In just one day

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Aiden and Annie-Maree (Ree) have been best friends since they were little, both have held crushes for the other many years, but neither know of the others feelings.

Annie goes to the dance with the new guy Justin whom Aiden greatly dislikes.

After a fight Aiden chases after Annie and they admit their feelings finally.

Suddenly a tragic accident occurs...

In just one day....everything can change

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011



In just one day...everything can change!


'Aiden James Henderson, if you don't get down here now you can walk.' I heard my mum scream. Chucking one last quick look at my hair and I ran down the stairs, seeing the picture of Annie-Maree (my bestfriend) and myself i can't keep the smile off my face. As I jump into the car my mum looks at me with a knowing look in her eye. "What are you so happy about?" I just smile at mum and state with a blush "I get to see Ree today." Looking at my mum from the corner of my eye i see a smile creep onto her face and i blush harder.

Finally we pull up outside the school, I jump out and yell goodbye and proceed into the school. Suddenly I was tackled in a hug and hear a squeal of, "AIDY!" Wrapping my arms around my bestfriends waist I hug her back hard. As she pulls away I notice tears running down her face, I frown and then realise she has a smile on her face. "Oh Ree I missed you so much." I state feeling my eyes tear up, she laughs and then whispers "I misses you too."

As we walk into homeroom I notice a face I haven't seen before, but I also notice the look he is giving Annie and i know that i don't like him already.

Lunch arrives and I remember to ask Annie to the 'Welcome Back to School' Dance. Every year we go together, only as friends though. Then suddenly Annie runs up to me and before I can say anything she squeals "You know the new guy, well he asked me to the dance!" My heart feels as though its been torn in two, but then I see how happy Annie is and I paste a smile on my face and state rather convincingly, "That's great!" I lean over and hug and the smile fades as the pain of losing her sinks in.

*End of School*

As I walk to my locker I see Justin kissing some random girl, without thinking I run up and punch him in the face. Then suddenly "Aiden!" I heard Annie scream I spin around and she glares at me. "I hate you, Aiden. Why can't you just be happy for me instead of ruining it for me?" I stand their stunned before, nodding and walking out of the school grounds.

I don't want to go to the school dance but decide to go so I can keep an eye on that creep Justin. As I get ready I feel tears well up and realise that I can't just lose Annie. But what could I possibly do? Through the whole dance I see Annie and Justin, who is now sporting a black eye, making out. I heard the girl i was dancing with gasp and i look down, but she isn't looking at me. iIlook over to wear she is staring and see Justin yelling at Annie who is crying while Justin keeps screaming and pointing at me. Then suddenly he points at her and just as he does that the music stops. The whole school stops and stares as Justin screams "It's over!" and Annie runs off.

Without thinking about what i'm doing I go up and for the second time today punch Justin in the face. Without stopping to see that no one is helping him off the ground I run out after Annie. I don't have to run far as I see her sitting on the ground crying, I go up and sit next to her. As i put my arms around her she pushes me away and screams "Go away! It's all YOUR fault! I hate you, I never want to see you again!" I sit stunned before getting up with those words replaying over and over in my head i kiss her head and stand and mumble " And I have always and will always love you, my little Ree!" as tears stream down my face i stumble out of the school doors.

I hear footsteps running after me, then I hear Annie yell, "Aiden, wait!" i stop and turn around and she runs and hugs me and looks me in the eye and states "I love you too!" then plants a light kiss on my lips. As my arms loop around her waist, I hear a long beeping sound and warmth flood through my body before suddenly everything goes balck and I can't feel Annie in my arms anymore.

Everyone turned up for the event, Annie was beside Aiden through it all. Never was there a more beautiful ceremony than this.

Even now years later people still see Annie and Aiden together and they stop and smile, some even cry. Aiden and Annie would be together forever.

Aiden James Henderson - Annie-Maree Lee Williams

1992 - 2010

May they Rest In Peace! Together at Last!

© Copyright 2018 RoseLeigh92. All rights reserved.

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