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Mother cares for her infant daughter and years later daughter cares for her ageing mother.




Soft sucking sounds with each tug at her breast 

Love flows with each draught of sweet milk

Life giving elixir 

Strong bonds bind mother and child

unbroken bonds of absolute love


Soft wisps of blond curls 

Gently touches on velvet flesh

Her heart, her soul, her love


Hushed whisper, a gentle murmur

I will take care of you

I will feed you, nourish you

I will clothe you , protect you

I will calm you, keep you warm

I will take away all your fears

I will love you


A tender kiss so soft

Undisturbed baby’s slumber

A gentle rocking in arms

A pulse thrumming to her hearts tune

Baby sleeps, delivered to

Enchanted dreams of other worlds



Eyes gaze up not understanding

Questions unanswered, uncertainty

Vague thoughts, unsettled feelings

doubting her mind, hazy memories,

frustration, why can’t I, she laments

Why can’t I remember yesterday when

memories of long ago are vivid

a trick of the mind 

She’s a school girl in the war

Hitler's war, bombs, sirens, screams

A nightmare, hunger, 

Stop…stop…she shudders

Fear invades as she cries


Sh…sh, she’s cradled back and forth

A loving embrace

A soft whisper, a breeze so gentle

Over her white hair

Her daughters love knew no bounds

I will take care of you

I will feed you and nourish you

I will cloth you and protect you

I will calm you and keep you warm

I will take away all your fears

I will love you forever


A tender kiss on wrinkled forehead

Her mother falls into slumber to 

Worlds of gentle dreams










Submitted: May 26, 2023

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So beautiful and bittersweet. Your words are so vivid, it's truly a beautiful poem.

Sat, May 27th, 2023 9:19pm

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