Creativity unleashed....

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Its about how i got in touch with my creative side by delving deep into my imagination....

Submitted: February 26, 2008

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Submitted: February 26, 2008



There was always a sea of creativity in me,

kept it caged, never let it free.

Till now i hadn't realised,

of it's existence inside.

I believe now in affirmation,

that i stand at the harbinger of creation.

I am aware that i can be anything,

with multiple things in the making.

I can be a poet,

coz i want to write a beautiful sonnet.

Words interwined beautifully,

expressing feelings to its purity.

I can be a writer,

pour out a story so i feel lighter.

Pen down my thoughts and experiences,

with every emotion in my senses.

I can write a song,

before toa melody, the words belong.

They serenade in love, life, hope and glory,

touching the soul with a unique story.

I can be a painter,

give my creativity a beautiful shelter,

wherein will lie my free flowing imagination,

binding different colours in relation.

I can be a singer,

unleash the melody, let the words linger.

Revel in the sound of my own voice,

coz that is my choice.

This sea of creativity is yet to meet,

the river of my feelings so discreet.

And when that happens,

There will emerge a delta of passion.

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