with everything that you have ever wanted. I will always do my best to make you happy. I hope you can hear me and if you can, my love, I want you to know that I love you. We will start a new world together like you suggested. Nothing will stop us and no one will ever separate us, my love. I know that I am the devil, but even that will not keep us apart. I will turn good for you, my love, if that is what has to be done for us to be together. You are, and always will be, my everything. I love you Lucinda. You will from now on and forever more be my Evening Light.”

When Lucinda finally was reborn into her new, immortal form, Lucifer stayed true to his word. She did in fact become the Morning Star’s Evening Light. Thus the underworld became hers, like she had planned ever since her alone time in the clearing.


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