A love's vow

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Unstructured sonnet written about five years ago, when I was really in love.
If you have ever seen the famous Japanese pottery where the item is all deformed but still holds its beauty, well, you could say it's kind of like that.

Submitted: September 17, 2009

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Submitted: September 17, 2009



What good is it to be a vagrant of thy love?
If not thou, then whom shalt see my pure heart?
For so long I have been hiding it on the above;
If our love is to be, then it is already a grand start.

If it is not, then my heart wilt be withered in pain at peril.
I am begging for thine help, for I am in great distress;
What is this feeling that covers my heart in apparel?
I wilt shed my tears as if I have been a lover obsessed.

Even if thou art the day and I am the night,
Even if it means I need to vanquish all my foes,
My love to thee and thy love to me is what is right.

I wilt walk through this dark path and be alright,
And bring rejoice and splendor leaving my woes,
For I am the one guided by thy bright.

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