Twilight and Dawn

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A poem about a secret lovers,embracing the night where their love is manifested in an open field until the dawn takes over and they are back to hiding there love in the shadows...

Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012



When the lights of the earth lays asleep
I'm nothing more ,than the sight of you in my eyes
Where our hands cling to the love that lives in us
and all that it gives us through the night

In the light of the moon,
Is all I live for
Where each night unfolds
the beauty of our love
The very depth of our soul
Sparkles like the stars on the plain earth

The light of our love
leads us each night to the field of pure bliss
There, our love fills the atmosphere
And every breathe of love we take
Holds the bond of our belonging

The birth of the dawn,
Takes away these moments
and turns them into dreams
Bonded in chains of reality,
until twilight

If only night,can hold
The gravity of our love
Where it never has to wait for time
Then let day never ever wake again

Somehow I know that we
can't awake this dream
It lives unreal outside our minds

But maybe tonight,
Our dreams will fly us far away
Before the sun awakes
Where we'll be lost
And the light of the dawn
will take us to a new life

For how long shall we pretend
In the rays of the daylight?
When will the strenght of our love cast away its horror?

Some how I know we never can wake this dream
It's not real
but its ours

Tomorrow can't promise anything
Until time awakes it's reality.

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