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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
I knew it was wrong but.... it had to be done.

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013





 (5 Months ago…)


I was sitting in my room watching TV when I heard a knock, I groaned and opened the door and found Cameron standing there smiling and another guy standing with him.

“Hey Jason, man how you doing? This you new client Joseph Carter” Cameron said while bro-hugging me. I smiled and hugged him back. It was good to see one my older brother’s good friend. After Alex’s death I had been mopping around so much that I totally lost my game, now I was back with deadlier skills and bombs and I started getting my clients back along with new one with the help of Alex’s old friends who were in this business long time before Alex joined.

“I am good man you tell me where have you been these days, heard you are whipped by that girl of yours” I said smirking at him and giving the Joseph guy a wassup nod.

“Oh, shut up how is your girl that has got you whipped” Cameron said and I started laughing my ass off.

“M-me ha-aha-hah-ah-aha-hah-ah-ah-aha w-hipped m-a-n y-o-u a-r-e s-u-c-h a j-o-k-e-r” I said patting him on the back while bending down laughing my ass off.

Cameron shook his head and said “You will find a girl Jason and when you do ill be the one laughing”

“Okay okay man let’s not make the client wait” I said my whole form changing from happy care free boy to professional man.

“So this is Joseph and he needs 5 Pipe bombs” Cameron said. A pipe bomb is an improvised explosive device, a tightly sealed section of pipe filled with an explosive material. Its very deadly

“Okay what are they for?” I asked interested as why the guy needed such heavy bombs. I said changing my standing position and now instead of looking at Cam I looked at that Joseph dude.

“None of your fucking business kid just do as you are told” Joseph said speaking for the first time since he entered the room, his voice was full of anger and annoyance. I immediately felt the anger pumping my veins and I grabbed him by his neck and pushed him into the nearest wall. I pressed his neck harder until his face color started changing and I started speaking in my low pissed off voice, it was like I was growling at the guy like a mad dog.

“You listen to me you fucker no one I repeat no one in the whole wide world talks to me like that, I am the one making your fucking bombs, wasting my fucking time, my fucking material on them bombs so if I ask you what you are going to do with the bombs you tell me, so if you make a mistake and cops come after me I am ready to get them off my ass got it?”

I felt Cam’s hands n my shoulder trying to calm me down and I released Joseph from his dead hold and took a step back.

“Now I repeat again, what are you going to with them bombs” I sneered at him.

“I don’t know my boss sent me to get them bombs and I don’t know what he is planning to do with them bombs” Joseph said breathing heavily, his voice coming out as a whisper.

“I am telling you one thing if your so called “boss” makes a mistake in using them and cops are after me I will hunt him and you down and kill you.” I said.

“Now wait a minute before we make a deal, how much are you willing to pay for these bombs and when do you need them” I said taking my i-phone out and opened the notes app and looked at him waiting to open his fucking mouth, this guy has been here for ten minutes and he pissed the fuck out off me I don’t know how am I going to deal with him for whatever time period he gives me.

“My boss is willing to pay $5000 for reach bombs so in total you will get $25000 for the five bombs and we are giving you two months to make those bombs” he said looking anywhere in the room but me.

“Cam is this a fucking joke right?” I looked at Cam who looked at me confusedly.” Man do you even know how much these bombs fucking cost to make?” I said giving him a hint of what I mean Cameron nodded and turn to the Joseph guy.

“Look man one bomb takes $10,000 to make and Jason uses the best fucking chemicals to use them so I think you need to tell you boss to pay Jason $50,000 for it all” Cam said.

“Look I get that these bombs are expensively made but my boss said the last deal on which the deal would go is $30,000” Joseph said.

“Then you get the fuck out of here and go tell your boss I am not making them because you have no idea how fucking hard these bombs are if he doesn’t pay me $50,000 then he go find another person to make the bombs because I am not making them until he agrees on the money” I said and pointed to the door.

He left angrily slamming the door.

I looked at Cam and we both smirked. We knew he will come back now or sometime later.

After a few days:

I was sitting in my living room with Ryan playing video games with Ryan my good buddy, he is a genius hacker and is amazing at his work, when I heard my phone ringing I took out both of my phones (don’t judge me one is for personal use other is for clients and my professional use), I quickly picked it up because the call was coming on the official one.


“Is this Jason McCann?” the anonymous person asked.

“Yes who is this?”

“Well its good to finally talk to you Jason, do you remember a guy name Joseph dropped by your house a few days ago?” he asked, and I frowned thinking back when I remembered the annoying dude that I was about to punch.

“Yeah I do remember him and I also remember that I told him that if his boss doesn’t pay me $50,000 I am not making them five bombs, how do you know him?”

“I am the boss” he said chuckling and continued “ Lets start from my name I am Eric Davia well when I sent my person to you I didn’t know that the bombs were expensive to make and considering the fact that you make the best bombs now I get that the bombs are expensive to make so we have decided t pay you $60,000 a $10,000 extra for them what do you say will you make them now?” he said.

“Well of course I will but till when do you need them?” I asked.

“By the end of this month”

“May I ask why?”

“I need to take revenge from the cops for killing my sister” he said plainly.

“Well man I am sorry to hear that you are doing the right thing by taking revenge they killed Alex too and thought they killed me” I chuckled and he followed and then continued.”But looks like they forgot to check me and messed up as I was wearing the vest and a blood jacket underneath so when they shot me it looked like I died which I didn’t”

“Well you are a nice kid, so will the bombs be ready?”

“Yeah keep my money ready to”

“Oh don’t you worry about the money child”

“Whatever send Joseph on 25th Feb to pick the bombs up and bring the money too.” I said.

“Great goodbye”


*Flashback Over*

Right now I was standing in front of Joseph and his boss’s house, I have been checking this house and the area for the past few weeks, considering the fact that I was built up in the middle of nowhere it was easy to find it. I mean if you think of it what kind of an idiot makes a house in the middle of nowhere? I have been observing the timing of the guards, their weaknesses, the alarm codes, the equipment they have, their attention span everything. Today was the last day for observing before I put my plan into work.

I drove back home happy with all the work I had done, I am pretty sure tomorrow they won’t even know what hit them……

Now you must be wondering what went wrong?

Ill tell you easily, on the 25th Feb I waited for the Joseph fucker and he didn’t show up, later that night I went clubbing, when I came back my whole apartment was destroyed and I noticed that the bombs I made for them were missing, At that time I got this idea in my head and I started working on it.

It was night time the trees nearby were slowly moved with the wind, I noticed the crickets creaking as I stood in front of my next victims house I was smiling in accomplishment, the guards were dead, the bombs were set, the only thing was left between me and my mission was the boss himself, oh if you are wondering where Joseph is well…. He is dead. I killed him very messily. I was just standing outside having a battle with myself that I usually have before I kill someone.

Jason McCann is not a heartless person but can be when he wants to be, I never wanted to be in this business but I was forced into in by my brother, as now I cant go back to having a original life I stuck to it My lifestyle changed the day when I was six years old and I saw my own parents being murdered in front of me and then saw Alex getting shot by the Las Vegas police, what do you expected me to do? For months after my brother’s death I was out for revenge but I never really cared, neither am I scared of anything, right now I am here to kill the boss. 2 months ago this day I had handed over the bombs he asked for but he had not up till now paid a penny for the hard work and material used in the bombs along with the time I wasted on them when I should have been  working on something useful that would have gotten me my money. Not that I am broke or anything but I am very sensitive in the matters of money.

My brother taught me to make bombs, deal in drugs without being caught, killing people etc,

I walked towards his house, the darkness made an amazing contrast with the black leather jacket and denim jeans I was wearing. The only source of light in this area was of the lamp in Joseph’s boss Eric’s house, I knew it was wrong but… it had to be done, I know instead of killing the person I should give him more time to pay and show mercy but I don’t roll that way.

As I entered the house from the back side kitchen window, which was always open I noiselessly entered the house, the house was beautifully constructed and decorated I had to give that to Eric, it wooden house the wood used was dark brown that looked marvelous on the ground, the foyer was beautiful and everything was perfect, too bad it all had to go. I made my way to the Eric’s room where I found him sitting in a chair that was facing the opposite side to where I was standing.

I stepped forward and the wood beneath me creaked and that alarmed Eric who stood in an blink of an eyes and went in to attack me. As for normal people’s eyes this all was happening in fast forward motion but my senses were much sharper that his. After some struggling I finally pinned him down against the wall.

“Jason what a surprise to see you here” Eric smiled his ugly smile at me, now let me describe him to you, he was a very ugly man, I respect everyone’s face because God created them and all but he was just plain ugly, he eyes were grey, his hair were grey on his head, his breath stank, his teeth were brown, his lips were cracked, his skin was very loose on his body, he was somewhat 50 years old man but he looked above 70. He held a button in his hand and pressed it, hoping his guards would come and rescue him.

“What is wrong aren’t your guards coming to rescue you huh…. Oh wait I remember I already killed them all before coming for you” I laughed and he paled.

“Yeah so are you giving me my money back?” I asked him as I speak through my teeth while clenching my jaw I squeezed the hold on his smiled vanished and was replaced with a pained expression.

“Jason kid listen, times are bad right now, please forgive me and give me some more time, I promise to pay you back” he said fear now radiating from him.

“For two months I have been waiting for the money two freaking months man, if you had even sent me a penny this all would have never happened and I would have never came here and got my hands dirty, also as they say if one doesn’t work in the given time, he will never to the same task ever in his life” I spat at him.

“I-I-I d-don’t want to d-die” were his lasts words before I choked him to death.

“Then you shouldn’t have been born” I said my infamous line.

I placed his dead body back on the chair and made my way down stairs. As soon as I reached the last step I heard a whimper of a girl I became confused because I never saw or heard of a girl being here, I followed the voice of the girl and found a girl in the basement tied to the wall with hand cuffs that she was hanging of the wall, I also saw that she was naked. A new form of anger built up in me, the girl had beautiful brown hair that looked greasy as if they haven’t been washed for a long time, her brown eyes were dull, there were bruises on her fragile body, she looked weak you could see her ribs, it was like she hadn’t been fed for a long time, her lips were cracked as if she had drank a water for a long time, she looked up at me scared and she flinched when she saw me standing there.

“Please don’t hurt me, I am sore and I am bleeding I am tired and you guys haven’t fed me at all please I don’t have strength to bear more” she cried and my heart broke.

I remember when I was small my mom taught me a lesson that was to never ever treat a girl badly, never raise a hand on her and never call her fat, or a whore, even I was in this business and girl threw them at me, I never ever mistreated a girl I had too much respect for them. Now don’t you think I am a softie I am not and you just witnessed that, its just I thinks girls are the most fragile living things on earth and they should be treated with respect, love and care all the time.

“Sssh I am not going to hurt you I am here to protect you” I said as I stepped towards her and she flinched away, I slowly broke the handcuffs of her and freed her body as soon as her hands were free she rubbed then and covered her parts, I quickly opened the foot cuff too and took of my jacket and gave her that, she quickly put it on and zipped it up. It was huge on her and it came till her thigh.

“Why is no one here?” she asked.

“They all are dead I killed them, what is your name?” I said and she whimpered.

“Are you going to kill me to? And its Nina, Nina Groove” she whispered.

“Not until you give me a reason to” her eyes became huge and I chuckled “I am joking I swear and nice name” she weakly smiled and said thanks.

“So how did you end up here and what did they do to you?” I asked.

“Well I don’t remember a lot, I just remember I was coming back home because no one was there to pick me up and I was passing a dark alley that was like a block away from my house when everything became black. I woke up and I was handcuffed and foot cuffed, the first week I was hear no one came but in the second week two guys came a-a-and…”She started crying.

“Its okay you don’t need to tell me we will talk about it later but right now we need to leave” I told her and she nodded wiping her eyes.

“But before we go can I ask your name?” she softly said.

“I am Jason McCann” and she gasped and I smiled “wait aren’t you suppose to be dead?” I shook my head and she said okay and I laughed and said “Just okay you know you should be scared of me” “but I am not you saved me and you are nice so I don’t care if you are criminal or whatever” I smiled and said “I like you already girl” and she blushed. After that we walked out of the house and I activated the bomb as soon as me and Nina were out of danger I pressed a button that was connected to the house and saw the house blow up and burn down to ashes. I smirked thinking that what Eric did to this girl he deserved it and wiped the invisible dirt of my shoulder and walked back to my Range Rover when I noticed Nina was not following me I turned around and saw her looking a the house in shock.

“Are you coming or not?” I asked her.

She turned around and said “Why did you do that?”

“They all deserved it especially the boss Eric for doing this to you and not giving my money back” I shrugged. She nodded and smiled at me and sat down in the car.

“There are some spare clothes in the back like sweatpants and a t shirt, I keep them for emergency if you want you can change into them” I said and she nodded eagerly and climbed back me being a guy I started at her perfect rounded shaped ass. After she was done, she came back I started the car and gave her a water bottle and took one out for me too after devouring the water down, she said.

“Do you regret all of this” she asked and I didn’t reply to it.

© Copyright 2020 Roseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeieee. All rights reserved.

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