Puppet and the Puppeteer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Story about a puppet who is different from others of her kind, she wants freedoom,a chance to live in the world she created. The puppeteer holds her tighty, but when he sees his puppet desires he admits that he feels strongly for her - her desires make him see her in a different light. Not as a puppet but as a friends. His heart breaks when he lets go - she dies, and she is reborn again in her own world. The world she created with her own blood.

This poem is a bit dificult to understand because it can be a bit confusing so if you have any questions just ask. :)

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013




Heavenly eyes of a woman

Heart seeking truth and salvation for thee soul

Words filled with lies and betrayel

Searching for something worth living for

White as a fresh winter snow, warm like flame of a candle

Black rose in my hand, spreading poison into my veins

Damaged soul that lies in me, hurt and beaten

Nothing on this world can heal it or repair it

Out of my reach, everything that I long for

A young heart, lonely heart trying to be someone

Someone, but who knows what I will become

I want to fly, but I cannot

Hands of life are pulling me to solid ground

Life trapped in a cage, locked in reality from which there is no escape from

Keys of the lock, out of my site

Blindfolded by the world, beaten and hurt by my own desires

Things I linger for, person for who I long for

Dreamer, who dreams something more than ordinary

A place to where I run when the truth is too much for me to bare

I close my eyes and I see it:

Green planes as far as a human eye can see,

Mountains higher than skyscrapers,

I breathe nature’s air, lakes and streams all around

The scenery closes and another one opens

I am flying so high above all, looking down on frozen river

White forests, pure white landscape

Black bird above the innocence

Creating, painting the sceneries in my mind

That does not exist in reality

Gift that is truly a curse

Being able to see, but not to touch

Longing for magic to unlock the cage, to set me free

From a prison called life

A puppet among so many others, strings pulled by the puppeteer

Entertaining for the pleasure of one moment of happiness

Reality is a stage; life is a show that must go on

Seeing him growing stronger and stronger as I hold on to my heaven

So many others, not even resisting anymore, they had given up

Embraced reality, the puppeteer does not even need strings anymore

Wiling slaves to their master, master of life

Clean cut, blood dripping on the marble floor

Invisible strings around my body, sting into the flesh

Beautiful blue dress turns black

Floating in the mist of my dreams

Dancing the dance of mercy, puppet with a last wish

To be set free

Other puppets looking confused stop and listen

What is this word called freedom?

A long time yearning, unknown as the death itself

Thing so old it has been forgotten

Circle of magic, I stand in the middle of everything

Past, present and future

He has the power to unlock it and set me free

Puppeteer, the master of us all

He hides behind a mask, afraid to reveal his face to us

No more secrets, no more lies

You have always been my favorite puppet

Sincere heart of yours

Feelings that a puppeteer must never have for his doll

Your heart melted the ice in my soul

I cannot deny, you mean more to me than others

Never again a puppet my dear friend

His hand reaches for mine as the strings break

Mirrors of life break, glass melody floats to the sky

Doors to my mind open, dreams over throne reality

Silver blue sky opens before my eyes

Puppeteer sheds his first and last tear

Other dolls, wave their hand in farewell to their friend

Soft kiss for the puppeteer, masked in evil

In the end, a moment of a warmth beneath the ice

White crow flies to me

His silver eyes pierce through my soul

Death and life lie in harmony, within his heart

Blood pours down my dress, innocence of a puppet gives birth to a new world

Soul healed by the magic of old lore

Dream and reality finally see similar desires

The gate behind me start to close, last glimpse of the puppeteer

Whose mask is no more, a sad face is there instead

A puppeteer who fell in love with a puppet

So full of dreams and desires, that even he could not control

Sincere heart and soul for a master of dolls

In the end he put desires of his puppet above his own

With the remaining dolls he played, but there was never again one like her

For there was only one tale as real as this one

Of a Puppet and the Puppeteer

© Copyright 2020 RoseDivine. All rights reserved.

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