The end of this

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Last of few things Anna and Jason go through.


'For you.'

Jason couldn't help but stare at Anna.

Dressed in a baby pink satin dress, soft elevated heels, hair pulled back into a bun except where few strands softly kissed her blushed cheeks. Jason looked a prince himself in the blue jacket, the bow tie just adding a touch of class. A perfect match.

Back at farewell party, everything seems joyous, at the moment. Sumptuously dressed graduates, admired by the so excited juniors, waiting for their turn to show off the following year.

But today it was their day.

Jason and Anna attending their farewell party along with their batchmates.

Three years. Anna sighs.

Not realising it all, till it ended.

They were to come as couples, first rule. Dressed formally, the second. Jason and Anna did not have to think twice about the first. Like liberal telepathy, they knew.

The programs, all splendid and grand. But Anna was kept reminded of the few moment afterward, repeatedly in her mind.

'He will leave.'

On being asked to perform together, Jason on the strings and Anna the mic, they 'Tears in Heaven' by Eric Clapton it.

'Our last song together.'

The parting dance. Jason's not a pro. So is Anna. But. Anna dances in Jason's arms. Jason protects her all the while. They sway in their own melody, the one beated by love and the one rhythmed by understanding.

'Be strong.'

The party is over. Jason has to leave now, thinks Anna.

They walk till Jason's room, a couple minutes from the venue. He holds her hand all the while.

They stand at the bridge, one last time, and look at the eutrophicated river, where small fish giddily shine in the green mass.

They walk, against the wind. Anna feeling the pangs already.

'Will you miss me Jason?'

He needn't need to answer that. They walked, hand crossed.

There's a sense of melancholy in the air. Both of them feel it. He turns open the lock. The landowner smiles back at Anna. Somewhere between reverie and reality, Anna smiles back.

All the luggages packed. The goldfish looks melancholic too.

Anna looks at the full length mirror. Many a times they stood before it and admired each others embrace. She looks at the empty chair and table, all set to be occupied by the next tenant. The bed laid bare.

Anna stumbles. She gasps for air.

'Drink water, you will feel better.'

'Only you can Jason. Only you.'

He hugs her. And she let's go off all the pain and tears she had been so bravely holding back.

'Its ok. I am right here.'

'Till your car comes.'

She bursts into her emotional fit.

'I have to be strong. For her.'

And just then, Dhan Bahadur, his driver, blows the siren to mark the end.

The end of this.

They shuffle with the luggages for some time. It eases Anna's mind and lifts off her thoughts about the obvious.

'The goldfish. Will miss you Anna.'

'And the owner?'

Just a faint smile in the air. They both know the answer.

They occupy the back seat. Their last drive, together.

She holds his hand, like she is never going to let it go. The silence like a thousand strikes on water. But words failed to communicate them as much as silence did.

Everything that has started, has to end eventually, some day. Today was the day.

They arrive at the boulevard. Its time to bid farewell.

Their last hug together, and certainly his last kiss on her forehead.

Jason moves westwards. Anna on his mind. Anna goes southwards. Roses in her hand, and the giver on her mind.

Submitted: April 28, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Rosy Rai. All rights reserved.

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