I Won't Leave

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Donna, an anti-social bookworm who lives at a peaceful town had her life filled of excitement when a girl named Lisa came into her life. But a tragic event happened when she was not around.

Submitted: November 06, 2017

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Submitted: November 06, 2017



“I Won’t Leave”

By Rose Sumbi


Lisa told me to come over to their house and that excites me to have lots of fun with her. I told my mom that I will spend the night at Lisa’s home and she agreed with a sweet smile, she offered me to my braid my hair and I know how good she is with hairs. While mom brushes my hair, I remembered the moment on how I met Lisa.

It was the first day of summer, I spent my hours at the bookstore near my home, it is a lovely bookstore because I can read books as much as I want or just buy it, the books are quite old but very neat.  And they have an antique café which makes it very refreshing. I sat on a very fancy seat at the corner of the store, near the window. First off was “The Turn of the Screw” by Henry James, classic horror novels are my thing, I’m always inspired by the twist of stories and I could imagine the faces of the monsters which I’m really fond of. Ghosts? Monsters and evil spirits? Well, I’m not afraid of those stuffs even though I haven’t seen on yet, only in movies. While reading, I heard someone said “Hey, I reserved that book so I can buy it.” I removed the cover from my face and I saw a finger pointing at me and I was thinking how rude she is to shock me like that, it’s my favorite book and I must fight for it. We argued for a minute then an assistant came in asking what is the argument all about, she started by saying “I reserved this book yesterday.” And I was like “but there’s nothing in here that said RESERVED.”  Then the assistant suggested if we could both buy it and share it together. I looked at the girl’s eyes, thinking and I was just waiting for her answer. In the end, I took out my money from the pocket and placed my share, I placed higher so I can read it first.


We both sat at my spot. I continued reading the book and she took another book to read with, it was a book of short stories of Edgar Allan Poe, damn that  author, he’s my favorite of all, he’s like the father of short horror stories. I broke the silence with a question “So, you do like horror stories huh?” and she just nod while focusing on reading. “I’m Donna and I was wondering about your home address so I can bring this book and we can hang out sometimes.” She replied “We’ll just meet here, I come here more often at afternoon, and I’m Lisa by the way.” She put a delightful smile after introducing herself.


We shared a lot of stories together, I think I may get along with her too well, she’s not like some other girls which are sassy and more on parties and social stuffs. She’s just like me, simple, ghost-freak and a bookworm. The last sip of coffee sends us home. We separate ways at the old bridge few steps from my house.


We spend a lot of time together, although mom haven’t met her yet but she sure is happy for me to have a friend like Lisa. Me and Lisa enjoys the comfort of each other, she’s like my sister to me. But then.


I had to go to the city for my college enrollment for a week, I was in a bit of hurry because I was late for my requirements, and I haven’t got a time to bid Lisa a goodbye. I miss her, I missed our times together.


During my last stay at the city, I can’t get enough sleep due to the excitement I had to be home once again. I bought my mom a Porcelain Rose Necklace that has shiny gems that makes the stem and I had Lisa a butterfly necklace, it is made of small black gem stones which looks like little blisters and the edges are made with stainless gold. Lisa always talks about butterflies, of how peaceful they are at their flight, she told me that butterfly is a symbol of freedom because they can fly everywhere they want without hesitations, and she said when she dies she wanted to be a butterfly so she can still look after me. She gets her eyes teary when she talks about life and freedom but there are times she felt uneasy in my company she avoids the topic every time I ask her about family and her problems, she just smile at me and say “But now I’m happy that I have you.”


I woke up by the disturbance of the snoring of my dorm mate, its 5 a.m. and I have to start packing up so I can go home. But for a meantime, I sat at my bed, staring at the butterfly necklace and I stood up to watch by the window, my dorm mates are still sleeping and I don’t want to disturb them. As I was watching people by the window, I feel the chills running through my skin and a voice whispered in my ear, a voice which is very familiar yet too weak to hear, “You were not there.” I turned back my sight, and I saw nothing. Tears fell from my eyes and I thought I was just exaggerating stuffs of how I really missed her.


By the time I got back to town, I was wondering to visit the bookstore first before heading home. I saw her by the spot. I approached her with a warm hug but she felt so cold, and I felt like my approach was awkward. I sat in front of her silently, her lips looks dry, her face looks pale and her eyes was sad. Her tears start to roll down her cheeks, then her mouth began to open, “where were you?” I replied “I was at the town, I forgot to tell you. I’m sorry, I bro-“ I hand her the necklace but before I finished my words, she slapped my hands away. I was about to pick up the necklace, but then I heard the door slammed and I knew she left. I followed her but she was running so fast. At the end of the bridge, I lost track of her, I dropped on my knees and cried.


I cried myself to sleep while mom hushed me, she accompanied me till I fell asleep. Not long enough, I was awaken by a cry, my mom was not there beside me. I followed the cry at my mom’s room. In pitch dark, I can feel my mom cramming herself on the bed while crying. I rubbed her back softly and her cry got louder. She started to say something but I can’t hear it well because she was like mumbling her words, I asked her to repeat it. She stopped sobbing, and the air filled with silence. The moonlight shone, seeing her rumbled hair while I sat behind her. “YOU WERE NOT THERE” screamed at me with a pained and growling voice, I fell back from the bed. She stood up, everything was not clear, it was so dark but I can feel her staring at me. A fire lit from the floor and she caught it, she screamed in pain. The heat is blistering through my skin, and I see her. It’s Lisa, her body caught the fires, her blood came out from the blistered skin and her face turned into blood that boils bubbles in heat. Screaming and screaming, she cried out for help, I kept my eyes shut for the horror I am seeing, and I can feel the heat coming closer and closer to me, it feels like it’s almost touching me.


It suddenly disappeared, I opened my eyes. I see her close up face staring at me. Covered in blood, holes on her cheeks, and her eyeballs are more likely gooey melting. I froze in terror. Then she spoke in soft words “You were not there.” Then screamed at the top of her voice on my ears and I tried to cover my ears and hoping it will stop!


I woke up in heat, while my mom is budging me roughly. She told me I had a really bad nightmare, I was sweating rapidly and my heart pounds very fast. I hugged my mother while crying, and we were distracted by the doorbell. I opened the door and I was surprised by a lovely visitor. It was Lisa, I hugged her tight and she still feels cold like yesterday, she gently told me “come over tonight, I’ll be waiting at the bookstore later.” She end her words with a weak smile, then left without a goodbye.


And so here I am, getting braided by my mom. I am planning a lot of things so I can make it up with Lisa. I don’t know what happened to her while I was away, maybe she got a serious sickness and don’t have the guts to tell me.


I was about to arrive at the bookstore, but I heard a sweet familiar voice calling my name “Donna, Hey wait up.” And I looked back and she was there catching up with me. She’s out of breath while running her face looks paler than before. I worried and looked at her face, she pants so hard and yet she told me that she’s fine. I followed her to their home, it was past 6 p.m. it was a bit darker and we had to use the flashlight to see the path. We walked silently, when we got at the end of the bridge she told me not to look back or else I might lost the track or whatever. The place was filled with trees and I can barely see houses along the path. I haven’t got this far before.


We reached her house, not just any house though. It’s a big mansion! It sits at the end of the road, we got welcomed by an automatic opening gate, I was astonished by the beautiful angel fountain and mansion was surrounded by bushes of Rose. While enjoying my sight-seeing, Lisa was just calmly walking for the front door. When we entered her home, I was amazed by the grand hall, the place is quite big and the ceiling has a painting like the one that the town church have. My jaw dropped, I lost my focused and was hypnotized by this amazing home of hers’, I didn’t know she was this wealthy.


I followed her up to her bedroom, and. Wow, it was filled with books by category, it is all classic horror novels and classified according to the authors. I picked a booked and jumped on her bed. She told me that she’ll get a dinner for us. Even though I felt joy but still, I can still feel her emptiness through her silence. I asked “Why is it so quite? Where are your parents?” she told me that they are on vacation and today is the day off of their maid. I asked a lot of things, and I can see she feels uncomfortable about my questions, so I just zipped my mouth and pretend to read. I waited for her response or any action. “Good Night” then she left the room.


I got troubled sleeping, I hear noises outside my room, scratching on the walls, banging on the doors, screams from different kinds of voices, feels like they were screaming for help. I was just thinking that I may have read a lot of ghost stories and I think it’s messing up my mind.


Half-asleep at 2 a.m., the voices are gone, I guess I was just really imagining it. Then I heard a knock at my door, I was about to get it but then the knock got louder.  I tremble as I twist the knob and let the freezing wind entered my room. I open to see the knocker, it was just Lisa. She told me she couldn’t sleep and asked me if she could sleep with me, and I delightfully agreed. I can’t see well on this dark hours but I can feel her sat by my bed and I sat beside her. She sobbed, without a word, I hugged her. “You were not here, you were not here, you were not here…” at first she spoke it softly, then louder and louder, her voice began to growl like shrieking like screaming. I hugged her tightly because I know that I might face another horror when I look at her face, I just shut my eyes and I can feel her mouth shuddering in screams. Her warm tears began to run though my arms, she continuously screaming and the lights flicker that accompanies her scream, I see blood coming out from her mouth just like it’s her saliva. I whimper while hugging her tightly and now she stomps her feet on the floor rapidly and she hands starts to reached for my arms like she wants to remove it, she scratches me and the pain from her nails is so tender. She finally got off my arms, she fell on the floor, staring at me, her eyes are gleaming big and her mouth starts to mumble voiceless words. I sit in shock. Then she started to shrieks and little by little, her skin starts to burst out in blood like it was boiling and I can see her body quiver in pain. In horror, I faint.


The sunlight flashed on my eyes, I opened my eyes. I see no Lisa on the floor, only me. The place is all messed up unlike it was yesterday. The walls are filled with black scorches and the books turned to ashes. The air smelled like smoke, I can see the sun from the ceiling which looks like it was burnt.


I was here yesterday, what happened? I got out my room and everything looked like my room, I went to Lisa’s but she’s nowhere to be found. A glitter caught my eyes, under the ashes of the remains, I found the necklace that I gave her. As soon as I got out, I thought that I got the wrong door. I see graves. I walked and walked and ran faster as I could. The far that I get, it seems like the place turns recognizing. My knees gone weak and I stopped to pant.


At the end of the graveyard, I see her name carved in a plate. I stood there, confused and lost. A cold embrace from my back. My tears start to drip down from my eyes, I can’t look back to see her, I feel like a frozen statue on where I stand. “Why did you leave?” I can never imagine that I hear her sweet voice once again. I replied with my last breath, “I won’t.”


She pulled me deep in the pit of darkness.



The End

© Copyright 2018 Rosedel Sumbi. All rights reserved.

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