Saying Goodbye to You

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A goodbye letter......

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Dear You,

I remember the good times and the bad times we had. The days relaxing on the beach soaking up the sun. The parties we went to together. especially that day we first met. I was only fourteen and so were you. We lived only a few houses apart and we would talk over all the fences that seperated us.We could laugh at anything when we were together. I remember the time you told me that my first boyfriend wasn't good enough for me. You wrote me a letter telling me this and I cried because earlier that day I caught him with another person. When we got our license we drove everywhere together. We through a huge bash celebrating my birthday one year even though we only had popcorn on yours. The christmas of our fifth year as friends you kissed me under the miseltoe! My toes curled at how sweet you treated me!


Now I am twenty-five looking back at all the time we spent together. In a few minutes I will be leaving the apartment we shared and heading down to the cemetary. I will walk right up to where you lay and read this letter to you. You were right when we were fourteen. Now that I have you in my life i will never ever forget you. I loved you so much and I wish you were her for me to say it to your face. Since I can't i will tell you in this letter. She was born on June 19, 2011. The day I first ever saw you. Twelve years do go by fast and i don't regret anything. Thank you for showing and loving me every step of the way.


Love Lots and Always: Me 


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