Your eyes (this title is taken)

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Just something I wrote one day...

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012




Your eyes 

Your eyes

You watch me from inside

You might think about me

Maybe even judge me

You might not even notice me from back there

But I notice you

I see a whole world

A story narrated by you

where you're the hero

or maybe the villain

and I'm just a small witness

or maybe a friend

or even an enemy

in this world you've created

this world you call life.


What I see in your eyes

Might be completely different from your point of veiw

You interpret things in a completely different way. 


I do see things.


In her eyes

blue like the ocean

or maybe the sky

I see, almost hearing

the music inside of her

it pours out of her

from an entire orchestra 

forming a never-ending song

the words indecipherable to me


In his eyes

blue in a different way

blue like a firework

that lights up the night sky

I see a sky covered with stars

That shine with thought

 the things I see

are so different from how he plays them to be

they prove that you never really know

what’s happening behind our eyes


In your eyes

I see a bit of me 

I see the dark brown- coppery rings of a tree

A whole forest in your eyes

Painted there by no one other than you

Sketched in with everything you feel

Mostly I see you.


My eyes

I’m not sure what any of you

see in my eyes.

You could see the wild, raging ocean

or maybe you see words 

said in whispers

spiraling, spiraling, spiraling

in a never ending loop

Maybe you see part of you

Behind my eyes.

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