Alex Rider and Maximum Ride (sorta)

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Alex Rider goes on another mission, to the school. There he meets 6 interesting kids before excaping with his own 'problem' he's not compleatly human. How can Alex hide these developments expescially with old classmates and k-unit involved what will happen?

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



DISCLAIMER: I do not own Alex Rider or Maximum Ride. If I did own Alex I would tie him up and stare at him

Alex:I'm right here you know.

Me:You're only there because I'm dillusional



Alex Rider and Maximum Ride (Sorta)

Alex was investigating a mysterious building in the states when it happened.


Alex was sent to Blunt’s office as soon as he got to the ‘royal and general bank’. Mrs. Jones and Alan Blunt were waiting for him.

“What do you want this time?” He said slightly exasperated.

“There is an organization in the United States that is very suspicious they work with children and we need to send someone in.”

“What about the CIA?”

“They are currently working on something more important and again they need a child.”

“I’m fourteen” Alex muttered under his breath. “Fine I’ll go.” Alex had long since stopped resisting he knew he was a spy at heart. He knew he was too good at his job to stop.

Alex had been kidnapped and stripped of his gadgets then thrown into of all things a dog cage. He was dirty and bloody and hurt like heck. Jeez why couldn’t they just scold him and send him to bed without dinner. Alex then realized he wasn’t alone there were another six kids around him they had looked up when he was thrown in then continued doing their various things.

“Anybody care to tell me what’s going on?”He whispered. The leader looked over at him and then at the youngest girl. The leader was pretty with long brown hair with blonde streaks and the little girl was cute and innocent looking with her spiral blonde curls.

“Angel didn’t get anything bad off of you, but to tell you the truth she couldn’t get anything off of you so I guess I’ll tell you.” The leader shrugged. Alex was confused ‘get anything off me?’ was she a physic or something he decided to move on.

“Where are we? Who are you? What are you doing here? How did you get here?” Alex listed off with his fake American accent. MI6 had decided he was going to be an American, an American with brown hair that matched his dark brown eyes. They had also pierced his ear again. I hate MI6 he thought.

“To answer your many questions this is the school, I’m Max and that’s Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel, sitting in dog crates and we were kidnapped. Hope that answers everything.” Max eyed the newcomer warily; Angel hadn’t been able to get through to him. Who is he?

Max’s POV

In a couple of minuets a whitecoat came in. My gang and I looked away. But the whitecoat went right by them and stopped by Alex.

“Alex, come out, come out where ever you are.” Said the whitecoat in a sickenly sweet singsongy voice I turned to see that ‘Alex’ had shrunk back into the shadows. Nice move thought but it ain’t gonna do you no good. The whitecoat unlocked the cage and pulled Alex out. If he wasn’t beaten half to death the whitecoat wouldn’t have stood a chance. I could see Alex’s mussels under his shirt not the really big scary ones but the ones that said don’t mess with me. If he wasn’t straining I probably wouldn’t have even noticed them. But as it was they took Alex out and we all looked away again. He was probably going to come back not all human.

Alex’s POV

“Oh la merde je suis visse” I cussed in French “Vous le soleil d'un fusil vous ne pouvez pas le faire aux enfants!” I forgot to switch back to English and kept yelling

“What did he say?” I had the whitecoats confused, good. Another whitecoat spoke up

“He said s*** I’m screwed, you sons of a gun, you can’t do this to children.” I looked at him impressed

“Well translate this, Je vais à injoy le transport de votre petit âne en arrière à ma compagnie quand j'en sors et me fie en moi j'irai faire!” (I'm going to injoy hauling your little a** back to my company when I get out of this and trust me I will) He went pale.

“Who do you work for?” Oh they don’t know, oops, my bad. Oh well. I’ll just make up a story.

“I’m in a gang and when they find out they’re going to beat you up!” I said and they started laughing.

“Yeah you just keep hoping kid.” And with that I was injected with antiseptics.

A/N hey guys tell me what you think, should I continue is it complete trash please share just add a comment *nudge,nudge* this ismy second fanfic. please read the other if you like this-Rosieposypansiedude


A/N Hey guys I'm trying to update as fast as possible even though no one is reading or commenting *sniff sniff convicing sobbing noises* so please comment or just read come on I'll bake you a metaphor cookie you know you want to. = ) I love you all-Rosieposypansiedude

Alex’s POV

When I awoke I didn’t feel any different. I was back in the cage the only thing different was that I seemed to be sitting on my shoulder blades. That’s odd I didn’t think they protruded that much. I tried moving my arms but they stayed in the same position so I just moved around a bit and went to sleep seeing as everyone else was asleep. Weeks passed I had a few more ‘doctor’ appointments, I came to know my cell mates quite well the oldest were fourteen like me, and my shoulder bones kept getting bigger but I’ve learned to pull them in so I wouldn’t freak out Max and them. The scientist kept saying something about bird DNA. Could it be I was growing wings? Now I’m just being silly. One night when I was with the whitecoats they pulled out a big mirror and showed me myself. I was really thin they didn’t feed you much here, and so ignoring that I unfolded my ‘shoulder bones’ and found I really did have wings. They were big, like fifteen feet big. And white, at least mostly. They were a little bit brown at the tops.

“Wow” I mutter. Complete understatement.

“It worked!” the whitecoats were yelling. They made me perform some more tests before sending me back.

“ Oh Mon Mince alors! Je suis un monstre de mutant! Je ne peux pas aller n'importe où ma vie est ruinée tous grâce à ces imbéciles i freakin' les détestent” I muttered under my breath (Oh My Gosh! I'm a mutant freak! I can't go anywhere my life is ruined all thanks to these a**holes I freakin’ hate them) I enjoy cussing in French. It calms me down.

“You’re back!” shouts Max

“Why did you miss me?” I said sarcastically while wiggleing my eyebrows. She just rolled her eyes at me. Ah the sweet sense of annoyance. I savor it before turning around to my one guard. A mistake on their part and kicked him in the stomach then knocked him out with a blow to the head. I caught him and laid him down on the floor. I finally could stop using this American accent. I unlocked Max’s and the rest of her crew’s cages. They just stared at me.

“Are you coming or not?” I say

“What happened to your voice?”

“The accent? Being American was just a cover.”

“Huh?” I almost laughed because the last part was in perfect harmony only Fang didn’t reply.

“Escape now, talk later.”


We ran through the school knocking out guards as we went by. It was actually kind of fun. When we reached out side I yelled in triumph.

“We’re free! Somos Libres! Nous sommes libres! Wir sind frei! ?? ????????!” I yelled in several different languages. Max and them just stared. That time I did laugh.

“That was Spanish,French, German, and Russian” I explained

“Oh, let’s move it!”

“How are we leaving?”I ask

“Sorry Alex. But you’re on your own. Thanks for setting us free maybe we’ll see each other again.” With that she snapped out her wings and her and the rest of the flock took off. I thought of my own wings. But I had no training so I wasn’t going to waste my time on it. I spotted a jeep out of the courner of my eye. No keys. Oh well. I hot wired the car and was off. I thought of my location, I’m in Death Valley. I knew that if I traveled east 5 miles I would reach bad water spring, then countinue heading east to Las Vegas along rt. 178.


When Alex arrived at Las Vegas he knew he looked attrosious yesterday had proved that. Alex was deathly thin, dirty, and covered in dry blood. He went into the nearest McDonalds to clean up. After he got off all the dirt and blood he looked and felt much better. A man passed by and lent Alex his phone. Alex called Jack on her mobile.


“Hi Jack its Alex.”

“Alex?” her voice was faint. Then she started yelling. “ALEX WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?! WE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!!!”

“Calm down Jack. I’m not dead. I’m in the states and I don’t have any money.” Alex was getting a funny look from the man who lent him his phone.

“I know this guy in Las Vagas,” She said after Alex told her where he was. “He might let you stay if you say I sent you.” Jack told him the address and with luck it was withen a few minuts drive.

“Ok I’ve got to go I’ll call you when I get there.” And with that he hung up. He gave his thanks to the man who had the phone and left.

Arriving at the house Alex saw it was very square and Mexican looking. He knocked on the door thankfully they was home.

“Hello, may I help you?” said Jessica. Alex couldn’t belive it. Jessica use to go to his school before she moved to the states. She took a closer look at him and gasped.

“Alex? Alex Rider? What are you doing her? Come inside you look horrible.” She turned around and yelled. “Mom a friend from school is here!” sshe got a muffled ‘Ok’ and turned back into the house she lead him up to her room then left to get him something to eat. She came back up with some cheese and crackers. After they had both eaten their share she turned on him.


“Can’t classified.” She looked at him in annoyance and gave him a look that said I’ll- get- the-truth- even- if-I-have-to-force-it-out-of-you. Alex was use to that look Jack gave it to him all the time.

“I’ll go get a first aid kit so we can look at your injurys.” She was before he could argue

A/N So there 2 updates in one day ha! so let's reveiw shall we: Alex is stuck in the states gos to Jack's contact Jack's contact=Alex's old classmate who wants to dress Alex's wounds but don't forget Alex has wings. Lol what will happen? Find out after this break -Rosieposypansiedude

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