Poems about society

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My poems are basically a reflection of my thoughts of society. Some are a little dark but overall there not to depressing. My main hope with my poetry is not to make money or be famous but to inspire others to think like me (that doesn't mean i promote conformity). Anyway enjoy :)

Submitted: October 30, 2006

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Submitted: October 30, 2006




The lips move fluently

But the noises are of no sound.

Meanings are given, descriptions lost,

And the future will never be found.


Labels describe what you are

The soul is to often ignored.

What is shone by your eyes

Is managed, contained and conformed.


The ways of behaviour

Are controlled by the rules.

The lessons that need to be learned

Are never taught in schools.


Live your life by a book

And do not questions your way.

Always stay on the golden path

And never go astray.


The truths that become clouded

Are like weapons in the mind.

For those who question

Only silence will you find.


Wander carelessly through the city

As blank expressions begin to embrace.

The buildings create their shadows

They hide the smiles from our face.


Promises crack and strain

Their disposed in equity.

No actions can be performed

When they contradict their policy.

The patriot waves his flag

He raises his hand for war.

His enemies are all around him

For their differences they must fall.


The eyes see new changes

As old ways are superficially disposed.

But the patriot's heart burns

As old enemies stay foes.


The words and pictures sold

Tell of tales of new tragedy.

The one's who own them

Contribute new ways of forgery.


But the patriot's ears own him,

His mind is drilled in concrete.

The system that has raised him

Has managed him with discreet.


The colours are painted deep within

They tell him what's his goal.

For he is the perfect patriot

They already sold his soul.

Wish upon the moonlight star

Watch the tree's cry from afar.


All is lost in the shadows of the night

The hidden truths are ignored by the light.


Fingers point and noises wail

The children fall like drops of hail.


The sea's rise without a tide

The bullets from which we cannot hide.


The skies open up from above

The lives are lost, so is love.


Sicknesses are found within the mind

As laughter and smiles are hard to find.


Watch the water dry from the sand

Find true peace within my hand.


Not all differences are impossible to mend

If we look within, we are all a friend.

Conscript to those you know are watched

Listen to the voices trapped in green.

The drowning echoes are whispered

By those who wish not to be seen.


The truth is often lost

In the lies that are portrayed.

The lessons that are learned

Can never be replayed.


The words are always lost

In the conversion that we seek.

The results that we hope for

Will never find relief.


The power that is obtained

Is never put to good use.

The things that we believe

Are always clouded in the truth.


The colours that are real

Are buried by what is wrong.

The questions that need answers

Are never brought along.


Control is the right means

For which conformity brings no peace.

If you believe the lies

Then there will never be a release.


They'll teach you all the methods

To continue what they wish.

If you never question the answers

Then no meanings will ever exist.


Mirrors hide the truth

They offer but a glare.

But if you look behind them

You'll find all the answers there.

Do we seek to conquer evil

Or do we seek to conquer land?

Do we want to conserve order

Or do we want to own the sand?


The gifts we were given

Become trampled in confusion.

We cannot expect change

If no one is in unison.


Divisions are prevalent on the surface

But they can change from within.

The decisions we come to

Are always based on sin.


Differences run on our perception

They can be broken by understanding.

Forgiveness is always open

To those who are forgiving.


The emotions that we breed

Are given to those who hate.

If you looked within each other

Then love will never negate.

If the purple shaded moon

took five more years to shine.

I would wait for it

I definitely wouldn't mind.


if it took five more years

for the roads to stop flowing red.

it wouldn't agitate me

I would be happier instead.


if it took another five years

to stop the falling in the sky

it wouldn't make me sad

it wouldn't make me cry.


And if it took five more years

to drop our guns to the ground

I would shout out forever

so that everyone heard my sound.

The blood spills the streets

like a river painted red

the air fills with sounds

of the ghosts of the dead.


the picture is painted clear

it's there for all to view,

but prevention is abandoned

as injustices run through.


the eyes of the children

are tarnished with despair.

their mourning cries ignored

as they settle in the night air


the blood replaces the eyes

as the unforgiven comes true.

the value of a persons soul

is never witnessed true.


the efforts are abandoned

peace ceases to exist,

the tyrants become gods

they rule only with their fists.


the blood will keep spilling

the red will be impossible to miss

is life worth living

when life is like this?

They cast shadows in the sky

as the people swarm to follow.

They keep climbing to the heavens

ignoring the screams from below.


They tower like the gods

taunting us from the skies.

No-one can stop them

no-one prevents their endless rise.


The thirst for perfection

misses those hidden by the shadows.

The quest for power to control

cannot be faltered by the bellows.


The journey will only be completed

when they have achieved the best.

Their mission will be successful

when we're all part of the west.


The rivers will spell black

and the sun will read gloom.

The journey man has taken

will only lead us to doom.


Your importance in this world

is measured in gold.

And when their finished with you

You'll be ready to be sold.


So as the trees start to melt

and the shadows take their places.

The truth about mankind

is pictured in the fallen faces.

When we see the stones

of all those fallen before.

Makes me start to wonder

what exactly we're fighting for.


There's order in the past

followed by chaos in the end.

It's hard to find peace

when we're forced to hate our friend.


The problems they create

are blamed squarely on the youth.

Its hard to accept the blame

when your faced with the truth.


The voices are silenced

as old rivalries grow bitter.

Understanding becomes discarded

so we cannot live together.


The knight rides the sunset

his allegiances are formed.

The king smiles riley

as his opponents are destroyed.


The eyes of the hourglass

disappears under the sand.

The demons rise precariously

as their free to roam the land.


The ghosts of the deceased

continue to be ignored.

The lives stolen by the past

continue to be performed.


The angel flees hastily on

to her journey back to the clouds.

Her heart cannot bear

to hear life's devastating sounds.

The child enters this life

it quickly finds itself alone.

The truth of its existence

lies in the seventh stone.


it enters a world at war

a life which never achieves peace.

it enters into a world

were there's turmoil in the streets.


It's a world that's divided

identities judged on the skin.

Told to concentrate on surfaces

to ignore what's within.


Was this child doomed?

Its existence scarred from the start.

Will this child bring love?

And forgiveness to our heart?


As the child starts to grow

it forms its emptiness.

It realizes all hope is lost

that it will never find forgiveness.


The dark clouds form

blocking the heavens above.

The preaches keep praying

that someday we'll find love.

See your eyes painted on the glass

see the souls of those in the sky.

See the scars form across the earth

as they melt into your eye.


Walk through the silent forest

hear the whispers from within.

Stare at the cryptic moon

as it reflects a world run by sin.


The creatures that watch the sky

scowl at the sights below.

As the children of the sun

are forced under control.


The paths that appear

are the ones were forced to choose.

Only one of them brings happiness

the other your soul you will lose.

My weapon isn't made of metal

its made of plastic and ink.

My weapons do not kill

my weapons make you think.


It we took the time to listen

to understand how others feel.

Then we could start to learn

how to forgive and to heal.


The stories that we're told

are repeated in every generation.

The lessons are left to be ignored

so that we cannot stop the devastation.


The lights guide the stranger

as he travels to find a friend.

It we put aside our differences

then his journey would come to an end.

Their feet follow the path

as they walk with no direction.

The sun they walk beneath

can offer them no protection.


The routes are set for them

so that they never go astray.

They want a direction without purpose

so their minds will always stay.


Their eyes wander and flicker

as they listen to the sound.

Their eyes never wonder from the path

they do not see what's around.


The hope begins to disappear

as the light becomes dim.

The order that's established

is created by their sin.


The green turns to grey

the grey transforms into black.

People are still people

each other we still attack.


The walls drip their colours

as the air becomes hard to breath

The pictures that we watch

aren't always what we perceive.


The sun shines its spotlight

it casts some in its shadow.

Some try to steal it

as others fall further below.


The towers they construct

are escaping to the sky.

The wings of humanity are clipped

so that others cannot fly.


We take from the ground

and place them on our hand.

They will not stop digging

until they've stolen all the land.


The things we took fro granted

slowly start to disappear.

Yet no-one seems to notice

no-one seems to fear.


The distractions that are created

bring cover for the truth.

The things we once had

are sold in a booth.


The view from above

becomes disenchanted in confusion.

The solution can only be obtained

if the people are in unison.

The sun melts in the sky

as it drifts far away.

The dark clouds gather

as they rest here to stay.


The water falls below

it sucks all life around.

The treasures that we worshiped

are no where to be found.


The deathly eyes watch

as the world fills with whispering spies.

They do not stop to hesitate

and tell their whispering lies.


The pictures see the story

the words confuse the meaning.

The truth will become lost

when as stop believing.


The green turns to red

as the wet turns to dry.

The hope we held onto

is fading into the sky.


The rainbow begins to disappear

it's lost in a wilderness of smoke.

The air that we took for granted

starts to make us choke.

Pages filled with words and views

gather the images of those delight.

The shines its rented rays

but is captured by those in sight.


Magazines drip and drench

with pictures of those who posses.

Consuming all those who consume

forgetting the ones with less.


The world draws closer together

communication is easily transmitted.

But the communication is sold

to those who do not want to expose their method.


You can watch the world through a box

it can show you pictures of every scene.

But its pictures are superficial

it never shows what should be seen.


They'll show you what to want

they'll tell you what you need.

It doesn't matter what others are without

When all your ever shown is greed.


The cities grow above

all our fantasies need not be dreamed.

We can cure people who are dieing

yet unity is yet to be achieved.

Condescend the wishes you want

if you have the conquering paper,

Then you'll have all you desire,

and this world will make you safer.


Create the dreams you want

displace the dreams you succeed.

You don't know what you want

when you got what you need.


Stories create unreal fables

but fiction is hidden in lies.

The truth you hope for

is covered in the despise.


Open your eyes to truth

observe all that is real.

If you watched what was frightening

then you'd feel all I feel.


Bloodshed rains across the surface

so there's always money for war.

Power leads to consuming greed

so we forget about feeding the poor.

Dreams light the days

they conform to the night.

The sun hides the rays

they break the moon light.


The trees whisper secrets

they laugh and cry in despair.

They wish to confine

there lives into the air.


The world spirals around

it does not stop for time.

The clock keeps ticking

we are lost in the sublime.


The wolf cries for mercy

the man cries for treason.

Why are people judged

why aren't they given reason.


The gypsy cries mercy

the angel flees the lamb.

Is this the picture,

that is painted by man?

Hear the lights skimmer

they watch over our thoughts.

They bear the nights desires

as body and soul deports.


The air goes wandering through

the coldness of the concrete.

The man dejects his own

as he is devoured by the street.


He is lonely as the sheep

who wanders from the herd.

But the herds keep walking

he only hears his own word.


The walls of time surround him

their shrills wailing like a beacon.

But the man bears the sound

for his life has lost reason.


The sounds of sirens shriek

the gunshots ring through the dark.

But the others hear silence

for their compassion deserted their heart.


The man weeps and sulks

as his own leaves him to die.

They will not remember him

nor will they cry.


They cast their hulking shadows

over their very own.

As greed and lies fill

the journey to the throne.

The sun breaks through the sky

like the thief in the night.

The earth is consumed by its rays

it obeys its golden light.


The morning glistens and shines

as the sounds are for all to hear.

The smell of a new day

can make time seem clear.


The trees bend and sway

the flowers blossom and bloom.

The night sleeps again

as the stars fly to their doom.


The clock keeps ticking

it's paralysed by its motion

The eyes become awaken

to a new kind of emotion.


But as the sun begins to move

across the directions of blue.

The moon starts to awaken

as darkness reigns through.


And as the moon races

to reach beyond the sun.

Another day is history

as life continues on.

When the light breaks the day

does it paint the whole picture?

Does it show the world

the truth, the lies or the mixture?


Does it shine on the wealthy?

Does it forget the poor?

Does it hear the shrieks and cries,

as nature begins to fall?


The grass may be greener

its brightness shines gold,

But the green many seek

their souls they have sold.


Does the light stop and listen

to the blasts of the groans?

Does it see the youth destroyed

as the terror begs and moans?


Their hands fly to the heavens

hoping for the saviour.

But they are condemned to fall

by their own people's behaviour.

Angels cannot be silenced

nor can they be spoken.

They cannot alter fortune

nor can the be awoken.


Their wings flap the heavens

they alter the blue sky.

Their beauty freezes time

so they cannot explain why.


If she could bring peace

if her beauty could bring freedom.

Then we would not be fighting

we would not believe them.


Their lives and desperation

break the dust from the clouds.

But their treason and forgiveness

brings more deafening sounds.


She could spring trust

she could dispose of despair.

She could make forgiveness

walk in the night air.


So smile my beauty

keep forgiveness in your space

The world cannot rid evil

but she could by her face.

Are you part of the resistance

are you joining the people?

Together we will win

but separated we are feeble.


Can you see what they want?

Are you conforming to their will?

Are you going to listen?

Or are you going to stand still?


We are all one race

the same blood you and me.

We have no differences

yet differences prevent us to be free.


We do what they say

we don't stop and think.

Each day goes past

and freedom begins to sink.


The path to freedom

is buried by our desire.

When power is obtained

you can't break it without fire. 


The message is there

it's clear for all to see.

The message is shouted

but can we be free?


People are divided

there excluded and intimidated.

If life continues this way

we will all be interrogated.

Walk through the forests

greet natures new dreams.

It sings the life of wisdoms

it isn't what is seems.


It doesn't hold secretes

for those who search.

It doesn't hold favours

for those condemned from birth.


The light controls life

the night controls fear.

The end is brought closer

the redemption grows near.


Watch the time slide

Through the window of glass.

It keeps revolving sideways

But we can't stop the fast.


We have the means

but we can't discover the end.

Until life consumes us

we're left to condemn.  


Voices are not broadcasted

nor are they displayed.

The truth is hidden

it cannot be portrayed.


There is a golden gate

it shines upon the hills.

it glistens and gleams

it leads all our thrills.


You cannot escape

all that surrounds.

You cannot deafen

life's sickening sounds.


The gate promises hope,

it's the pathway to help.

But you cannot pass it

unless your free from yourself.


We hold on to our beliefs

we hope it is not the end.

But life has one existence

It does not redeem a friend.


Do we want to leave,

this world to our beloved?

Or are we hoping that

we will be saved from above?


The skies will rot

the tree's will fall.

The planet will crumble

like the Berlin wall.


Money rules everything

it controls all emotion.

It has become our religion,

it is the new devotion.


The perils of the world,

are beginning to portray.

They don't want to listen

We do not get a say.


The truth and justice

are far from unity.

But when we join together,

together we will be free.

If you saw the last sunset,

if you whistled your last sound.

if you breathed your last breath,

if you couldn't be around.


Would you appreciate the green?

Would you cherish the blue?

Would you envy the red?

Would life pass by you?


You only have one chance

one lifetime to achieve.

Life is about smiling

it is not one t grieve.


You cannot be bitter

you cannot burn a path.

You cannot die wondering

you must live from the heart.


Grasp life by the soul

do not let is slip,

do not let if fall,

do not let it drip.


If one year of despair

lets your lfebe amiss

you will not experience

all of life's bliss.


For every bad there's

ten good or more.

So don't give up

enjoy the ride some more.

We're all trying to find meaning

we all want to make things right.

But how do we go to sleep

when people are starving every night.


Do we really care?

Do we want to find meaning?

Or are we truly content

to live without feeling.


Our own are sacrificed

their hopes are never heard.

So I write these stories

hoping you will listen to every word.


Do you want to help?

Or would you turn the other way?

Do you want to listen?

To the words I say.


I'm not a prophet

I wish that I could bring help.

But if we want peace

we must look within ourself.


Instead of looking for answers

look within your own heart.

You will soon find

that we we're doomed from the start.

Panic infiltrates our mind

It sets into our brain.

It is easily conformed

and brought back again.


It controls your living

it dictates everything.

It's switched on and off

there's no use in fighting.


They'll tell you to fear

so you support the treason.

So you live without living

so your life has no meaning.


Don't block out the sounds

screamed from our own.

Do not ignore the lies

sent to us from the throne.


The king watches on

as the castle starts to crumble.

The world still rotates

the people begin to fumble. 


The queen sits and stares

as her power is adjourned.

We will conquer all

when the revolution is concurred.


Listen to my thoughts

they read the answers.

They will start beginnings

destroying societies cancers.

Fear flows through our veins

it distorts through our mind.

It troubles our every thought

It's never hard to find.


Panic is seen everywhere

It's shown through every screen.

People are made to believe

everything that they have seen.


They fill our minds

they tell us what to think.

They control your life

they hold humanity to the brink.


Panic makes us wonder

if our lives are the same.

They make people vulnerable

they infiltrate our brain.


Do you really think

that their telling you what's real.

Are you going to let them

tell you how to feel?


The pictures tell lies

the words speak meaning.

Look through the picture

and you will start believing.

Walk through the path

let it show the wisdom.

If you ignore the voices

you will stop the path of freedom.


The tries befriend the earth

they listen to its cries

They listen to the treason

they hear all our lies.


The leaves swing and sway

the branches fall and break.

The world creams in pain

But never learns from our mistake.


The clouds drift high above

their met by our desire.

Our greed keeps on burning

it burns like fire.


I bleed like you bleed

I hurt like you hurt.

I feel what you feel

yet we treat each other like dirt.


People are waiting for a hero

their hoping someone comes from above.

But the only thing that can save us

is to learn to forgive and to love.


The clouds begin to form

the sky shifts to dark.

The traveller grows weary

the peasant loses all heart.

As the sun starts to rise

and the dust fills the air.

We must all rise as one

and learn how to care.


The king draws his throne

the joker draws a smile.

While the queens sits wondering

If life is worthwhile.


The bullets fly like rain

they ambush our head.

The children lie motionless

they pray for the dead.


The colours of earth

come together to show life.

The colours of humanity

are divided by the knife.


Will the voices be heard?

Will the tyrants be destroyed?

Will humanity become united?

Will peace ever be forged?

Pictures can tell lies

pictures can bring pain.

Pictures can be used

to make us think the same.


Our eyes can be clouded

their judgement deceived.

Their easily manipulated

so everything is received.


The pictures we hear

and the stories we're told.

Act as a barrier

it puts the truth on hold.


So listen to the whispers

they hold the key.

The whispers hold the truth

the whispers are the free.


The sounds of life are deafened

their replaced by hate.

The treachery of humanity

was lost at the gate.


The pressures laced upon us

can turn us to destruction.

The pain felt upon us

has led to our conviction.


The youth is in dismay

they don't know what is real.

Who wants to live a life,

when pain is all we feel?

We're the land of the free

yet we pray on the needy.

We turn on our own

we pray on the weary.


Their eyes pray for hope

their last hope is love.

But unity was lost

as greed rose above.


The sun rises in the east

and sets in the west.

The glorification of slavery

is promoted as the best.


They want us to join

together under the sun.

What they really want

is to control everyone.


Power and wealth

go hand in hand.

It corrupts all beneath it

It conquers the land.


So how will it stop?

Will it ever be turned around?

When will peace prevail?

How will freedom be found?

The neon lights shine

they show us the way.

They draw us in

tell our tongues what to say.


The flashes of colour

gleam like glitter in the night.

Their aura surrounds us

they tell us what is right.


The lights shine majestically

but they don't cover all.

The lights only witness

the climbs not the fall.


They flash and flicker

like the moon put on hold.

They draw in impurity

the price of life is sold.


Are the neon lights the sign?

Or are they the destruction?

Or are they the implications,

of life losing its perfection?

Who has the right,

to chose the power of death?

Who claims the wisdom,

when innocence is a theft?


When emotions become cards

and people become an asset.

When lives are traded

so wealth is every facet.


Even the beggar blind

so weary from the struggle.

Can't convince the joker

that its worth all the trouble.


The wheels keep rolling

the sun and the moon rotate.

The beggar and the joker

meet the same fate.


The cycle continues

when will the revolution begin?

When will we stand up?

When will we win?


Is human life destined

to meet the same demise?

Or will out of the ashes,

the phoenix begin to rise?


When all is said and done

and the sky goes blue.

Will the voices echo?

Will they break through?

The mermaid spies the ocean

she floats throughout the sea.

Her aura engrosses all

she is destined to be free.


Another world far away

from the innocence of nature.

the grey and black prevail

they are enemies against her.


As she discovers the truth

as life achieves its destiny.

As she reaches out

She feels the same as me.


Her home is vast

its emptiness can suffocate.

Life is all around us

yet we let it go to waste.


Take the time to enjoy

the sun mixed with the clouds.

Listen to natures calls

and your spirit will be found.


The sun sets every day

but you never know its last.

If you follow the herd

it will be over very fast.


The mermaid looks and learns

as she stares at all around.

Will her message be heard?

Will love ever be found?

As destruction forms around us

and the ends begin to fall.

The life we have determined

falters to stand tall.


The barriers that are created

will never be destroyed.

The patterns of our destiny

have already been formed.


As the wheel deeps turning

and the march pushes ahead.

Can this world keep struggling

or will it soon be left for dead?


The wizard casts a weary eye

for his wisdom they have possessed.

The issues that will save us

seem to never be addressed.


The new world order

is a mask of the real.

It controls how we live

tells us how to feel.


They measure all our success

in the values we hold.

The selfishness is inevitable

harmony will never be resolved.


The trumpet toots its horn

the rooster sings it son.

We're all in this together

yet we still don't get along. 

The wheels roll in motion

it takes time in its grasp.

The cool breeze blows

forgetting its haunted past.


The spaces all around us

are filled with pictures we must buy.

Consuming our every thoughts

taunting us from the sky.


The walls close in around us

the air struggles to breathe.

The wishes that we hoped for

are easily distorted and thieved.


What you chose to posses

indicates what your worth.

Those without any possessions

are condemned to live in dirt.


You can sell your own soul

you can buy a new face.

You can discard your conscience

for extra advertising space.


Watch the eyes start to glisten

as it taste's paper and gold.

Hear the trees crumble

as the oceans start to fold.


The creatures become bewildered

as the cities become deployed.

The world that gave us life

continues to be destroyed.


The hill we have to climb

becomes steeper every day.

Our voices continue to be destroyed

no matter what we say.

Hear the echoes from the sky

as the flashes crash the earth.

The treacheries of humanity

haunt us from birth.


The child wails in agony

as his body fills with lead.

When will we ever learn

the lessons spoke by the dead?


The pale blue sky rusts

as our creations fall to the ground.

But those who push the buttons

continue to ignore deaths sound.


War is still accepted

as long as its reasons are just.

The secret agendas are hidden

as power consumes them like lust.


Their motivations are kept hidden

people's lives are considered least.

The fuels that they produce

are consumed by the beast.


The children play in the streets

but the streets quickly turn to tombs.

The music that use to play

resembles different kinds of tunes.


The cold air pierces the night

it sends chills through our spines.

The culprits keep on perpetrating

their never punished for their crimes.

If we stare into the mirror

what is it that we see?

Are we proud of our accomplishments?

As we turned earth into a city.


The bridge that divides us

grows wider by the day.

It's apparent in all we see

it's even clearer in all we say.


They have created an empire

an order that cannot be contested.

The one's who dare challenge

are easily and quickly rested.


For all that we've accomplished

we've ignored so many things.

For the white dove will never fly

while we've clipped its wings.


For people are judged by their face

as so many are left helpless.

What is known and what is told

quickly becomes a mess.


How you live and how your judged

is determined by what you possess.

For if you control all possessions

you need not worry about the rest.


Watch the giants fly through the sky

the birds swarm together as one.

The leaves rustle in the breeze

bathed in the midday sun.


The water trickles down the stream

on its path to eternity.

It endures its new found freedom

its not strangled to any conformity.


Gaze at the picturesque sky

feel the green grass within your finger.

Its days become numbered

as nature falls and starts to linger.


The seed begins to sprout

the flowers smile as they bloom.

This world that bore our life

is quickly facing its own doom.


The water that we drink

the air that we take for granted.

Is slowly becoming extinct

its survival is increasingly disenchanted.


Before we created our cities

did we ever think of the cost?

Did we ever stop to think

that life could one day be lost?


Beyond the trees towards the horizon

the shadows are beginning to cast.

This newfound life we created

is quickly becoming our last.


So before the sun sets

and the darkness starts to rise.

Think about what we have destroyed

every time you stare at the skies.

© Copyright 2018 Ross Thurlow. All rights reserved.

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