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Part 2 to Italian Mafia
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Part 2 to Italian Mafia

Chapter1 (v.1) - RussianMafia

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Part 2 to Italian Mafia

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Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 18, 2012





Book two takes you as the reader into the unscrupulous and deceitful world of espionage. We begin right where we left of with Valentina dead or supposedly dead, Sebastien Martinez has fled the country and ended up in Moscow, Russia and agent Adrian T. Brody finally becomes a certified field agent.

It was a couple weeks after the explosion at Ivan de la Vega’s mansion in Cosa Nostra, Sicily and Adrian was still mourning the death of Valentina. After the explosion the bomb squad had inspected the remains of the ambulance and only found two bodies which were identified as the EMT’s but they failed to find Valentina’s body. When he had heard of this he thought it was good news but the bomb squad had told him not to get his hopes up because that could easily mean that the blast was so great that she felt most of the impact and her body was probably blown to bits, this information made Adrian lose all hope of ever seeing his beloved again.

Today Adrian on leave of absence had gotten a call from the General and was told to meet him in the conference room, so he left his house and quickly went to work. When he had arrived he noticed that the blinds in the conference room were closed which could only mean that the President was on a conference call with the General. He walked briskly towards the room and went inside.

Adrian: good evening Mr. President. General.

President: good evening agent brody. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Adrian: likewise Mr. President

President: please. Call me Christopher

Adrian: okay Mr.… I mean Christopher

General: I feel like we’ve been through this already

President: it seems like only yesterday I was having a similar conversation with agent (pausing for a moment) Serrano. She was a remarkable agent who did what we have been trying to do for years.

General: yes she will be missed. It’s a great loss for not only us but everyone she’s ever helped. It took courage and determination to do what she did by taking down the Italian Mafia and her family in the process. Anyway let’s get down to why we called you here agent brody.

President: we had previously assigned this mission to agent Serrano but due to obvious circumstances we are handing over this assignment to you.

The general handed him a file labeled top secret. Agent brody read through the file keenly.

President: we’ve gotten word from our friends over in Moscow and from what they’ve been telling me it seems that the Russian mafia has teamed up with Al Qaeda and is planning to launch an attack against us.

Adrian: when?

President: we don’t know yet

General: that’s where you come in. we want you to go to Moscow and work with an undercover agent and take down the mafia from the inside.

Adrian: who’s the agent?

President: he goes by the name Sergei Malakhovskii

Adrian: and how will I find him?

General: he’ll find you. We want you on the next plane to Moscow, tonight.

Adrian: yes sir

Adrian walked briskly out of the conference room and headed straight home. That night he was tossing and turning in his sleep because he was having a recurring nightmare.


Adrian: valentina Serrano will you give me the pleasure of becoming my wife? (He opened the velvet box and revealed a 20 carat diamond studded ring)

Valentina: (tears welling up in her eyes) yes a million times yes

Adrian: (placing the ring on her finger) I love you so much

Valentina: (giving him a passionate kiss) I love you too

Adrian: I can’t wait to make you Mrs. Adrian brody and spend the rest of our lives together.

Valentina: how did I become so lucky to have you?

Adrian: I’m the lucky one. If you hadn’t called me into your office that day we probably wouldn’t be together

Valentina: (pulling him close) that’s not true. I always had a crush on you but I was too afraid to make a move

Adrian: (placing a kiss on her nose) that’s so sweet

Valentina: (blushing) that’s---- (her phone rang) hello?

General: we need you to come in now

Valentina: okay. I’ll be there in an hour. (She hung up) sorry babe but I have to go

Adrian: can’t you take a day off?

Valentina: (whispering in his ear) I’ll make it up to you tonight

Adrian: (kissing her on the cheek) okay……I’ll see you tonight

Valentina got into her car and drove off. As she was about to turn the corner the car exploded.

Adrian: (running towards the car) valentina! No!

Adrian awoke drenched in sweat, unable to go back to sleep he decided to go for a run. He got up and got dressed and jogged out into the moonless night, alone in the dark.









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