Go To Hell !!!

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I write this short story in a mood to Go hell . Read this and say Go to Hell !!!

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012




Go To Hell !


I saw my mobile’s breathing light blinks very fast , like a dying patient. It was sure that , somebody tried to call me or messaged me. I tied my bathrobe and grabbed my E7 from bed and slided to unlock. I saw few whatsapp messages and missed call. It was her, my love and my all ; nobody else. All messages , is to call her , and all other pings.


I changed bathrobe to a trouser and T shirt and replied her that , “ Will call  u in few minutes, I will go out because of poor 3G network inside.” I know , that she can understand about it . As the day was a weekend . my apartment floor was busy with kids playing. I made my activity fast to walk through those kids and approached to the elevator.


These funky kids were playing in the lift . I was waiting for the elevator to come upto my 6th floor. I can hear the noise from downstairs that ,somebody else too waiting for the lift on 5th floor. Iam sure that , so each floor , somebody else will be there. Expecting the worst on this urgency . Elevator was still struck in the 1st floor.Kids holds the lift for some reasons.If I found that kid on that time, I will slap him or her. But no other to way to reach ground floor. High humid evening made me lazy and feels very uncomfortable to use stairs.


At last the elevator turns me, When I get inside , I noted that, somebody pressed all the floor switch . elevator opened and closed on each floor . I closed my eyes . Can’t control my anger. Finally , I reached ground floor and moved towards the usual place, where I used to sit and talk  .

I approached a swing and made me comfortable . Opened an internet dialer from my mobile and called her . “ Subscriber you dialed is busy on another call” –Disgusting .!!Tried again,” The number you dialed is busy with some one else.”Nowadays, this is a usual thing ,which is happening always. I tired again; “ You are getting a busy tone now , please try again , or call later” . Piece of crap !


Nearly waited 10  minutes to get into the elevator. And again 10 minutes to reach her. ! Hell.. !!! I tried again and she picked call . I was very angry and relaxed myself. And asked – “ Whats happening ? .. She used to say , that , she don’t like , me asking about the calls she is getting . But, am a human being, I hate keep me on hold . Still , I didn’t asked. But , kept in mind. Whenever , I turned back to India, I will ask her for all  these and each and everything. She is getting worse because,she knows well , that , I can’t reach her immediately.


She said that, - She decided to go for that bank job , what I reffered a month before. On that time, she denied very simply and said, she will not join any company , where I have influence. Now , she need to join that company. Reason behind this intension is nothing else. She fought with her dad regards some Gold issue, which kept in bank. Now she asked her dad about that and demanded that , she need it now. Nothing strange , her dad , said, “ if you want , take yourself,I will not help”.


She said me that , “ tomorrow ,I will tell you , the possibility to join there. And the worry is nothing but about the accommodation. I don’t like to stay in hostel . Better to stay like a paying guest . Vineeth ettan is there, so I can stay his home. He don’t have any problem .”

But she forget or she don’t think, I’ ve problem ,that she is staying there. Because, there is certain reasons behind that . I don’t like this Vineeth. Earlier my commitment with her. This same Vineeth proposed and attempted many times to get her. She said me very clearly and he disturbed her very much. Even though she keep talking him, because, he used to call her from different numbers. And now he is married. Still  , he is showing some kind of affection on her . And once he said her to throw me away and made me to stand outside a coffee shop and another incident at his Levis Showroom. She forget all those, that , am losing my character while doing this. No girl , or no wife will say like this ; in a very simple manner.


I stopped her inbetween and asked.. Vineeth don’t have problem, why can’t you think about me. You know very well that , I ‘ve problem in this . And how dare you say this. She said that, “ My life spoil and ne’r give her peace in her life. Iam going to switch off my mobile.” And the call got disconnected.


Those kids near to that swing is staring on me because of my body language . I moved towards an isolated area ,and called her again . “ the subscriber you are trying is switched off.” It repeated for 5 minutes. She forget again that , I have only that number to reach her . She is using to switch off her mobile nowadays. May be , she get frustrated in this relation . But she is not understanding , that frustration is happenin through her words only.


I was totally exhausted and Blood pressure comes high . I tried again and again, Suddenly , call got through. She picked the call and not talking and not responding, even though I shouted. She keep on repeating her usual words , like , her life is spoiled and  destroyed. How long a man , or a boy can hear this words???I did the same . I blasted like hell . ! But she holds her words and sticks on the same temper. Iam sure that , she cant think about , why I shouted ???


I was mad and crazy . I howled like a man , who lost all happiness and grilled with all unhappiness talks from his love, with out any reasons. Yes, I was standing in an isolated area now. And I banged on a nearby fencing, which made my hand keep swelling. I cant close my eyes. She send me messages that , Nobody is understanding her. And its all darkness around her. I didn’t responded for those messages. Because, its all because of her. And she added that , she is confident that , if she is not going for that bank job, she can get into the film field, where few openings is behind her. Again,she is not thinking , she is losing our life . Selfishness on heights . If I was there infront of her, I will pull out her tongue.


She is closing her eyes on day time and keeps darkness around her always. Even I show the right way and say right things, she is not understanding. Am a joker , atlast , a bull shift piece of crap, who loves a girl , keeping only her mobile number. If she is doing like this always , switching off her mobile and reacting like this by saying ,her life is spoiled.. whats the point of me belive the trust on her. ? I know she will do it again, because of her over confidence and the openings around her . let God bless her !! She may say now—



Get lost Ro , Go to hell !!!!

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Go To Hell !!!

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