Staying In The Jungle at Midnight

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This story is true or fake? You decide. This happen last year when I joined a campaign with my close friend...

Submitted: July 01, 2014

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Submitted: July 01, 2014



Well it was 9 o’clock back there when we arrived at the tents that the soldiers prepare for us.We had a hard time at there, standing at the middle of the field while the sun is so hot, the food are sucks, all of us lying on the dirty ground and getting heavy rain poured on us thanks to some student whose going into the tents without permission, climbing the mountain right after the rain and one of us almost fall because the rain cause the mountain became wet and slippery and we had to go into the dirty river but I think it's kinda fun though.

Those activities that host by the soldier are intense and exhausting but I'm still having fun back there. On the last day of the campaign, we all were not allowed to sleep yet and it's already 12:47 a.m. One of the student ask why and that soldier we are going deeper into the jungle, all the students was surprised and scared at the same time. Well I admit it I kinda scared too because we are not allowed to take flashlight with us and worst of all we going to sit alone in the jungle far,faaar apart from each other! Only group 6 (my group) had to do that and other group can sit one with one. They were so lucky! After sitting alone for few minutes I heard something was walking pass behind me, I don't care about that very much since I know it's a soldier. After a little while, I heard screamings from other places and I can heard some students are chanting something (probably for self protection from the God).

After a few more minutes, I can heard some....’wild animals’ sound, screamings are getting louder, there are also some crying sounds and the chantings also getting louder. When I look in front of me, guess what I saw? A black man wearing a soldier’s uniform without face is staring at me. I can't see his face since it's night but that man doesn't sound like a man, he sound more like a.....tiger.....growling like his going to bite me. My heart started beat faster and luckily he walk away.This is getting creepier I thought and start chanting \"please let me and my friends back home safely tomorrow...\". After only God knows how many minutes had passed, the soldiers starting to gather all of us and let us sit in front of a gate, my close friend is sitting next to me and I whisper \"hey...are you alright back there?\" and she look at me for few seconds and start whispering back \"no, not really, it was so scary and you might not gonna believe this bu-\" she stop mid sentence and then ask me something \"did you just pull my clothes behind me.. .?\" \"No, why?\" I answered back,confuse. She look behind her and turn back to me and make a face like she just saw a ghost. \"Er....n-never-never mind,let's talk about this tomorrow morning...\" her voice is shaking really badly when she said that and I'm worried about her. So the soldiers guided us to our tents and and close the lights.We fell asleep real fast.

The next morning, we were preparing to leave the camp and go back to our sweet home after that terrifying night. My friends are all talking about that night, one said that they had met a ghost! My close friend also said she met a ghost where she sit with her partner near an old house that night (an old house in a jungle?!). After that we bid our farewell to the soldiers and get on the bus and departed. My close friend told me everything that had happened to her and her partner. The end.


(um sorry this is my first time writing story so....sorry if it's boring but I will try to improve my grammar and sentence and whatsoever I lack with so...if can leave some comment and I might write what she told me that day....if you all don't want it, its fine....have a good day everyone ^^’)

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