A Scene from Bloomington

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This is my favourite scene from the movie Bloomington. The movie is about a former child actress now college student who begins an unorthodox relationship with her female professor. Their bond grows stronger everyday until Jackie the student is given an opportunity to go back into acting which threatens their relationship.

Submitted: February 08, 2012

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Submitted: February 08, 2012





The library scene

Jackie: (sits on the desk in front of Catherine)

Catherine: (steps between her legs) you know how you’re always quiet when we have sex?

Jackie: is that a problem?

Catherine: no I just wonder as all. Figured that if you’re quiet when you don’t have to be then I wonder how you will be when you have to (reaches for her zipper)

Jackie: (grabs her hand and whispers) what are you doing?

Catherine: (grabs her hands) put your hands on the side of the table (places her hands on the table side) you’re going to need to

Jackie: wha- (moans out in pleasure as Catherine touches her sensitive area)

Catherine: (kisses her cheek) there you go (whispers in her ear)

Jackie: (moans in pleasure)

Catherine: (kisses her neck then stops) all cured (kisses her on the forehead then smiles)

Jackie: (laughs then pushes her) you bastard

Catherine: (laughs)

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