We should from our Mistakes

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Mistake are the things we do that we feel are wrong but it is not. we should always learn from our mistakes.

Submitted: December 15, 2012

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Submitted: December 15, 2012




Mistakes are something that people think it’s a bad thing to make. But actually it is not. You should never fail to make mistakes (I am not saying that you should make mistakes!!) because without failure the first time, you can never fix and you will be afraid of trying the same thing that you made a mistake on. We learn from our mistakes. In our everyday lives there are going to be a lot of mistakes. Trust me; there will be plenty of them!  Those mistakes are there so we will be able to fix them the next time! In my age I have make a lot of mistakes. Some of them, I don’t regret making and others I regret them so deeply. And then I come to realize that I made those mistakes so I will be able to flee from it the next time I see it. On the other hand, mistakes should also be avoided if we can. And when they are made try and fix it. There is a quote by Albert Einstein that says “he never made mistakes can never try anything new.”

People might think what the mistakes that I make are and now I don’t regret anyone of it. But you see, if you know the plan God have for your life and you let him take over your life and thoughts, you will see that all the things that worry you before will turn to nothing because then you will see that everything happen for a purpose. Mistakes should also be avoided. But, when they are made you should do something about it!!!

About six months ago I regret ever disobeying my mom the day she died. But then it as if something was telling me that everything happen for a purpose and that God is not a God of the past but of the current thing that is happening to you right now. And if you feel sorry for the things you’ve done in the past and ask the lord for forgiveness, “He is faithful and just and will forgive you all of your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness” (1john 1:9).  I am fifteen and have made great and numerous mistakes that even adults will never make! See sometimes I just think about it and regret and it’s as if a voice is telling me that God already forgave me and that I should move on with my life, and not do the same thing again. One mistake that I will never forget is this. One day, when I used to live in Lagos. Actually it’s was in the evening. Probably 10 pm in the night and I was watching Michael Jackson music videos. Okay I lived with so many boys in the house and the one I am going to talk about is Indomie.  We call him that because he is slow in all he does.  What really happened that night was… well before I stayed in Lagos, I stayed with my uncle who tries to kill me and always scare me. So Indomie knew what happened to me when I used to stay with my uncle and decided to use that to take advantage of me. He told that if I didn’t kiss him, he will tell my cousins that he found me kissing a guy that does not even exist. And that he will kill me or I will be sent back to my wicked uncle. I mean with all this threats, I didn’t know what to do and I was 10 years old and I know that should not be an excuse for that kind of thing. So I did and the next thing I realize was that a10 year old was having sex with 25 years old!!! I cried myself to sleep. And when I decided to tell my cousins, he came back and it was as if he was reading my mind! He words to me was “if I you ever tell Emmanuel (he is one of my cousins.) I will just end your miserable life!” And that was not the last time he made me have sex with him! Now that I am 15 years old I just feel like I was so stupid and I was a fool for not telling him no. I mean he ruin my life! He destroys my pride and I don’t even think I will be able to get my one truly pride again because he took it away from me!!! I regret this for good 5 years. But now I don’t. Because I think that it happened for a reason so that next time, I will be able to overcome it. That is why mistakes are made so you will be able to adjust the mistakes.  My only reason for writing is to let others know that mistakes are something they should adjust. Mistakes are there to be made! It's just a matter of recognizing it and trying so hard to amend it. I have seen people make mistakes, and instead of correcting it, they just cry about it or they do the same thing over again! That means you’re not sorry for what you did!

I used to regret Indomie discovering me because before I used to promise my dad, before he died,  that the only man that will discover me will my husband when I am older but then I broke the promise! See the reason why I don’t regret this any longer is that I realize indomie was lying! He just wants me to be his “sex machine” when his girlfriend didn’t give him what he wants. And also God knows the reason why it happened and seriously, that taught me a very good lesson never to do all what people ask me to do even if it comes with threats. And also I want to tell anyone who is reading this now.  Example, Mason Beebe please, tell me if this will help someone and also if I am back on the hook. Because this is me, writing something to someone! I mean anytime I actually feel like writing something, I just decide on writing about something that I feel will help someone. And mistakes are one of the things I mostly struggled with and I feel like just writing something about it to others if they need it.

I will say this a thousand times if I had to. Those mistakes are there to be made and all you have to do after the mistake is to try and amend it. I know mistakes sometimes when you think about it, it hurts! But come to think of it. Things are done for a purpose and I think the purpose of making a mistake is to try and amend and learn from it because that is why there are mistakes and besides, no one is perfect!

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We should from our Mistakes

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