I Fell in Love With A Famous Singer

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**On hold** Ashley Thompson met the man of her dreams at just the age of five, they were best friends until he moved away, he was called Zach. He left Ashley all alone to face the world on her own leading to four years of hell.
At fourteen they meet again and everything is fine for a month or so, until Zach Dreams of becoming a singer songwriter start to come true leading him on to fame.
Four Years Later Ashley Finds her self in LA to spent the summer with her best friends Madison and Harry. So who does she run it to Zach Collins the man of her dreams,, it may have been a while since they last saw each other but this is the story Ashley faces by having a famous singer in love with her. The world sees they with all the smile and as the perfect couple but what is the way their story will go.

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We Were Both Young When I First Saw You

Submitted: December 24, 2011

This tells the story of a girl name Ashley Thompson and the different ways to love someone, weather it was family, a friend or something more and then the mixed up relationship of whether she really has found the man on her dreams or weather she has just given up. You see the love she has for her mother, whose opinion to her means everything as she grows in to a beautiful young women. Her friends and then the drama you get with them as you grow and change in to adults and beyond. Last you have the decision between if you lust for someone or it is really love, this one that can cause the most pain about which guy to fall in love with. Read Chapter