Disney Gone Wrong 2

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"Never love someone you just met."

After Eugene and Rapunzel got married, they lived their lives happily but after that, a great war raged their kingdom and the horrifying disasters followed.

Submitted: December 11, 2016

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Submitted: December 11, 2016



Disney Gone Wrong 2
There was a great war raged on Kingdom dance. Many died and vanished. Rapunzel was left alone in the tower, forgotten and isolated. Flynn Rider locked her back to the tower for she had become a whore. She grew her hair back hoping that this is the way that she can escape.
Many days had passed, hunger and dehydration came. She looked at her hair knowing that it’s not long enough to reach the ground. She sat on the edge of the window, waiting for someone to help her. She can’t scream nor sing for there was no water left for her to drink. There she sleeps while waiting on that very window.
One morning, while she was asleep, she was awaken by snaps of the woods. Her eyes searched for the sound and he found a man with a bow and arrow, he might be a huntsman. Rapunzel hops in joy, but she cannot scream so that the man could hear her, so she dropped her hair, it’s not long enough but she knows that the guy can reach it. The man’s attention was caught by this beautiful, wavy and brown hair, up above, he a glorious, beautiful girl that was known the queen of the kingdom. He jumped and grabbed her hair, Rapunzel felt so much pain as the man climbs using her hair, too much pain that feels like it’s ripping her hair from her scalp, she holds her tears as the man continues to reach her. Then, finally, there he was, Rapunzel hugged her as a mark of reward, the man was shocked seeing Rapunzel skinny as a bone, pale and cracked lips. He offered her food and water, Rapunzel ate these offer quickly, she ate these whole food in a big chunk because she was very hungry and drank the water dripping from her mouth. The man is very happy to see her eating as he gazed upon her hair.
Afternoon came, Rapunzel fell asleep while they were planning how they both can escape the tower, and as soon as her eyes shut the man tucked her to sleep. Rapunzel opened her eyes, she scents candle coming from the kitchen, she followed it and saw the man arranged the table for dinner. Rapunzel sat on the table as the man sweetly smiled at her while lending the roasted chicken, the man sat in front of her and gently gave her a glass of violet grapes and both clinked their glass and sipped it together, as soon as she put her glass on the table, she felt sleepy and dizzy, her eyes were so heavy and began to shut.
Rapunzel aroused from her sleep, she felt frozen and the next thing she knew is that she is chained on the table, she can’t breathe properly for her neck is also chained tightly. She then saw the man sharpens the knife, her eyes began to dazzle with tears. The man approached near her and held his knife near her head, Rapunzel freaked out but she cannot move nor shout, even if she shout, no one could hear her voice. The man placed his knife on her forehead and began to peel off her scalp from her head, Rapunzel squealed in pain as her blood leaked out from her head, she felt like her head is being opened wide. As the man continues to peel her scalp, her skull began to divulge, Rapunzel felt so much agony and wanted to die than experiencing this torture. As soon as the man finished peeling Rapunzel’s head, he then unchained Rapunzel and he escaped with Rapunzel’s hair using his rope that was hidden on his bag a while ago. Rapunzel sat and shivers in pain, her face is covered with blood as her head still continues to bleed, knowing nothing else to do, and everything was taken from her.
The moonlight from the window caught her attention, she strolled out from the chair. She stood on the window staring at moon as her eyes began to cry. She leaned forward, and felt like she was flying, smiling like she was freed from a very long time. And…
Rapunzel is dead.

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