L'amour Perdu

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Every girl will picture there true love.Every girl want's that perfect kiss. every girl want's the happy ever after. One girl had it,or was on the way to having it.
A letter and a rose is the only thing left, read the story of how the sixteen year old Lucy,lost her Love.
(For Lemonadefreak Tears of Joy and Loves a Pain Contest)



Lying upon the table is a rose a pink rose. The same color as my lips that he kissed. I won’t forget his kisses upon my lips. They will be edged into my mind for the rest of time. My life seems broken, my life had fallen upon happiness is gone and this cruel world has made me feel ever so alone. The rose is lying next to a note, a note I was given a month ago and have not opened it. I remember the day he gave it to me, he said open it whenever you’re feeling alone. I think he knew what was to come, but he never told me, he never told me. I have memories left; I knew I still had them.

My finger’s trace along the envelope and I think of him again. A tear falls down my face and drops onto the paper I’m holding. My heart is broken and I live in the world where pain is all around. Flashes of a happier time come across my eyes.

“Lucy, Lucy where are you.” I hear the voice and I peer around the tree to see a man with dark hair, green eyes. He is 6ft 5in and towers over me, but I don’t care. When he sees me he runs towards me and pulls me into his arms. Sparks, electricity is speeding through every part of me. His lips brush mine, and then he pulls apart. That kiss is enough to make me crave him enough to think things I really shouldn’t. This is a kiss of true love; the most powerful thing upon this world; this is still the only thing that cannot be broken. I look up at him and a smile has crossed over my face. He picks me up and spins me around, once, twice and three times before placing me upon the ground again. I love him, I haven’t told him I love him, but I love him with every part of everything I have.

His arm is wrapped loosely around my middle and his lips go to my neck. I let out a small giggle as they brush over my neck. He pulls away and picks me up into bridal still and walks through the trees. My eyes are on him and his eyes are on me. We don’t need to talk, I prefer the silence. My head rests upon his chest and I hear the slow steady heart beat as we walk through the trees.

After a few minutes, we must have reached the middle of the forest. Although dark, it is simply beautiful. Flowers are pink, purple and blue were all across the floor. Ivy was wrapped around branches and he placed me in the flower bed and taking the seat next to me. I looked into his bright green eyes and he lent in and brushes his lips across mine again. His arm went around my shoulder and I moved to sit in his lap as our eyes locked on to each other again. "Lucy." He murmurs into my ear before kissing me on the neck and then they follow with his lips moving long my jawline. I let out another small giggle as my cheeks went a shade of red. I smile and breathe out.

“Yes.” He pulls away from me and I bit my lip as I look into his perfect eyes, his hand goes to my lip and he says.

“Don’t do that, you are going to make me do something I regret.” I smile and his lips brush mine again, his lips are warm and gently glide across mine like they were made to be together. I smile at him and he says. “There is something I should have told you.” His face is relaxed, but my heart is beating faster and faster. He is so going to break up with me, he is going to crush my heart and I didn’t even tell him I love him. “Don’t look so worried it’s nothing bad.” My face drops as my eyebrows come together and he goes to my ear where he whispers. “I Love you.” He kisses me below the ear and I breathe out.

“I love you too.” He is known in my face again and pulls out an envelope; he holds it out for me. I take it and I turn it over to see my name across the paper. I look at him and he smiles and says.

“For whenever you’re feeling alone, you can only open it once and I want you to open it when you think nobody wants you.” He comes in to kiss me again, but I don’t kiss him in return as I look at him with my eyes tracing his face.

“You are leaving.” He shook his head and then pulls me closer to his body and says.

“Lucy, I just want to make sure that you always live a perfect life and that you are never alone. I am here for you as long as you so wish. I will never leave you by choice.” I look at him through my lashes and felt my cheeks heating up again. He smiles at me and starts to play with my hair as I look at the letter. He kisses me, once, twice, three times and many more times. I love this guy with every part of my heart and I do not think I could live in a world without him. Water leaving my eyes and he notices this and says. “Lucy, are you sad about something.” I shake my head. “Lucy, are you scared of something.” Again and shook my head and I turned to face him, with my tears falling down my face.

“I am crying because I am happy, I don’t want this moment to end. It is perfect and I love you with every part of my heart.” He kissed me again and I buried my head into his chest.

Two weeks later he told me he had terminal pancreatic cancer. A perfect moment destroyed by those words, my world came down and he told me he would be fine, but I knew he was gone. Terminal pancreatic cancer is hard to diagnose and once you have been it is too late for that person to live. Two weeks was all he had left, two weeks after he told me he was dead. Two weeks was all it took to make my world come crashing down, two weeks and I lost my true love, two weeks it took him to tell me. Two weeks is how long I knew I would have to open the letter.

I am dressed in black and sitting at my dressing table, with both the rose and the letter on it. My eyes go to the mirror. In which I see a girl with black hair, she is just sixteen years old and has lost the things she loves more than anything in the world. Her eyes are marked with red and she looks out of place in this brightly light room.

My fingers trace the envelope again and rip the paper. There are two sheets the first is sheet music. I look at it confuse, I see words written across the page.  At the top there is the word Menuett, underneath he has written.

You loved dancing, I loved music. This world simple means a stately piece of music composed for dancing.

More tears traced down my face as the pain I feel for my heart. The other sheet was a letter; his writing was across the page looking elegant. I looked at the words and more tears were falling down my face.

Dear princess

I am sorry that you are reading this, but I had to write it. Lucy I didn't mean this to happen, I didn't want to leave, but god got in the way and thought you must have been too perfect for

me. I love you and that will never change, I just what you to make a promise to me and that is that you will let God take you from the world and not do it yourself. I will watch over you every day. I want you to fall in love again; I don't want you to hold back. I want you to live the dream you had before there was us. Before you knew I cared about you, well more than a friend. You will never be alone and please don't make your world come crashing down over me. I want you to grow up, I want you to get married and I want you to have kids. I will be in your mind forever, but please don't let me run your life from the grave. I doubt I'd be a very pretty ghost. Just Lucy, promise me you will fall in love again.



Tears of pain, and tears of joy fall down my face as the man I love as ended the chapter of his life. He had gone and dedicated to me.


(A/N) Hope you like this and tell me what you think.

Submitted: April 26, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Rosiejb. All rights reserved.

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Wait..... That's how it ends? Wow. This is really good. Just what I was looking for. Good job! Scores will be up as soon as I can. I'll let you know in another comment on this story.
Once again, good job. You gave me what I was looking for.
I almost cried :)

Mon, May 21st, 2012 5:26am


aw thanks so much, can't wait., glad you enjoyed it, thanks so much.

Sun, May 20th, 2012 10:34pm


Oh my goodness! I loved this so, so much! It was so beautiful and sad, I almost cried! Just saying 'well done' doesn't feel like enough. How did you do in the competition?

Fri, June 1st, 2012 5:40pm


Glad you like it. I was thinking of writing something before this story. Not sure Yeats. Thanks again.

Sat, June 2nd, 2012 12:54am

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