Beast Within Me

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I wrote this when i was dealing with my Chronic Depression anxiety and other things and there were time i couldn't deal with them. I saw them as ugly creatures that lived inside me. I saw that they weren't truly me but just ugly monsters.

Submitted: December 16, 2015

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Submitted: December 16, 2015



The Beast within me I cannot control 'em, they are fighting their way out has been too long.

 I cannot hold them in,I want to let them out but I know the damage they can do.

The hurt, pain, hate it brings.The scars, the memories, it brings back too much to handle.

I try to forget, but they come back just a strong as before.

The nightmares, the urges, I cannot make them stop

.People try to tame this beast inside me, but it just goes wild.

No matter what I do or how far I run it still ends finding me.

When I am upset, angry, depressed the beast is there.

The beast says I can make you better, I can make the bad people go away.

Just let me out, let me be free.I look at this monster, at first it's nothing but darkness.

As it gets closer the blackness lifts and a body starts to form.

Then it stands in front of me and I see the horror.It's me but a different me, a darker, uglier me.

My hair is thinned, eyes sunken in.Teeth jagged and sharp.

Nothing but a skinny bony body. It's truly me. No it cannot be, but it is.

This will be me if i let out this horrid demon and let it take control.

I am staring death right in the face.I look into the soulless eyes of this wretched creature.

I say I will not bow to your commands, I will take control.I will not break or fade away.

The beast screams and falls in defeat.

The beast has died.I have defeated it and everything is clear.

The urges are gone and the nightmares have ceased.

I have broken through the darkness and is welcomed by the light.

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