The Superior's Office

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Saix tells Xemnas what is bothering him...
Xemnas and saix love!!!

I dont own the characters just the plot!!!

Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



Xemnas 'the Superior' and Saix 'the Lunar Diviner' sat peacefully on a couch in the Superior's office. It was the first sunny day of the month and it seemed that everyone in the Organisation was doing something. "Superior?" Saix asked in a low voice. "Saix, in private you can call me Xemnas," Xemnas said looking over at his blue haired companion.

"I was thinking of my somebody; Isa." Saix admitted looking down at his hands. "What would make you think of her?" Xemnas asked. "Isa was use to being used then left. She acted like she never had a heart. I know we nobodies don't have hearts but I can't go through what Isa did." Saix finished with a shaky breath.

"I can promise you that you won't go through that ever again. i will always be here for you," Xemnas said pulling saix into a hug. Saix leaned his head on Xemnas shoulder and whispered his thanks before pulling away from him. saix left to go finish his mission he was assigned in twilight town.

Xemnas looked out the window that over looked every thing and thought to himself, I was right, I don't have my heart. Saix has it.


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