Beyond The Fence

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a entry for weasleytwinlover18.....

Amala finds herself moving to a new home, she finds a fence. She climbs over the fence and what does she find? The world of Mind's Desire..Where it is runed by a Queen and King who say thy can get you whatever you really want or are they lieing.....

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012



It was the start of summer 2012 and the Relling family had just moved into their new big country brick farm house. They had moved from New York to some place Amala didn’t know of. Amala was heartbroken when she found out they were moving from the city; she had really liked it there but her mom couldn’t live in the house she shared with her now ex-husband. The country was quiet and hot, nothing like New York. New York had been loud and a little cold in the summer.

Amala’s mom had been having a rough year. First her husband leaves her for a younger woman which he met at a diner then she gets fired because she was late for work. They had bought an apartment but nowcouldn’t pay the rent for their apartment and were already late by four months. Amala knew that this was coming but she never thought her mom would move to the country side where the neighbours were two clicks up the dirt road. amala also was still angry with her mom for making her move. She had yelled at her mom the day she was told she was moving. She had been upset about being lonely and friendless at the school she was going too. It was Amala's biggest wish to be popular and surrounded by friends.

The small blackcar that they were renting finally came to a stop in front of the grey brickedhouse. Amala looked out her car window and took in the scenery. Trees seemed to be placed in every spot available.Her mom looked at her through the review mirror, “I know this is a very big change from what we are used to but please try and work with what we have.” She said before getting out of the car and walked to open the trunk up. Amala got out as well, stretching from the three hour car drive there. Sweeping her long dark brown hair into a ponytail before going to help her mother unpack the trunk.

Grabbing her stuff from her mom Amala took off, up the creakystairs to the house. She then wentup another flight to her new bedroom. Her room was the last door on the left. The first door was a closet, the next a bathroom, then her mom’s room. Her room was a light shade of pink with white trimming. Amala swung her suitcase onto her queen sizedbed before going back to her mom to help her. By the time she got there the movers had pulled up and were unloading the white movingtrucks. “Amala, how about you go explore the place.” Her mom said smiling at her.

What to do, what is there to do? Amala thought to herself. Sighing in boredom because there was nothing to do Amala decided to check out the back yard. Big bushes surrounded a path way to the back garden area. Amala always loved the smell of flowers, especially when no bugs were buzzing around them. The garden had arrangments from rosees to blue-bells.Apon further inspection Amala came across a fence that blocked her from a big magnolia tree forest.

Curiosity built up inside Amala giving her the idea of climbing the fence to find out what was on the other side. After quickly climbing over Amala started into the forest to investigate. She walked for a few minutes before she heard what sounded like a soft whisper.. Are those voices? Amala tilted her head like a dog did when being spoken to. Thinking that it was just birds whisteling Amala continued on deeper into the forest. The sound she was hearing kept getting louder and Amala had no other choice but to except it trully was voices she Amala looked back the way she came wondering if her mom would mind that she even came into the forest. Deciding that it wasn't that big of deal she followed the wall to a spot where it looked like a door. She started looking for a way to open the door. Looking down Amala found a smooth stone carved ball stuck to the door.

Amala’s head popped up at the sudden yelling. “SOMEONE HAS FOUND THE GATEWAY!” A boy about her age jumped from a tree and held a stick at her forehead. Amala looked up at the stick and started laughing at the tanned skinnedboy. “What are you doing?’ Amala questioned amused at the thirteen year olds childish behaviour.

“You were trying to break into the world of Minds Desire,” the boy said looking at her threw hazy green eyes. The door wasreefed open and Amala quickly looked to see what was there. Nothing. That’s when a hand came from the air and pulled them both in. Tripping over her own feet Amala fell to the dirt with a thump.

“Ow.” Amala said glaring up at the person who made her trip in the first place. “What was that for?” Amala asked getting herself up off the dirt. Amala’s mouth fell wide open when she saw thetown that stood tall behind the man and boy. “Hello Sir Lance.” The boy that she met earlier said bowing his head towards the man. “Keith, I thought I told you to keep the ones on the outside away from here. What will King and Queen Dontel do when they find this girl here, they will get angry with me for trusting you!” Sir Lance told Keith looking very angry. Sir Lance's face turned a little red with anger.

“I could just go home; I mean they don’t have to know I’m here because I could just go.” Amala said backing up towards the door she was pulled through. All of this was just a little creepy for Amala. “No you don’t girlie! You have to be reported to the King and Queen first so we can erase your memory.” Sir Lance picked Amala up and tossed her over his shoulder. Amala started screaming and kicking trying anything to get him to let go of her. Right now all Amala wanted to do was go home and be with her mom.

They walked for a few more minutes before they came upon a small grey bricked castle. It was a greyish brick building with a huge pond with moss growing up the left wall. Amala was not put down until the King and Queen told Sir Lance to put down his capture. Being dropped to the floor was not okay with Amala. “King, Queen. I am very sorry to disturb you but we have found another trespasser.” Lance said kneeling. “Tag her with a number and we will find a job for her,” the gorgeous Queen said not very interested in the smallgirl that was brought to her.

Amala was lead to a dark coldroom where she got a cain like collar with a tag on it. Then Sir Lance left her in a jail cell at the bottom of the castle. “What were you willing to give up?” a fragile lookinggirle asked Amala. “What do you mean give up?” Amala asked turning completely towards the girl. “Well you wouldn’t be here unless there was one thing you really wanted that you would sell your life for,” the palegirl said. “I didn’t mean to come here. I moved into a house with my mom and there was nothing to do so I climbed the fence and went for a walk. I found a wall made of twigs and looked to see if there was a door. A boy named Keith stopped me and then a man came and brought me here. I honestly don’t know what is going on.” Amala said.

The other girl gave her a small comfortingsmile before explaining that she was in the world Mind’s Desire. An evil Queen and King ruled it and they were promising people what their heart really wanted, but it was all a trick. The King and Queen enslaved the people they caught. She also told her what her name was.“I’m getting out of here and soon. Are you in?” Amala asked the girl that was named Savannah. Nodding her head Savannah helped plan their escape.

It took them a week but it was time to set the plan in motion. Savannah pretended to be deathly ill when Keith came to give them food. Amala knocked him over so Savannah could get out. Amala and Savannah ran as fast as they couldthrough the castle halls,doors and village. They were shocked when the Queen was blocking the gate to the normal world. With a smirk on her face the Queen looked them up and down.

“Amala why are you in such a rush? Why don’t you come with me to the castle and we can have some tea, also talk about what you want.” The Queen sickly swwet voicesaid. With every word the Queen got closer. “Stay away from us and fitting in and making friends I not worth being a slave for you.” Amala growled. “Dear I can get you more than just friends I can make you popular.” The Queen giggled. She shot a toothy grin at the young girls.“Don’t listen to her.” Keith said coming up behind Amala and Savannah.

The Queen was not pleased to see him. Her hands balled into fists as a giant sword appeared into her right hand. Out of nowhere Sir Lance threw his sword and it knocked the Queen’s sword from her hand. Screaming in frustration she summoned arrows to shoot from the walls at them.

Amala dodged some, one scrapped her arm. Running around trying to find something to protect herself with Amala saw a key on the ground. Savannah noticed what Amala saw and motioned for Keith to look at it too. Savannah and Keith hid behind some barrels while Amala was behind a brick wall.

Keith bolted for the key. Grabbing it from the ground he unlocked the door. Amala and Savannah took a chance and followed Keith. It seemed that all the citizens of the town were watching the fight. The Queen went to pull the key from her pocket when she noticed the kids ran for the door. The smile dropped from her face when she realised they had the key.

Keith got the door open and pushed Savannah and Amala out first. Keith got out quickly and kept the door open for all the other enslaved people. The Queen ran at them but she wasn’t fast enough. Keith had the door shut and locked before she was even six meters away from them. Her screaming only lasted a few seconds before it died away.

“What happens when she gets another key and comes for us,” Amala asked worriedly. “This is the only key.” Keith told her with a huge smile on his face. “WE”RE FREE!” Savannah shouted. Amala let out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding. Looking to see what the other thirty people were doing. Amala was surprised to see them gone.

“What happened to them?” Amala asked whipping around to her new friends. “They went home, their families miss them,” Savannah said. “Are you guys going home too?” Amala asked a little saddened at the thought of losing her friends. “Sorry.” They both said before disappearing in front of her eyes.

Amala noticed it was getting late and she ran all the way home. After being grounded for being out so long Amala went to bed. The next day she was not happy to get up and go to her new school. When the bus came she sat alone and thought to herself what Keith and Savannah were doing or if she would ever see them again. The bus stopped and she got off. Walking into the school she saw a boy with hazy green eyes talking to a girl.

They looked over at her and smiled. The girl the boy was talking to lead the way over to Amala. “Hello! You must be the new girl. I’m Savannah and this is Keith.” The pale girl that introduced herself as this said grinnign. Keith just smiled at her. “I know we will be great friends.” Savannah said.

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