Ollie's Wife

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Something I wrote for an english class. We were simply told to write a story with a plot twist. Hope you like it! :)

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012




Ollie’s Wife


She won’t last much longer. Ollie knew this as he heard her voice cracking in the other room. She coughed hard and Ollie couldn’t understand what she was saying. When she was finished all was quiet again. Molly didn’t try to say whatever it was a second time.

Ollie’s wife was very sick. He had began to notice this about a month before, as she hit the floor in a fit of coughing. He could hear the cracking in her voice whenever she spoke. Molly’s coughs scared him.

Ollie had tried everything to make his wife better. He went on long car drives with her in the passenger seat to doctor’s offices in faraway places. Many of these doctors laughed a little when they met Molly, like her condition was something funny. Ollie hated this. The doctors prescribed various medications. All weird, simple things like more sleep or to drink more water. But Ollie knew how much Molly hated the taste of water. And Molly was usually at her best in the nighttime. The funny Molly that he had fallen in love with seemed to come back at night. They laughed at night. The doctors simply didn’t understand. None of the doctor’s cures were helping Molly at all.

When they were younger, Ollie remembered, they used to dance. Molly was a singer. She sang as much as she could, and Ollie loved her voice. Sometimes he would pick her up and spin her around, and Molly would sing louder, laughing at the end of her song. They were in love.

Ollie’s entire life revolved around Molly. Everything about him… Every bit of him was changed by her. Even the chair Ollie was sitting in, that was their chair. Ollie felt slightly sick with worry as he remembered this. He remembered buying the chair with Molly. It was a simple bench chair, made of wood with small, floral cushions on both sides. They used to sit in this chair. When they had first gotten it, Molly sang on the way home, her favorite song. The happiest love song she knew. And when they had gotten home Ollie carved their names into a heart in the wood of the chair. Ollie and Molly.

Molly was unlike any girl he had ever met. He loved every bit of her, even the bad things. Sometimes Molly scared him. She had terrible mood swings. At one moment they would be dancing around the house, Molly’s voice singing about love. In the next second the song would turn into something else- sometimes stopping suddenly. Molly would stop dancing with him. She sang about terrible things. Heartbreak most of all.

Sometimes Ollie would hear her singing in the kitchen. Sometimes she would scream. Other times, they would be sitting in their chair and Molly would begin to talk. These talks often turned into arguments. They were never about each other. Molly argued about other people and their problems. It felt like she didn’t care what he said. Sometimes it felt like she was arguing with herself.

But Ollie loved his wife. They had grown old together. He had tried everything to make her better. Molly had started staying home on the trips Ollie made. He was afraid she would get sicker. He had tried strange potions and mixtures that the strange people he visited gave him that were supposed to cure her. These only made Molly worse. Finally, there was only one more doctor. She was dying.

Dr. Sparrow was a middle- aged man, with kind eyes and greying hair. He was much younger than Ollie. When he first entered their house (Ollie had started requesting home visits from the doctors. Molly was too sick for him to leave her for long.) he thought Ollie was the patient. Ollie could see why. He was very old. His back and fingers were stiff with arthritis and he rarely left their chair. Ollie directed him to the bedroom, letting him know that Molly was in bed and then waited in the chair. Ollie felt as though he had lost the energy to move.  So he waited.

Dr. Sparrow wasn’t in the room long. When he emerged he had a very confused look of his face. He reached up to his head, rubbing it as though he had suddenly gotten a headache. He told Ollie that he would be right back. That he had to get something from his car. Ollie waited for him the for the second time and when Dr. Sparrow came back, he placed a small pill in Ollie’s hands. It was cylindrical and silver, with writing on the side. It was different then the other pills previous doctors had given him. Dr. Sparrow instructed him on how Molly should take it. Ollie thanked him and Dr. Sparrow left. Ollie felt something strange bubbling up inside of him and he knew suddenly that it was hope. Hope that this strange pill would work and he would finally have his wife back.

Ollie opened the door to the bedroom and almost mechanically, not thinking about what he was doing, sat next to Molly on the bed. She was silent. Ollie moved his hand to her arm, to a scar Molly had gotten right below her Made in China tattoo that she had gotten before they had met. He slid his hand along the scar, opening up her arm to the metal plate the doctors had put there. Ollie never asked her why she had that. He inserted the pill with an audible click. Molly instantly opened her eyes. She cleared her throat once and then began to sing. Ollie pulled her into a hug. And the he looked down at is wife.

He knew she was a radio. He had always known. But he knew that true love was seeing every flaw in a person and accepting them anyway. He loved Molly. He always would.

Ollie began to laugh, a laugh that vibrated through his entire body. He felt so happy to have his wife back. He was never letting her go again. Ollie and Molly. Forever.

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