Love is Young

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Written by Roselyn Edwards
Status: Rough Draft
Additional Notes:
A poem that I wrote about how love when it is young is so lively so excited; the onlookers will often say that won't last long, but the point being love is at it's best if it can stay young even when it is old.

Submitted: February 01, 2013

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Submitted: February 01, 2013



Our love is young, our love is wild,
It’s free like the heart of a child;
We’ll kiss through the pouring rain,
Even though they stare with disdain;
We’ll interlace our fingers,
Not ever daring to let go;
Our love is young, an overflow.

Our love is young, love insecure;
We cannot be, nor will endure
A day without a mingling kiss,
Together our sincerest wish;
We play footsy at the table,
We’ll kiss through study hour;
Starring, saying “You’re an angel”.

Our love is young, our love is strong;
We are the words of a great song;
Cannot ever be separate,
Together we are one spirit,
Gliding on through our grand life,
On this lovely magic carpet
Kiss, flying over Tenerife.

Our love is young, our love is new;
Not pure love, like most have outgrew,
It’s not jaded by hate and pain,
It’s not all wrong and in vain;
They say we’re young, immature;
We don’t know the real meaning,
But it’s their love that’s unsure.

Our love is young, full of passion,
Comparing to other love fashion,
We’re all too eager, and childish
Love at its best, is the wildest;
Love is unstrained, love is young,
Pray to keep our hearts free of pain,
Pray to keep love, in our hearts sung.

Our love is young, and we’ll kiss
In the hallway, and reminisce;
We’ll kiss at dawn, mesmerizing;
We’ll kiss at dusk, hypnotizing;
We’ll kiss wherever we want,
At home, at work, at play, wherever;
Young love like ours is bound to flaunt.

Our love is young, spontaneous,
All stare who are in our radius;
We’re not becoming normal
Nor becoming nocturnal;
Our love is ours, our love is best
Our love is young, our love is young
So stick to yours or let it rest.

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Love is Young

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